how i got better eyesight with sviaton eye exercises

How I Improved Eyesight Naturally with Sviaton Eye Exercises

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How I Improved Eyesight Naturally with Sviaton Eye Exercises. I got rid of bad vision habits first. I stopped squinting and started looking at everything with a relaxed gaze. Learned to relax facial muscles and started doing eye movement exercises and relaxation exercises.

How I Achieved Clearer Vision with Sviaton Eye Exercises

How I Improved Eyesight Naturally with Sviaton Eye Exercises? The key exercise for me was the Sviaton exercise you can find videos on my YouTube Channel. Just type Sviaton on YouTube.
The last step of which is the rotation of the eyes along the circle edge.
After that, I felt the muscles of the eyes detach from the eyeball and stop squeezing it. It`s a very pleasant feeling
I lay down on the bed and turned on a meditation video to relax my facial muscles
and I felt the spasmodic muscles of the eyes relax and my eyes
as if they fell inside. I have had nearsightedness for more than 20 years and I felt like an eyeball became very light and like floating on water. It became very easy to move my eyes and my vision was restored. If I was able to eliminate accommodative spasms naturally with eye exercises you can do it also. If you want a more in-depth structured eye training course. Check Eyesight Academy online program link below.

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More in-depth article on how I improved my vision.


My journey to improve my eyesight naturally was not without challenges, but the rewards have been remarkable. Through dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, eye-friendly habits, and consistent eye exercises, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my vision. The clearer sight has not only enhanced my daily life but also taught me the value of proactive eye care. If you’re seeking to improve your eyesight naturally, remember that with dedication and the right approach, better vision is indeed achievable.

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