increase blood flow in the brain hemispheres

How to increase blood flow in the brain hemispheres for sharper vision

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Hello everybody. I would like to share with you How to increase blood flow in the brain hemispheres for better vision. Reduce eye strain with neck exercises.

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    Exercising Your Way to Better Vision: How Physical Activity Improves Blood Flow to the Brain

    Feet shoulder-width apart. Make a central fixation on any object in front of you and blink 5 times after a central fixation.

    The first exercise. Carefully put your head and ear on a shoulder. Tilt your head to the side, trying to touch the left ear to the left shoulder, then the right ear to the right shoulder, and repeat to increase blood flow for the brain hemispheres for better vision.

    Now slowly raise your head up, count one, two, three – down, and touch with your chin your chest.

    Now easily turn your head to the right and left. When we turn our heads to the side, we do not make sharp movements.

    And now the rotation of the head. Rotate very slowly. Rapid rotation of the head is prohibited. On one touch your chest, then without raising your head, gently tilt it to the left shoulder, then turn your head counterclockwise and now the head is tilted to the back and face looks “at the ceiling, then gently tilt head to the right shoulder and to a starting position, head lowered, chin on a chest and the second circle. And in the opposite direction.

    Shoulders exercise to increase blood flow for the brain hemispheres for better vision

    Raise shoulders up – one and when counting two down. Pull them up and down slightly, bend the torso forward, arms outstretched to the floor, shoulders stretched with hands.

    And now, bring your shoulders forward and bend your back like a wheel but not low, straight forward by bending your back in an arc. Once – bring your shoulders forward, count two – shoulders back and straight, count three shoulders back and chest like a wheel.

    Shoulders forward one, two shoulders straight, shoulders back three.

    The next exercise is shoulder rotation. Rotate your shoulders in a circle – forward, down, back, and up. And In the opposite direction.

    These exercises increase blood flow and nutrient digestion for your eyes and brain functioning.

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