the best eye exercise to recover Eyesight range

The best eye exercise for Vision better

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The best eye exercise for Vision better. If you want to get a better vision in the quickest way. Just follow these steps that I personally use.

The best eye exercise for Vision better and quick

The best eye exercise for Vision better

1) Place some kind of barrier on the computer table, which prevents you from leaning close to the computer monitor.
In my case, I use a Microphone and GoPro clip.

2) Open any text or book on a computer, and try to read,
Look at text with a relaxed gaze,
even if the image is a little blurry. Exercise must be done without glasses or lenses and after the first training you will understand that this is one of the fastest ways to improve eyesight

The best eye exercise for increasing vision 5 tips

Main principles
1 relax face muscles and completely relax the eyes

2 don’t squint your eyes or do not strain your eyes, try to read a text with completely relaxed eyes.

3 Once again, with completely relaxed eyes, do not squint.

4 Move your gaze to distant objects after each sentence and blink as often as possible.

5 Move your gaze from the text on the screen to the microphone or whatever object you are using. For refocusing and training eyes accommodation.

For me, it really helped. After the first 3 trainings, you will see visual improvements.

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