Top 15 Funny Eyesight Jokes

Top 15 Funny Eyesight Jokes. Did you see it?

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Top 15 Funny Eyesight Jokes

Here are the Top 15 Funny Eyesight Jokes about blurry vision just to laugh and start improving your vision with eye training.

Do You know what I saw today?

Everything I look at…

Why did the optometrist go broke?

Because he couldn’t see any patients!

What did one eye say to the other eye?

“Between you and me, something smells!”

Why did the eye refuse to go on a date?

It didn’t want to make a spectacle of itself!

How do you organize an eye party? You “iris” up the place!

Why did the nearsighted teacher quit her job?

She couldn’t control her pupils!

What did one contact lens say to the other?

“Stay in touch!”

How do you make an eye roll?

Just give it a good push!

Why did the eye go to school?

To improve its vision, of course!

What do you call a dinosaur with good eyesight?


Why do eye doctors make good comedians?

They have a lot of cornea-y jokes!

What’s an eye’s favorite type of footwear?

High-heel glasses!

What’s an optometrist’s favorite dessert?

Eye scream!

Why did the smartphone need glasses?

It lost all its contacts!

What do you call a fish with no eyes?


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