The harm of Eye Chart at Home for Natural Eyesight Improvement

harm of eye chart at home for natural vision improvement
The harm of eye chart at Home for Natural Vision Improvement

How do eye charts work? Do you need to use an eye chart at home to improve your vision? Do I need to keep it at home? Is it useful? What harm can there be from the Snellen eye chart?

How do the eye charts work? (Explained)

Everyone knows the visual acuity chart, and you need to look at it from 5-6 meters or 20 feet. Why? Because at such a distance, when a person looks from five meters or 20 feet, his eyes are in an ideal round shape, his eyeballs like a ball, it does not stretch like cucumber, like at a close distance look and does not flatten to look at a more far distance it becomes almost perfectly round.

In the table for 12 lines, if you see the third line from the bottom, then you have one hundred percent vision. If you see the second line from the bottom, you have one hundred and fifty percent vision; if you see the very last line, you have 200 percent vision. If you confuse one letter for 9 or 8, doctors often say that this is an acceptable norm and it is still 100%

The harm of eye chart at home can be because a person’s vision is constantly changing. He is a little upset, and it may worsen, but he is happy it has improved. In the morning, when the eyes rested, and the person slept well, his eyesight was better. Therefore, such errors are considered to be the norm.

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The harm of Eye charts at home

For example, you took an eye chart and hung it on your wall, and decided to check your eyesight regularly. On one side, it seems to be interesting, but you trained your eyesight and then checked your vision, and it seems that there is an improvement. On the other hand, I do not recommend eye chars on the wall at home.

Because firstly, it is overexertion if you do eye exercises and it does not get better. Then you got upset and started to get nervous. When you are nervous, vision deteriorates as the muscles of the eye strain. That is the harm of an eye chart at home.

Although vision could have become better, this may not be expressed in the clarity of the letters, but for example, in a more contrast image or, for example, in a greater brightness of perception of what is happening and in some other parameters.

Your Vision can improve naturally in 20 different ways

Vision improves, not necessarily in the clarity of letters at a long distance, it can improve in 20 different parameters, but you are set only to looking at the letters and do not see this next line that you wanted to see, you were upset, this negatively affected you, and it may be that you are disappointed and quit taking care of your eyesight.

Bates’s method of vision and imagination

The founder of improving vision without lenses, without glasses, and without surgery, William Bates, formulated such an interesting principle that vision and imagination are the same. This is one of the fundamental principles which, for some reason, official medicine does not use until now. This fundamental principle was invented over 100 years ago.

For example, you look at this test chart even with peripheral vision and look at these letters, and your brain completely remembers it. Then you decided to test your eyesight. You did not fully see the letter, but from memory, this letter came from the same part of the brain that we see, and it turned out that the eye thought that he saw it.

This is good because the eye has combined the standard of good vision in the brain with the table on the wall. The person saw and thereby sent a signal to the brain that the function of visual perception had changed.

The supply of information to the brain through our memory and the combination of these images makes it possible to see clearly, and thus, from the brain goes to the eyes a command to adjust the eye, and now our eyes are tuned, and they can perfectly see this table.

The memory is then preserved with a clear vision. We can use any other text like this. For example, to read a book closer than close your eyes and rest a little and start reading the book at a farther distance, and you see everything.

Natural restoration of vision

Restoration of vision occurs in the same way, you start to relax your eyes, you set the standard for clear vision to the brain, and you begin to see. The glimpses of clear vision appear once, and you see all clearly, then the glimpses are gone again.

Vision is restored in this way, first, one glimpse. Then the flashes become more frequent and longer in duration, then they transform into clear eyesight, and then vice versa. Poor vision remains as small spots and sometimes occurs, and then it completely disappears, and it`s restored according to this scheme of vision.

I personally did not use an eye chart to test my vision at home but learned to relax my eyes and facial muscles and do eye exercises every day. And I managed to remove the spasm from the oblique muscles of the eyes, and my vision improved.

I explained to you about the eye test chart at home, how eye charts work, and improvement in vision can be visible by itself, not only on a chart. About glimpses of clear vision. Subscribe to the channel. Hit the like button so more people can see this video. Ask questions in the comments below.