How to boost your Eye health and well-being with cold water therapy

How to boost your health and vision with cold water therapy? One of the primary benefits of cold water therapy is its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation can increase eye health by delivering nutrients to your eyes.

How to boost your Eye health and well-being with cold water therapy

Contrast shower to boost energy and reduce eye fatigue

Morning contrast showers perform the function of an excellent tonic procedure that replaces any caffeine doping. It is also a great way to cleanse the body. When from the surface all slags and toxins are washed off the skin. All mucus and “scale” are washed out from the walls of numerous vessels.

The Therapeutic, cleansing and immune-stimulating effects of showers are based on the same mechanism of thermoregulation. And the natural fear that many have before the cold, is an additional positive factor. Overcoming fear strengthens our spirit every day, and therefore the entire nervous system. We align our energy and balance the mind, getting a sufficient dose of adrenaline and other hormones. Overcoming the fear of cold water can be done simply by realizing the fact. That we do not cool by short-term interaction with the cold, but, on the contrary, we warm ourselves.

Agree, it is impossible for the seconds during which it pours from the bucket or basin water, to freeze, catch a cold, or get sick! On the contrary, at this time all our vitality and all protective resources awaken, and we experience incomparable positive emotions. Gamma of diverse impressions that we get in a short moment of pouring, is not an expensive doping or artificial stimulant. If you are asthenic by nature and a heat-loving person. Or if you are just afraid of the cold, shower after you get warm.

Cold to keep us warm

I personally, start the morning with a hot shower. However, the pre-filled bucket with cold water stands right there in the bathroom. Without even looking at it, When the skin turns red and the body is steamed, I turn off the shower. It is recommended to pour water on yourself quickly, without throwing your head back and without raising the bucket high above your head. Better to pour water into a half-squat, slightly tilting the body forward. Then there will be no need to raise a bucket of water from the ground to head level and, accordingly, load the spine and arms.

After pouring in a squat position, you will surely feel that one bucket is not enough. The water hit the head, shoulders, and top back, almost without touching the chest, stomach, and legs. That’s why I always pour two buckets of cold water, so that is already with taste. Standing at full height, pour on those parts of the body that were “not covered” a healing stream of water for the first time. Believe me, you are already the second bucket pour it on the body “warmed up” from the inside. And you will have to be scared to overturn another portion of water on yourself – on the contrary, you will enjoy it.

Cold Water Therapy: A Natural Fountain of Health and Enhanced Vision

Cold Water Therapy A Natural Fountain of Health and Enhanced Vision

I advise you to pour the first container on your head and the second on your body. It is through the receptors of the skin of the face and the central part of the head – the crown – that there is a shake-up and awakening of the central nervous and immune body systems.

 After a shower, the charge you receive remains in drops of water for a long time energy, and natural hydration is beneficial for the skin. Until the body dries, you can do charging while taking an air bath, brush your teeth, shave, apply the cream on your face, etc.

Immune boost with cold water therapy

To harden and strengthen the body’s immune system is good to run and exercise all year round and jogging on the lawn in any weather is part of the morning ritual.

Any contrasting procedures very well contribute to maintaining a stable weight or its reduction, if necessary. This is because in maintaining an optimal body temperature, the body spends most of its inner energy. And contrast showers, baths, and other ways artificial temperature changes require the inclusion of processes of thermoregulation. It is known that, in particular, in the process of a contrast shower, the body spends about 300 calories. Such energy costs are needed for instant warming of the body to the natural temperature, at which the most complete all internal metabolic processes go through.

 After pouring the bucket onto the body of cold water, steam literally emanates from a person. The body at the same time instantly blushes, and the person does not feel the cold at all after a few seconds of contact with cold water. Water always has a positive temperature, unlike air, and seems warm after exposure to subzero air. It is clear that in winter it is not worth going out after a shower with buckets in the cold. It is better to pre-warm up by charging or energetic exercise. Make sure to avoid any winds or drafts after pouring and it is better to wrap yourself with a towel.

Boost your eye health with Eyesight Academy Holistic techniques and eye workout tips

Boost your eye health with Eyesight Academy Holistic techniques and eye workout tips

Vision Enhancement: The primary goal of the Eyesight Academy course is to improve vision naturally. Through a combination of eye exercises, relaxation techniques, visual focus training, and depth perception.

The Eyesight Academy course provides techniques to relax and strengthen the eyes, reducing the symptoms of eye strain.

Thanks for watching this video to the end, today we learned about the benefits of contrast shower for our health and vision because it naturally activates our immune system. Subscribe to my channel and hopefully will see you again.

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