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Dynamic Relaxation: The Key to Better Vision and Reduced Eye Strain

Hi everybody. My name is Sviatoslav, and I improved my eyesight in a natural way. I want to share with you the Dynamic Relaxation Exercises to Enhance Your Vision and Relieve Eye Stress. This technique should always be used if you are doing eye exercises.

With a technique of dynamic relaxation and simple swaying, you get relaxation and relieve tension from the visual system. The visual system is located in the cerebral cortex, and it controls our eyes. Relaxing the psyche, respectively, relieves tension from the eyes.

dynamic relaxation

Relax Your Eyes, Improve Your Vision, and Feel Refreshed with Dynamic Relaxation

When relaxing, your eyes eyesight gets better, and entering a relaxation state, anxiety and fears go away. When you start doing eye exercises, be sure to do it in a good mood, and there should not be sad thoughts or anger, and no negative thoughts.

 Because of any negative thoughts, they will strain and spasm the eyes. If you exercise in this state, the spasms caused by these negative thoughts will only intensify. Do not exercise your eyes in negative thoughts or when you are anxious or sad.

Dynamic Relaxation exercise technique


Dynamic Relaxation Technique

Eye exercises are done gently and lightly. You can start like this swaying with a straight back. To the right – to the left.

Just sit on a chair closer to the edge of the chair to calmly straighten the back evenly without leaning on the back of the chair. Put your hands on your knees, and little by little, move from right to left. From left to right.

 The state of dynamic relaxation comes by itself, but you need to look for it.

How to perform Dynamic Relaxation to increase eyesight

First, you can swing a little more, gradually decreasing the amplitude of movement, and find a state that you are most comfortable doing. What you want to do and do in the state you want to be in.

Neck relaxation with dynamic movements

You can move only the neck muscles at first; you can move the shoulders along with the neck. Also, You can move the upper body to the waist.

You can move forward and backward or in circular movements. The most important thing you need is to find pleasant feelings. Such movements that you want to do and do, and after a couple of minutes, you will automatically have a relaxed state.

In a relaxed state, the effectiveness of any eye training will improve. Anxious thoughts will automatically go away, and the most important thing from this state is when you start, let’s say, to do an exercise for the neck muscles, they will acquire a completely different plastic character.

Eye exercises will be pleasant and gentle and you need to find those relaxing movements for the neck.

Yawning is An Easy Way to Relieve Eye Strain and Enhance Vision

You may want to yawn. Yawn is good to stretch eye muscles and to re-set them. If you want to stretch, do it for sure, this means your body has found some kind of clamps and tendons that you need to stretch and relax, and even the eye muscles also want to stretch.

It’s normal for the facial muscles to stretch a little.

Your body may want to stretch forward or backward, which means you are on the right track. This auto regeneration process will auto-restore your eyes and the whole organism, it goes successfully and such a state, that is, a state of dynamic relaxation.

Dynamic Relaxation: The Key to Start Eye Exercises for Better Vision

Do Dynamic relaxation before performing oculomotor exercises or during breaks from working on a laptop or phone to relax your eyes.

It is better to start any eye training from a relaxed state to set the correct relaxed rhythm of eye movement. A relaxed state makes any vision training ten times more effective.

In a relaxed state, disturbing thoughts go away, and relaxation sets in.

Any vision training should necessarily end with relaxation to relax the eye muscles after training and achieve maximum results, and then you will restore your vision much faster. Many people cannot restore their vision just because they have some kind of disturbing thoughts that do not allow them to let go of the muscle spasms that, in general, provoke all eye diseases.

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