Eye strain relief with Bear swings and Big turns exercises

Exercises to Soothe Eye Strain: The Magic of Bear Swings & Big Turns

Eye strain relief with Bear swings and Big turns exercises to reduce stress

Eye strain symptoms

Eye strain relief with Bear swings and Big turns exercises to reduce stress and calm down the psyche. Symptoms can be an actual strain on the eyes. Some discomfort and tension in the eyes due to overexertion of the eye muscle. Eye strain can appear due to a long time focus on the screen. Static load significantly strains eye muscles. It`s like lifting some weight and holding it for a long time. Muscles get tired. Eye muscles are very small and sensitive and require periodical rest.

Stressed Out from Work? Best Eye strain relief with Bear swings and Big turns exercises

Eye strain treatment is relaxation and rest. I would like to share with you the 2 most effective relaxation exercises that I personally use. The first exercise we will learn is called “Bear Swings.”

Eye strain relief with Bear swings: Top Exercise for Eye Strain Relief and Stress Reduction

How to do “Bear swings”

Legs should be shoulder-width apart, arms hanging involuntarily, body completely straight, and start wiggling like a bear, transferring body weight from one leg to the other. Hands fully relaxed hanging.

So, what is the essence of this exercise? Bates saw these exercises, “Bear Swings,” on large animals at the zoo. It turns out that all the large animals in the zoo are swaying. A bear sways, an elephant sways, and a giraffe sways. And he wondered, “Why are they swaying?”

It turns out that large animals relax their psyche in this way. The bear is in a cage without freedom. He is being teased by zoo visitors, poked with a stick, and thrown with a stone. And he is standing, swaying from one foot to the other and relaxing his psyche. If a bear had not swayed, he could die of a heart attack on the third day. But they live in a cage for years.

You can put your foot on the ground, and the heel of the second foot rises. Only the heel. And shift the center of gravity from one foot to the other.

You don’t have to jump, just easy wiggles with a straight body and straight shoulders.

Errors of this exercise. One person wanted to do so well that he was bending his body to the sides. It is not necessary to bend. The body is straight and just transfers the center of gravity from foot to foot – it’s relaxing.

The second exercise we will learn is called “Big Turns”

Eye strain relief with Big Turns Exercise: Technique for Relieving Eye Strain and Reducing Stress

How to do Big turns? Legs shoulder-width apart. Hands hanging relaxed and turn slightly body to the right, transferring body weight on the right leg and at the same time, left leg, heel turns up. In the opposite way, we turn to the left and move body weight on the left leg, And the heel of the right leg pulls up.

So, feet shoulder-width apart, arms dangling involuntarily, they all started together. Chest, face, and eyes turn to the side. This exercise is for relaxation.

This exercise Bates took from children. Kids are constantly spinning and spinning. And he wondered, “Why do children love to spin?” It turns out that in this way, children relax their psyches. For example, a child got upset by something. He went, turned, moved, and forgot everything.

Eye strain relief with Bear swings and Big turns exercises to calm down the psyche

Margaret Corbett, one of the best students of Bates, writes in her book that the “Big Turns” – is the best exercise that relaxes the psyche and muscles of the eyes. She recommends doing these turns in the morning and evening for 70-100 repetitions. Moreover, it is not easy to turn here and there, but if to take and at this moment sing some good song and in the rhythm of it get this complete relaxation.

Legs shoulder-width apart, very wide should not be.

Why do we study “Big Turns” and “Bear Wiggles” in such detail? Because they are part of the most important exercises, which helps to relax the body, mind, and vision.

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