How I improved my eyesight naturally

3 Months to Better Sight: My Natural Vision Improvement Story

Hello, everybody, my name is Sviatoslav, and I would like to share my story of natural eyesight improvement with you. How I improved my eyesight naturally in 3 months. After I got rid of accommodative spasms, i created the Eyesight Academy Course for sharper vision.

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The Eye Health Revolution: Natural Methods for Improving Vision and Eye Health

Good eyesight is essential for a good quality of life. However, with the increasing use of technology and the strain we put on our eyes, many people are experiencing vision problems. Fortunately for me and for others, there are natural ways to improve your eyesight without surgery or spectacles.

How I improved my vision naturally: If I were able to do it, it would work for you, also

I have had myopia for over 20 years and have never paid much attention to it. I never wore glasses because I knew from childhood that if I put on spectacles, my eyesight would deteriorate. In my case, my vision was about 40% and sometimes jumped to 60% at the time I started doing oculomotor exercises.

The moment came when I wanted to see the world around me more colorfully and clearly. How I Enhance my eyesight naturally? I began to study all the information I could find on the Internet on natural eyesight improvement without surgery. And I began to understand how our vision works.

How eye focusing mechanism work

It’s like a camera lens. To see at a close distance, the eyeball, with the help of oblique muscles, squeezes and stretches forward and, instead of a ball shape, takes an elongated shape like a cucumber. For example, if we want to zoom in on the camera, we press the zoom button, and the lens moves forward. When we want to see into the distance, the eyeball must take the shape of a ball so that the rays of light can hit directly on the retina, which is located at the back of the eyeball. But for people with myopia, the oblique muscles of the eyes are mostly spasmodic, and the eyeball is squeezed all the time, and it is almost always in an extended state.

Low vision help: Change Eyesight distance constantly

How many people mostly look at a close distance, for example, at a computer monitor or a phone, and at the same time make a very big mistake that they do not look at distant objects? They blink very little and incorrectly, and their eye muscles are in a spasm from constant overstrain.

What I did to restore my vision naturally

To restore my vision, I realized that I needed to learn how to relax the muscles of the eyes and do oculomotor exercises to make the muscles elastic. I think everyone knows that everything in our body is interconnected, and by relaxing the muscles of the face, you can relax the muscles of the eyes, too. I found many different videos on YouTube on relaxing the muscles of the face, and step-by-step meditations for relaxation, and I started listening to these videos every day before going to bed, focusing on relaxing the facial muscles and muscles of the eyes. It took me about 2 months to learn how to relax my facial muscles and develop a relaxation habit before bed. Relaxation before bed is especially very important because it helps to rest and recover the eyes and the whole body more efficiently.

Meditation for facial muscle relaxation

Trials and errors of natural vision improvement

For the first two months, I did oculomotor exercises incorrectly since I did not feel the slightest eye fatigue and did not understand how to do the exercises with relaxed movements and at the same time without straining my eyes and eye muscles. But I perfectly understood what bad habits of poor vision exist and began to get rid of them, for example, squinting, not blinking for a long time, etc. I tried various exercises and techniques to restore vision and relaxation, and it helped me.

How eyesight got better in one day: Success story

One fine day, I mastered the exercise of rotating the eyes along the contour of a circle well and did it many times a day after every 30 minutes of working at the computer, one rotation in each direction. I tried a lot of different exercises, and the most efficient for me was the exercise called Sviaton Exercise when we look in one direction turn our head to the other, and then rotate our gaze along the contour of the circle and immediately do palming for relaxation. I felt the muscles of my eyes detach from the eyeball and stop to squeeze it. This is a very pleasant feeling. I realized natural eyesight recovery was working.

Eliminated accommodative spasms

 I started doing various relaxation techniques, such as palming and wiggling. After a few hours, I lay down on my bed and turned on a step-by-step meditation to relax the muscles of my face and eyes. I very strongly tense my abs and relax them, relaxing after the tension spreads throughout the body. And I felt the muscles of my eyes, like the strings of a guitar, relax, and my eyes seemed to sink inward. I felt the moment I improved my eyesight naturally. The accommodative spasm has gone, and eyeballs feel freedom.

Eyes feel nice without accommodative spasms

How I improved my eyesight naturally, It became very easy to move my eyes. I made rotations diagonally and in a circle. Now it has become very easy and super fast to do it. There was a feeling of free space under the eyelids. And it became very easy to close the eyelids since the eyes did not bulge forward as before. I realized that vision was restored since the eyeball has stopped being extended forward like a cucumber and has taken the shape of a ball, and the rays of light can now directly focus on the retina, and not in front of it, as is usually the case with myopia.

The next day I woke up; I even dreamed that I had won the jackpot in the lottery. I looked at my eyes in the mirror and saw that the eyelids were covering my eyes a little more than usual as the spasm had gone, and the eyes were completely relaxed.

100% focus on eye relaxation to have a clear vision

From that day on, I began to do everything possible so as not to overstrain my eyes and not to drive them back into a spasm. That is the secret of How I improved my eyesight naturally. Exercises for the eyes became very easy to do, and there was a feeling that my eyes seemed to slide on the water surface when I did oculomotor exercises. After that, I learned to feel every muscle in the eye, and with the slightest strain, I gave my eyes a rest. If I sit for a long time at the computer, I learn to feel how the oblique muscles of the eyes begin to tighten the eyeball and, at the same time, create a slight pressure on the eyeball. I immediately close my eyes and try to relax them and feel how this tension passes, and the eyeball becomes easy and free.

Eye accommodation fixed Natural Eyesight Improvement working 100%

Eye accommodation fixed: Natural Eyesight Improvement working 100%

Now when I switch my gaze from close to far, I feel how my vision refocuses while relaxing and stretching the oblique muscles of the eyes and tightening the straight muscles a little. The same thing happens when we go out from buildings to the street. The process of refocusing vision takes place.

At the moment, the process of refocusing from a close distance to a long one is slow, and I even have to blink to relax the muscles and refocus since, for more than 20 years, the muscles were in a spasmodic state, and this function atrophied. The task now is to constantly relax the eyes, look into the distance more often, train the function of accommodation, that is, re-focusing, and make the muscles of the eyes elastic.

Rebuild your vision with the Eyesight Academy Course naturally

Rebuild your vision with the Eyesight Academy Course naturally

Do you struggle with poor eyesight or eye-related problems? Have you tried multiple treatments and medications, but nothing seems to work? Introducing Eyesight Academy – a revolutionary course designed to help you rebuild your vision naturally.

Our course is designed to teach you how to improve your eyesight through natural methods such as eye exercises, diet, and lifestyle changes. Unlike other treatments that mask the problem or provide temporary relief, our course offers a long-lasting solution that addresses the root cause of your vision problems.

Eyesight improvement course comprehensive curriculum, you’ll learn how to strengthen your eye muscles, improve your focus, and enhance your visual acuity. You’ll also learn how to make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that can significantly impact your eye health.

How I improved my eyesight naturally, I put everything in the Eyesight Academy Course. This is perfect for anyone looking for a natural, non-invasive solution to their vision problems. Whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, our program can help you improve your vision in just a few short weeks.

Here’s what you can expect from the eyesight improvement course:

  • Easy-to-follow video lessons that walk you through every step of the program
  • Personalized coaching and support from our expert instructors
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals who are also working to improve their vision
  • Comprehensive guides and resources to help you track your progress and stay motivated
Eyesight academy to see clearly today

At Eyesight Academy, we believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, strong eyes. That’s How I improved my eyesight naturally and made our course affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to improve their vision naturally.

So why wait? Enroll in Eyesight Academy today and start your journey to better eye health!

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