Natural Eyesight Improvement is Better

Why Natural Eyesight Improvement is Better than Ophthalmology

Hello everybody, my name is Sviatoslav. In this blog post, I would like to share Why Natural Eyesight Improvement is Better. Why do ophthalmologists and doctors ignore natural eyesight improvement methods? What eye diseases can natural eyesight restoration cure?

Why Natural Eyesight Improvement is Better than Ophthalmology

Eyesight Problems stereotype

There is such a stereotype that if something is ill, it is important to come to the doctor. And he will help and heal everything. In the case of myopia treatment, hyperopia treatment, and astigmatism treatment is better to help yourself naturally with relaxation and eye exercises.

Ophthalmologists do not have time to teach

Bates Method To Teach

For example, a person goes to the doctor, and the doctor has a schedule. He has 20 minutes per patient. Time per patient is very limited. The ophthalmologist must examine the patient for 20 minutes. He must listen to what the patient has, conduct his examination, and check his eyesight.

It is necessary to fill up all the necessary papers at the same time in beautiful handwriting. To write a prescription and prescribe treatment, that is, in 20 minutes, the doctor must do all this.

It`s clear that the doctor cannot teach you to get rid of bad habits of poor vision. And tell you what is good for vision and what is bad. Teach you the correct exercise technique, and tell you how the eyes work. And completely compare all the facts from which your vision could deteriorate.

The Role of Ophthalmology’s Attitude: Eyesight Problems Checklist

 A doctor ophthalmologist has another piece of paper in which it is written for what disease. How he should prescribe treatment, what glasses to prescribe and what prescribe medications, and what kind of operation, that’s it.

 A doctor does not think about what to do for a long time. He uses this piece of paper and he immediately prescribes you some drops. These are the glasses, and this is the operation.

And there will be nothing about natural eyesight recovery. There will be a treatment that is prescribed for him in a short time that is assigned to you. So you have prescribed an operation, glasses, or lenses.

It happened that a patient came to the doctor, and the doctor did not even look, didn’t even examine anything, but wrote out glasses.

There may be a very good doctor, a wonderful doctor, but he has no time to deal with you usually and solve your problems. He has the regulations on what needs to be done with you. And therefore, you can pay attention to the fact that there are so many people around us with glasses.

Natural Eyesight Improvement is the best help for Low vision

Natural Eyesight Improvement is the best help for Low vision

If you have Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, amblyopia, or cataracts, these can all be cured naturally by relaxation, clear eyesight habits, and gentle stretching exercises.

A doctor should be consulted if, for example, retinal detachment or some other more serious disease. A deep examination using specialized equipment is required.

Poor vision is a very serious problem and it is better to fully understand the problem yourself. And understand how our vision works, our eyes, the body, and what to do with our eyes. On my channel Sviaton, there are a lot of theories and practical techniques for restoring vision without lenses and glasses and without operations.

 I’m trying to tell you in great detail what to do, where to start, why glasses and lenses do not help to remove spasms from the muscles of the eyes, and so on.

Get sharper vision naturally

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Why Natural Eyesight Improvement is Better

  1. Cost: Natural eyesight improvement techniques are often less expensive than ophthalmological procedures, which can be a significant factor for those on a tight budget.
  2. Non-Invasive: Natural eyesight improvement techniques are often non-invasive, meaning they do not require surgical intervention or the use of drugs.
  3. Holistic approach: Natural eyesight improvement techniques focus on overall health and lifestyle factors that can impact vision, such as nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.
  4. Addressing root causes: Natural eyesight improvement techniques aim to address the underlying causes of vision problems rather than simply treating symptoms.
  5. Patient empowerment: Natural eyesight improvement techniques can empower individuals to take an active role in their own vision care and well-being.

The conclusion of this video is that doctors just don`t have time to teach you how to cure eyesight naturally. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, amblyopia, or cataracts can be cured naturally.

How to get better eyesight in 6 steps?

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