how to cure astigmatism naturally at home

How to heal Astigmatism naturally at home with Eye Workouts

Hello everybody, and welcome to Sviaton`s blog. My name is Sviatoslav, and I would like to share with you what astigmatism is and how it appears. Why do you see double? How to heal Astigmatism naturally? How do eye muscles work? The most common reason for double vision. How to take a double vision test at home now? How to cure double vision with exercises and relaxation Sviaton`s method.


What is Astigmatism: Understanding the Condition and Its Causes

Astigmatism is a condition of the eye when eye muscles are unevenly strained, refraction gets impaired, and you see double.

Why do you see double? Everything is very simple. For example, you are constantly looking at the phone, and the visual axes converge and move to one point since the phone screen is very narrow. And it turns out that the internal straight muscles of the eyes are located close to the nose. Pull the eyes together, and the external rectus muscles relax and stretch. That is those muscles that are outside closer to the ears. The internal rectus muscles of the eyes are overstrained and pull the eyeball to the nose on both sides. The external rectus muscles of the eyes, which are located near the weight area, become stretched and weak.

How do eye muscles work: ASTIGMATISM EXPLAINED

For example, when we want to look up, our upper straight muscles contract, and our eyes look up. But accordingly, the lower straight muscles of the eyes relax and stretch a little at this time.

We want to look at the nose. The inner rectus muscles of the eyes contract the outer ones relax.

We want to look to the right, which means that the right muscles of both eyes contract. But the left muscles relax and stretch.

 We want to look to the left. The left muscles, on the contrary, contract, and the right ones relax and stretch.

We want to look down the lower rectus muscles contract, and the upper rectus muscles at this time relaxed and stretched.

The Astigmatism Secret Revealed How to Manage and Treat Your Condition Effectively

The Astigmatism Secret Revealed: How to Manage and Treat Your Condition Effectively

The most common reason for double vision. If we often look at the phone at the wrong angle. For example, in most cases, people hold the phone very low and most often look down. The lower rectus muscles of the eyes are constantly overstressed. The upper rectus muscles of the eyes are constantly in a relaxed and stretched state.

It turns out that a person looks at the wrong angle. For example, the phone greatly overstrains the eye muscles unevenly. The internal rectus muscles of the eyes are located near the nose. Plus the lower rectus muscles of the eyes, which are responsible for the movement of the eyes downward. And oblique muscles of the eyes squeeze the eyeball to stretch the eyeball forward when a person wants to see at close range. They become hypertrophied and overtrained. But the external rectus muscles, are located near the weight area. The upper rectus muscles, which are responsible for the movement of the eyes upwards, are stretched and weak.

The Real Reason Why You Have Astigmatism: The Truth Revealed

When one muscle of the eye is strong, and the other is stretched and weak and stronger one pulls the eyeball more than the other. And refraction gets impaired, this phenomenon is called astigmatism and the picture begins to double.

 If you look at the phone or laptop for a long time, without rest, and lack of active looking around. For example, on the walls ceiling, or other distant objects leads to the fact that the eyeball becomes elongated and deformed. Because some muscles are stretched while others are tensed. In most cases, there is both astigmatism or diplopia and myopia at the same time, called myopic astigmatism.

Myopia and astigmatism: double vision

If you see double vision, you urgently need to relax your eyes and do a little stretching of the muscles of the eyes. Because such double vision will sooner or later lead to the fact that changes may appear on the retina. And it can flake off and the work of the small muscles of the eye. That area around the iris may be disrupted which dilates the pupil and their work may also be disrupted.

If the work of the ciliary muscle around the pupil is disrupted, then gradually such a phenomenon as a cataract can appear.

Astigmatism test at home

You can conduct a very simple experiment right now and bring your finger to your face. Look at it and then look behind your finger, say at the wall or TV. And you will see that your finger is split in two. Wow, you really doubled up, and now move your attention to the finger, he will gather a little in a heap, but now the TV is doubled.

What happens? Everything is very simple. It depends on the visual axes. That is, from convergence, our two eyes gather at one point. If we collected them here, we got one object.

Then we look at another object and these axes have crossed, and the object that is further will be doubled. With your right eye, you will see the left side, and with your left eye the right side.

Natural Ways to Heal Astigmatism: Simple Tips for Better Vision

Relaxing the eyes. If you have at least some double vision, firstly learn how to simply relax your eyes. Since double vision occurs from overstrain. No matter whether a book, phone, computer, TV or something else means just learn to relax your eyes:

1) Eye relaxation to heal Astigmatism Naturally

1 the easiest way is to close your eyes for 10 seconds at the slightest sign of fatigue

2) Palming to heal Astigmatism

2 The second, even better way to relax your eyes is palming. Watch the video on how to do palming correctly on my channel and use it, and if you have not started everything, maybe even with just one palming, you can restore your eyesight and health of your eyes

3) Eye Rest to cure astigmatism

3 The best way to relax and to give your eyes rest is – to lie down and sleep for 20 minutes. This is very good at relieving stress from the eyes. Getting enough sleep and resting your eyes periodically can help reduce eye strain and improve overall eye health, reducing astigmatism symptoms.

Eye muscle stretching to Reduce Eye Strain to Help Alleviate Astigmatism Symptoms

Light stretching for the eyes. To do this, we relax nicely and easily look up to the ceiling and try to feel how the upper rectus muscle of the eye is training and the lower rectus muscle stretches a little. Close our eyes and wait until the eye returns to the center and the muscles are balanced and relaxed, then we blink very lightly.

We look to the left for about 10 seconds, then close our eyes and wait until the tension is gone, and the eyes return to the center, then blink.

We look to the right for about 10 seconds, then close our eyes and wait until the eye returns to the center and blink.

How I Heal Astigmatism Naturally

Personally, in my case, the lower rectus muscle of the eyes works more than the rest, I think, like most people, because, for example, if I look at the phone or the laptop, my eyes drop down a little and work more at this time. The lower rectus muscle is more trained than the rest and I do not pull my eyes down with gymnastics, but, on the contrary, try to tone the upper rectus and left and right eye muscles.

Eyesight Academy Course to heal Astigmatism Naturally with eye exercises

Eyesight Academy Course to heal Astigmatism Naturally with eye exercises

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From Blurry to Clear: The Natural Path to Better Eyesight

We will guide you through various eye exercises and relaxation techniques to strengthen your eye muscles and reduce tension. We’ll also teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle that supports good eye health, including proper lighting, stress management, and spending time in nature.

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