Eyesight can be restored naturally

How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally in 8 steps

Hello everybody my name is Sviatoslav, I want to explain in detail those factors that can heal your eyesight naturally. The most essential factors: 1 Ability of a person to relax and the Top 5 Relaxation techniques. 2 Brain hemispheres harmonization that also helps with lazy eye treatment. 3 the social environment.  4 How to create conditions motivating to improve vision? 5 the lack of movement. 6 Some tension in the body. 7 Bad habits of poor eyesight that do not give eyesight to recover. 8 Psychological problems.

Low vision help

1. Clear eyesight with relaxed eyes

1 The most important factor of good vision is the ability of a person to relax

 If a person does not know how to relax it is very difficult for him to recover vision, in particular, and to have good health as a whole

Why is it necessary to know how to relax?

Because our body is self-healing, but for it to recover by itself. You need rest and, of course, you need to be able to relax because it recovers most effectively only when you are relaxed

Top 5 Relaxation Techniques for better Eye Health

Top 5 Relaxation Techniques for Better Eye Health

1 Large turns and small turns,

2 Swinging from side to side. You can find more in-depth videos on my channel

3 General mental relaxation. To control your mind from negative thoughts. To filter all negative and concentrate on relaxation

4 The ability to just sit down and relax the eyes, muscles, and the whole body

5 Get rid of a variety of thoughts that strain the psyche.

More detail in other videos on my YouTube channel. Let me remind you that all eye diseases occur precisely from the overstrain of eye muscles in our eyes.

2. Brain hemisphere Synchronization

2 the second important point in restoring eye health is harmonizing the brain hemispheres

It`s a very interesting and serious problem because one of the hemispheres works more than the other. After all, we use one hand much more than the other.

Imitative reflexes take this information from others, from our parents, they also do everything with only one hand and as a result, everything is transferred to the right hand.

We have a weak hemisphere that controls the other left hand, which is also weaker and this is the same reflected in the eyes, one eye sees worse.

In most cases, the right eye is strong and the second left eye is weaker. When it becomes too visible the eye becomes completely weak and sees very badly. The whole disease is called amblyopia or in other words the lazy eye.

 If you do not train the hemispheres of the brain to harmonize them, then how you can get rid of the disharmony in the eyes one lazy eye will become lazier and lazier, and the other will work for both of them and overstrain. Exercises to harmonize the brain hemispheres really work. How to make them there is a video on my channel.

3. Social influence

3 the third very important point in the restoration of vision is the social environment

Influence of others this is what they tell us on the TV this is what we see from people around us who unfortunately say: Why don’t you wear glasses?  And they also say everything will only get worse. The main thing is to filter such information very strongly and not listen to the negative opinions of others.

Unfortunately, they do not tell us how to improve our vision and few people have posters at home for improving our vision.

On the contrary, we see advertisements on big boards of people wearing glasses or lenses.

In other words, the social environment in which we find ourselves pushes us to wear glasses, to operations, and to visual impairment and creates such an idea of ​​hopelessness.

But you can calmly help yourself, master relaxation techniques, understand how our eyes work and what good habits of clear eyesight we need to develop, and what bad habits of poor eyesight we need to quit to start eyesight improvement.

4. Environment to improve eyesight naturally

4 How to create an environment motivating to improve vision?

1 You can draw a  circle on the wall in your home about 2 meters or 6 feet in diameter and practice exercise to look along the outline of the circle. It is the most necessary exercise which is necessary for myopia treatment, farsightedness treatment, and astigmatism treatment. Looking around the contour of a circle helps to stabilize all eye muscles and to remove tension from the eyes. I have a full video about this the most important exercise.

2 Buy a pirate band to train your lazy eye, just wear it for 3 minutes a day on your stronger eye.

3 Place some kind of obstruction on the table that would prevent you from leaning close to the computer monitor. In my case, I used a GoPro clip.

4 Download various relaxation meditations to your phone, and listen to them, especially before bedtime, so resting in a dream will be much more effective.

5. Eye movement

5th very important point in natural vision recovery is the lack of movement. In this case lack of eye movement, and the muscles of the eyes.

For example, when a person is in nature in a forest, his eyes move actively, and look around, the person blinks more often and the tension from his eyes is relieved

The point is that we need active visual movements to refocus, improve blood circulation in the eyes, and get more oxygen. Outdoor walks and cycling are great.

6. Tension in a body

6 important element of vision restoration is Some tension in the body

What it can be, for example, can be a pain in the neck, or in a shoulder, the tension in facial muscles, with the muscles of the jaw, that is, this tension will be transmitted to the muscles of the eyes and the person will not be able to relax

For example, if the tension in the neck does not give normal blood flow to the brain and eyes, respectively, there will be no normal tissue regeneration in the eyes and the brain, and recovery processes will also be stopped, partially blocked.

The activity of the muscles, and the mobility of the joints, so that the blood can pass. Our entire body is working all together. All muscles are in the layers of connective tissue, and this connective tissue is already attached to the skeleton, and the entire skeleton is connected by these connective tissues like ropes and some tension can occur, for example in the leg and give the wrong tension to the whole body to go higher and be reflected somewhere in the eyes.

The mobility of the whole body is the most important factor, that is, if you move a little, means the renewability of the whole organism is weak, the general regeneration is weak and the oxygen supply is weak, and accordingly, all the cells of the body are also weakened and the cells of the eyes, of course, also weaken.

7. Bad habits of blurry vision

Bad habits of poor eyesight that do not give eyesight to recover

 Sometimes people try to improve their eyesight, but they fail. Why?

Because they once formed a bad habit, for example, when there were sunny days, a person squinted his eyes or looked at the computer all day, his eyes got tired and he began to squint, he went to bed, rested, but the habit of squinting remained and his eyes are constantly in tension and cannot refocus normally due to this tension and this habit of squinting supports myopic spasm.

Or, in the same way, the person did not give rest to his eyes and leaned closer to the screen and now constantly sits very close to the screen and strains his eyes and thereby does not allow his eyes to relax.

The second very bad habit of poor vision is rarely blinking, or a person does not even know how to blink softly and relax, using only the eyelids and no other facial muscles.

For example, a person at a computer was used to not blinking and he a habit has formed, he does not blink and the muscle spasm does not go away and, accordingly, the eyes do not relax, no matter how much he does exercises, there is no relaxation and the eyes do not recover normally.

8. Psychological problems

We can still separately distinguish the psychological problems. How we generally react psychologically and react psychologically depends on how we think and what we think about.

 For example, we are still thinking about some problems from the past in our head, or we imagine that something can happen in the future for no reason. For example, if you take a glass of water, take it, hold it in your hands, and put it down, it will seem light, but if you carry this glass in your hands all day, it will seem very heavy. So negative thoughts do not need to be kept in your head all day, just throw them out of your head and your mood will improve and tension and stress will pass.

Today I explained the most essential factors of natural eyesight recovery: 1 Ability of a person to relax and the Top 5 Relaxation techniques 2 Brain hemispheres harmonization that helps with lazy eye treatment 3 the social environment  4 How to create conditions motivating to improve vision? 5 the lack of movement 6 Some tension in the body 7 Bad habits of poor eyesight that do not give eyesight to recover and 8 Psychological problems

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