How to heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

How to heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization 3 Techniques

Lazy eye treatment with the harmonization of the brain hemispheres and how it is related to vision. How to heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization Techniques.  What will happen if our brain hemispheres work unevenly? Using only one hand little by little can lead to degradation. How should our eyes work normally? Why does one eye stop working? How are eyes connected with the brain? How the lazy eye affects the stronger eye. Exercises to harmonize the hemispheres that you need to learn to do regularly.

Lazy eye treatment with brain hemispheres synchronization

Brain hemispheres synchronization

The hemispheres of our brain work at different frequencies, and one works more than the other by two or three times. Modern researchers and psychologists argue why they work so differently, but because one hemisphere is imaginative and creative, and the other is logical, and that is why such different frequencies of the brain work.

How are things with brain hemispheres really going?

A person was taught to do everything with one hand, and in most cases, it was to write with his right hand, to hold a spoon like that while eating, to hold a computer mouse with his right hand, and so on.

In the natural world, this is unnatural,  there is not a single right-handed monkey, or there is no right-handed horse or a left-handed tiger there.

The Science of Healing Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Synchronization

Using only one hand little by little can lead to degradation

Any exercises to harmonize the hemispheres make a person much smarter, much faster, and much better. I would like to talk about eye diseases in particular.

The weaker hemisphere of the brain poorly controls those parts of our body for which it is responsible.

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the right hand, the right eye, and, in general, all organs and parts on the right side, and the right hemisphere is responsible for all the left eye, the left hand, and organs on the left side.

For example, when we walk, the right hemisphere sends a weaker impulse to the left leg, and the step is smaller than on the right leg.

Although the person did not specifically develop his right leg, in contrast to the right hand, we do much more than anything, for example, write or eat.

Uneven Brain Hemispheres problem

This is precisely the problem of the more developed hemisphere which gives stronger signals. With the eyes, everything is the same, and with the internal organs, everything is the same.

With the eyes, the situation is such that as a result of a stronger hemisphere, and in most cases, it is the left hemisphere and the right eye, it works harder.

The science of clear vision: How Eyes Work Normally?

How should eyes work normally? For example, we are walking down the street:

We look to the left, and the left eye starts to work as the main eye, and the right eye at this time complements the picture with peripheral vision to get a three-dimensional picture so that our brain calculates the distance to the object, that is, we automatically calculate and roughly represent how much distance is here. To check this, you can look to the left and close your right eye, and after a few seconds open and understand where is peripheral vision is.

 We looked to the right, the right eye was working, and the left one began to supplement the picture, due to this, we constantly worked actively and actively moved and got a lot of visual information from two different pictures. From the main focus one and the peripheral.

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Eye activity for clear sight

Eye activity for clear sight: Heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

When we consciously actively do not look around, the blood circulation in the eyes deteriorates, and the oculomotor muscles lose their tone.

The more developed hemisphere throws all the load on the right eye in the right-hander and the left eye begins to see worse and begins to be lazy.

A lazy eye is really visible. If you look at photos of people, one eye is slightly less open than the other, and in humans, it is visible visually. In severe cases, it can be so bad that the left eye can stop working and see altogether.

This lazy eye has all the normal muscles. His optic nerve is good, and everything is good, but it does not work.

Lazy eye (amblyopia) main cause: Why does one eye stop working?

The brain turns off its work so as not to waste energy on it, but now the other eye works for two and is overstrained because when everything was normal, the eyes worked alternately. One eye works and the other rests at this time, and like this, they do not get tired. And if the eye begins to overstrain, it may develop myopia or astigmatism.

How are eyes connected with the brain?

In the cross-nervous system, that is, the eyes are connected crosswise with the cerebral hemispheres, the left hemisphere is responsible for the right eye, and the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the left eye.

For example, you never wrote with your left hand and taught your right hand to write letter by letter, stick by stick since childhood, but if you take a pen now in your left hand, you have never learned to write and start and write. Miracle, it turns out you can also write with your left hand, well a little worse, of course, but how did it happen? How did your hand learn to write? You have never learned it?

Sympathetic systems

The cross-nervous system is called sympathetic. That is, one part sympathizes with another part, and one eye sympathizes with the other eye, and as a result of a person’s life in childhood, one eye developed amblyopia; the other sees worse than vision on this minus -2 on this -3

Lazy eye affects stronger eye

Over the years, this eye that was lazy due to sympathetic cross-system taught another overworking eye to be lazy, and now the stronger eye is tired and still a little lazy, and now he has become lazy and tired at the same time vision can deteriorate.

As a result of this disharmony of our cerebral hemispheres, therefore, the hemispheres must be harmonized with exercises and a lot of loads must be transferred to the weak hand to harmonize the hemispheres.

Top 3 Exercises to Heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

Top 3 Exercises to Heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

Exercises to harmonize the hemispheres that you need to learn to do regularly

1) Exercise with a tennis ball for Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

 1. The simplest we take a ball and throw the simplest from hand to hand attention exercise has a powerful effect on the eyes and first of all, for the brain, for the eyes secondarily because the eyes start to work alternately and the hemispheres begin to synchronize.

As soon as it becomes to be very easy, it is necessary to complicate it. You can add a clap or one more ball.

2) Do more with the left hand to heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

 2. You can shift many tasks to your left hand. For example, if you are right-handed, you can use a computer mouse with your left hand.

Or use the phone only with your left hand to click on the screen.

3) Exercise is juggling for Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

3. An advanced exercise is learning to juggle 2 balls, then 3, then 4, and so on. You can quickly harmonize your brain. The brain hemispheres’ harmonization is very important for improving vision.

Maximizing the Healing Potential of Brain Hemispheric Harmonization in Lazy Eye Treatment

Most probably, you heard the common saying that our eye is the brain brought out.

Very important to direct your attention to the fact that you improve your vision, that is, you understand with consciousness what you are doing. You are doing them to improve vision, and that’s when your neural pathways and attention will be directed to the eyes and vision will improve 100%.

Heal Lazy Eye with Brain Hemispheric Harmonization

Today I explained the harmonization of the brain hemispheres and how it is related to vision. Why is it important for our brain hemispheres to work evenly? Using only one hand little by little can lead to degradation, and super necessary to use both hands. Our eyes must work alternately, not only one. Why does one eye stop working? Eyes are cross-connected with the brain. How the lazy eye affects the stronger eye. Top 3 methods to harmonize the hemispheres that you need to learn to do regularly. Subscribe to my channel. Hit like so more people can see this video. Physical activity for eyesight

If you have questions, write them in the comments, I will try to answer all the questions in the comments. See you in the next videos.

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