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Tired eyes problems: How to reduce eye fatigue

Any eye problems are usually caused by tired eyes. When the eyes get strained, overexertion can get into spasms of some of the eye muscles. When we remove this spasm and overexertion from eye muscles, the eyes begin to work normally. Vision will be clear and we need to learn how to create this relaxation, but there are some obstacles.

Tired eyes problems: How to reduce eye fatigue

Eye strain causes: Heavy Lids of Fatigue

  • The most common reason is not to give your eyes periodic rest. For example, if you look at your phone or computer for a very long time, your eyes get very tired. And the oculomotor muscles may get into a spasm, and the function of refocusing to a far distance may disappear. Eye focusing can get broken!
  • Eye strain can also be associated with some other stresses. For example, due to some kind of conflict situation. Or if a person starts to get nervous, the muscles of the eyes and face can strain strongly.

In fact, there may not be a real danger, but only some idea of ​​the threat. For example, what if a person can be fired from work, and what to do next? Or what if the business stops generating income, and so on? That is, any mental stress on a person can lead to internal muscle tension. And the eyes are very sensitive to nervous tension.

Delicate Vision: Eyes are very sensitive

Delicate Vision: Eyes are very sensitive

On the surface of our eye, there are 600 times more sensitive receptors in density than even in the skin of our hands. That is, there are receptors for pressure, cold, and heat. And therefore the eyes instantly react to any external situation, and of course, the muscles of the eye will react to any stress. 1 time, 2 times, 3 tensed and constant tension every day, then their microfibers grow in each other, and then they try to relax but cannot.

A person just simply constantly overstrains his eyes and does not give them conscious rest. And the eye muscles remain in a spasm which is very bad for the eyes.

In no case should this spasm remain in the eyes, the spasm should be removed.

A spasm of the oculomotor muscles can occur in the jaw or the forehead and due to this, the muscles that are connected to the eyes have contracted.

Either there was some kind of strain in the cervical region or the back. A person needs to remove all tension in the body and relax completely.

How to refresh Tired eyes Top 5 relaxing eye techniques

How to refresh Tired eyes? Top 5 relaxing eye techniques

It is necessary to remove tension from the eyes, from the body, and, most importantly, from the psyche. Because it was there in our psyche that this overstrain could appear initially.

1) Closing eyes 10 seconds technique

1 The first method is the easiest to close your eyes for 10 seconds and give the eyes rest. Simple eye closing I highly recommend you learn and make it a habit.

For example, select the time when it is possible to close your eyes for 15 seconds. And set all your attention to relaxation and start counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and feel like all discomfort from your eyes goes away 5, 6.7, eyes relax 8, 9 eyes even more relaxed and the stress from the eye muscles disappeared. 10,11,12,13,14, 15, you understand that the eyes are completely relaxed and do not rush to return from this state of relaxation and stay a little more in it.

Next time you can relax even faster, that is, you may be needed for the first time, not a 15 but 20 -30 seconds or even a minute, and then you will learn how to do this in just 5 – 10 seconds. And if you develop this habit of relaxing your eyes it will be very easy for you to achieve relaxation of the eyes.

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2) Relaxing technique for Tired eyes with correct blinking

2 The second method is simple, quick, and soft blinks. Here is very important to learn to blink gently. The How to blink video there is on the channel. Everything is in detail.

Put your fingers and blink on the temples and if under your fingers something moves, for example, some small muscles or ligaments, it means that you are blinking wrong.

It is necessary to blink correctly so that nothing moves, the eyebrows are not strained, but only eye eyelids are used.

These soft blinks must be learned, and they will be your relaxing blinks. A person needs to blink every 2-3 seconds. You need to develop it as a habit.

3) Tired eyes help with Palming

3 The third very important moment is eye palming. This is when you close your eyes with hand palms, and there is a relaxing effect on the nervous system. There is an effect on the reflex points around the eyes due to this. There is an additional effect to activate relaxation and improve eye health.

 When the eyes are closed, and they are in the dark and warm under the palms, they relax because they feel that nothing does require from them and are calm.

4) Relaxe Tired eyes with bear wiggles

4 The fourth relaxation method is small wiggles side to the side

For example, you saw how a bear walks around the cage there. Here this is not because he trains for a healthy lifestyle. He reflectively removes stress.

What we can do, we can sit on a chair, and we can do wiggles a little bit from side to side. I came up with Dr. Bates at the beginning of the 20th century and called a bear wiggles from side to side until we relax. The fact is that at some point, our body starts to do it by itself, and you can feel that we are not forced to swing to the right and left, and it begins automatically relaxing as a pendulum, for example.

During swinging, you can close your eyes and imagine something pleasant. Just swing lightly so there are no stresses and no power movements here it is necessary to release the body and to concentrate on pleasant feelings and wiggle as much as comfortable and nice for you.

5) Tired eyes relaxed with meditation for facial muscles

5 Relaxation before going to bed is a must

I highly recommend relaxation before going to sleep.

Try to relax all the muscles of the face, shoulders, hands, and the whole body and here in such a relaxed state, I recommend falling asleep, and if you fall asleep in the process of relaxation is also very good. You can turn on meditation for the relaxation of facial muscles before sleep.

So you can learn to feel the tension in your body. It is bad that no one teaches us at school How to relax and, even better, not get stressed especially.

Today I explained What relaxation is for. How does a spasm of the muscles of the eyes appear? Our eyes are very sensitive and the best top 5 methods to relax tired eyes and the whole body are 10 seconds method, to start blinking correctly and more often, palming, small relaxing wiggles, and relaxation before going to bed. How do I improve eyesight naturally?

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