how to reduce eye strain with palming

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming for better sight

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming? Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Eyesight recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav and I would like to share with you Why do we need Palming? Palming technique and essence of palming, Darkness for relaxation of our eyes.

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming

Surprisingly, our eyes need darkness no less than light. It is a darkness that helps to achieve a state of calm and relaxation for our minds and eyes. Peace always improves health and vision. The effort and tension always make them worse. To relieve eye strain and achieve mental and physical relaxation, almost all specialists in the natural restoration of vision recommend palming. True, not everyone uses this word, to describe the technique of darkening the eyes with the help of the palms. Some Bates followers refer to this technique as an eye massage or immersion.

Soothing Eye Fatigue: The Art of Palming

Many people learned about this method of improving vision from the book of the New York ophthalmologist Bates, therefore they believe that it was precisely this method that this technique was developed. However, such a practice was long before him used by Indian yoga, Taoist teachers, and Tibetan monks. Perhaps it was from one of them that Bates learned about this technique. As Mantak Chia and Robert Lewanski, write in their book Perfect Vision “Palming helps to calm the mind, brighter perception of colors and is the prevention of many eye diseases. ” Usually snowboarders used to lie in complete darkness on the bed to prepare their eyes for the ride.

How to fix your eyesight with palming

What is Palming

Palming is the darkening of the eyes with the help of the palms. The name comes from the English word palm – “palm of the hand”, that is, the term palming can be translated as “palming”. Indeed, the hands here have special significance, and the correct position of the palms largely depends on the degree of relaxation of the eyes and consciousness.

By the definition of Immanuel Kant, hands are a brain brought out. We also recall that many scientists consider the retina to be nothing more than an extension of the brain because it is essentially a highly organized network consisting of millions of nerve cells.

Restorative Palming: Your Key to Relieving Eye Fatigue

It turns out that, putting your palms over your eyes, we complete the ring that connects the two “representatives” of our brain. In addition, our hands have tremendous healing energy. Automatically putting our hand on the sore spot, we sometimes do not think, that we are doing self-healing. And even more so, few people know that by connecting the center of the palms with the center of the eyeballs, we can act on our vision in a healing way.

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming for better sight

How to do the Palming technique

How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming? First of all, rub your hands thoroughly and put your fingers’ heated palms on top of each other so that they intersect. Fold your palms into handfuls and place them to your face so that their base lies on the cheekbones, crossed fingers on the forehead, and the bases of the little fingers are strictly on the bridge of the nose, where it was located earlier bow of glasses.

The palms should cover the eyes so that there is no single gap. At the same time, hands should not press on the eyelids, eyebrows, nose, and eyeballs. Blink under your palms, do several inhalations and exhalations – while nothing should bother you.

The hands themselves when palming should also be as relaxed as possible. To remove the tension in your fingers, relax your wrists. Pay attention to your posture as well. The wrong position body during palming can nullify all its useful effects.

Good posture for palming

Following the rule of good posture, between the back of the head, neck and the upper part of the body must maintain a straight line, no matter the pose we are in. It is extremely important to remember this rule and observe it during palming, regardless of whether you do it while sitting at a table, on a chair, squatting, or lying down. This nuance is paid little attention in most manuals.

It is best to do palming while sitting with your elbows on the table. Cross your arms in an upside-down V shape and strive to keep them in this position all the time. You may need to move the letter V to be legible, the chair back, transfer the weight of the body to the hips, slightly bend the lower back, and find an acceptable elbow angle on the table. In this case, the body is slightly tilted, but the hull line must remain straight!

Instead of a table, you can use your own knees. To do this, you need to spread your legs slightly. Press your buttocks to the back of the chair and rest your elbows on the tops of your knees. Keeping on the same line the back, neck, and back of the head. Can be used as a support for hands to take the back of another chair, if it is wide, flat, and fits your height.

Palming to enter a relaxation state for better vision

Place a comfortable pillow or soft pad under your elbows’ bedding. The pillow will also come in handy when palming while lying down. In this case, the elbows also need support. Very soon the weight of the arm gets tired, and you will only be concerned about where to attach them, forget about relaxation. How to reduce eye fatigue with Palming. The most important component of palming is the emotional and mental state of a person during the exercise. If you are upset, anxious, and unable to think about anything, besides your worries, postpone palming until better times.

First, switch your attention to positive experiences. To relieve emotional stress, try to imagine the beautiful ocean, and flowers, admire the sunset, and watch the flame candles … Nice relaxing music works as well. This kind of music can be played during palming.

The imagination of a candle, in addition to its calming effect, serves also as good evidence of improved vision after eye rest under the palms. Especially for people with very poor eyesight. So people find it difficult to determine the difference in the perception of the lines of the table or other objects in one go. But the candle flame is seen better in almost all. At first, a vague light acquires after palming clear contours. Some begin to see the candle itself, and even its wick. The main thing is not to strain, to keep relaxed. condition of the eyes, let them just imagine everything that appears.

Bates palming technique for better sight

Many Bates followers suggest simply imagining blackness, achieving the appearance of a perfectly black field in front of the inner gaze. Some find it easy to imagine absolute darkness, some light and color glare, circles, strokes, grey clouds interfere, and cobwebs.

This is evidence that your vision is faulty, visual the centers of the brain are too excited and tense. Let go of the tension and relax. Help yourself achieve blackness by imagining how to look black curtains or velvet drapes come down. You can imagine that you paint over the space in front of your eyes with ink or black typographic ink. You can remember the black color of wool, panthers, black fur coats, hats, briefcases, etc.

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How often to do palming relaxation by Bates

You can spend 5-10 minutes, an hour, and the whole day on palming, if you have you have time. It will not be worse. Bates described an anecdotal case with an elderly person who turned to him for help. The man had many vision problems, it was difficult to help him, so Bates just advised him to rest more, covering his eyes with his hands, and representing blackness.

After a while, the man turned to Bates with the question: “A can I imagine something else? Very boring for so long to contemplate one blackness! ” “How long have you been doing this?” – asked Bates. “Twenty hours a day!” The elderly man replied proudly. For all the incredible zeal, it is worth noting that this man got rid of both cataracts and hyperopia and later did not have any vision problems, despite their advanced age.

After this incident, Bates’s followers began to recommend doing palming often and little by little, referring to him at every opportunity and at the first sign of eye fatigue. Palming gives the eyes rest, relaxes the muscles of the eyes, and at the same time activates the nerve cells of the retina, literally infusing them with new strength.

How to calm psyche with palming

This exercise relaxes not only the eyes but the whole body, our entire psycho-emotional sphere. Palming is especially effective for those who connect their imagination and memory to this process. It is very important for people who cannot keep their attention on their imagination for a long time in absolute darkness. If the blackness makes you feel depressed or you can’t keep it for a long time attention, relax and remember something pleasant, and joyful from your life.

Eyes Deserve a Break: How to Reduce Fatigue with Palming

Eyes Deserve a Break How to Reduce Fatigue with Palming

Imagine something that gives you wonderful associations, and positive emotions. Someone will remember their youth, childhood or first date, someone wants to mentally be transported to the forest, to the beach or a river, lake, sea … And for it is better and easier for someone to “visit” their summer cottage, is surrounded by greenery, trees, and flowers. Imagine, remember, dream – you are not limited by anything! Just make sure that anxiety does not creep into your consciousness, so that thoughts did not go into the usual circle of worries, and do not plunge into the annoying everyday routine.

Thanks for reading to the end. It is really helpful information about how to reduce eye fatigue with Palming and I hope it will help you. Please subscribe to my channel and I will see you again.

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