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Color therapy exercises and Light sensitivity for better vision

Color therapy and Light sensitivity for better vision. Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Eyesight recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav and I would like to talk about color therapy for eyes, light sensitivity, eye exercise for a magnetic look, and how to take sunlight easily.

Color therapy exercises and Light sensitivity for better vision

Color therapy for better vision

There are many classifications of colors according to their effect on a person. In my opinion, they are all quite controversial, especially when you consider that human eyes can perceive only three colors – blue, red, and green. And in the central part of our retina, there are three types of cones perceiving these colors.

Color therapy and Light sensitivity for better vision

Color Therapy for Eye Perception: Tips and Exercises

Mixing different colors to obtain a new color and the ability to see many shades – another unique property of our visual system. This is illustrative confirmation that our eyes are able not only to receive but also emit color and light, which is especially visible on a neutral grey background. Regular use of different colors is a great way of stimulating the central part of the retina – the macula, which is responsible for color perception and visual acuity.

Natural colors good for eye health

Activating and maintaining the eyes with flowers is especially beneficial for the autumn-winter period when there are so few colors in nature, and on the streets, we observe mainly black-grey-brown shades in clothes people, and the coloring of objects around us. Playing with flowers also helps wonderfully, reflecting the mood and psycho-emotional state and determining what color people are emotionally colored from within, but also striving to feel the color of the mood of your neighbors or colleagues.

The Science Behind Color Therapy: A Closer Look

Describing the color of mood, I do not advise you to just go for real if it’s cloudy outside – and grey at heart. Better to dress in a good mood bright colors, and find them in nature or in the environment. Can just imagine your favorite color and despondency will leave you! Surround yourself with bright colors – and life will shine with new colors!

Asian Magnetic look-eye exercise for better vision

Asian Magnetic look-eye exercise for better vision

I recommend looking at the candle flame more often, especially if you do not have available natural sources of color and light. With its soothing light, a candle will both calm you down and burn out everything bad, your bad thoughts, worries, fears, and doubts.

In the system of Asian practices, it is recommended to look closely at a candle, without blinking, until a tear rolls over your eyes. This exercise gives a very good cleansing, soothing, and general healing effect, and also helps to develop the ability to fearlessly look into the eyes of anyone. Looking at the candle also helps to gain the magnetic sparkle of the eyes and develop inner strength.

Enhancing Vision Comfort with Color Therapy: Tips and Techniques

Asian masters believed that in this way not only vision could be cured, but also many hidden diseases. However, the simplest and most affordable option is solarization and being outdoors on sunny days. In this case, you can just go to walk periodically raising and lowering your head either turning it to the right or left, then towards the sun, then into the shadow. You can also just walk first along the shady side of the street and then along the sunny side of the street. I am accustomed to the fact that having reached the intersection, which is more illuminated, you need not just wait for the green traffic light, but raise your head to the sun and expose your face to it with your closed eyes.

Eye training course to get better eyesight in a natural eye workout way

Eye training course to get better eyesight in a natural eye workout way

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how to get better eyesight with eyesight improvement course

Natural eye training for better Light sensitivity

Proper interaction with the sun cannot be harmful to health and eye hazards. Restoration of a normal reaction to light is one of the most important moments in our vision! The acquired ability to react easily and comfortably to sunlight will become an element of dynamic relaxation, without which there cannot be a perfect vision.

Plus, you’ll have a great way to relieve mental stress, accessible to everyone, and effective for everyone. Here is what Dr. Corbett, who is already familiar to us, writes about the benefits of solarization: “As soon as the eyes begin to perceive sunlight with ease, you will embrace the pleasant feeling of physical comfort that the sun gives. You are not will leave a feeling of soothing lightness and mental relaxation. Even half of the sensations that you get in sunlight, you don’t get in your dark rooms.

Healing Light Sensitivity: The Power of Color Therapy

From a physiological point of view, the strengthening of light-sensitive eyes is priceless as they stop suffering from the glare of the sun on the surface of mountain lakes and ocean expanses sparkling in the sun snow, etc. Not to mention achieving a sense of comfort in conditions of city life full of illumination and car headlights.

Retinal nerves relaxation for better eyesight

This comfort alone is worth the relaxation of retinal nerves that make it easy to perceive any light, no matter how strong it is. Add to this the increased visual power that the sun provides to nerves of the retina and the optic nerve, and you will understand that the sun is something that should be considered. If a person understands that the sun supports eye health in good condition and strengthens weak eyes, improving metabolism in them, thus clearing them of toxins. It is likely will be able to understand the usefulness of sunlight for the eyes.

There are many more ways and techniques of solarization, described by Bates and his followers. But with all the discrepancy variants, the authors agree on the main point. Correctly performed solarization was completely harmless, despite all the terrifying threats and warnings from doctors. On the contrary, the eyes are always relaxing blood, circulation increases, vision improves, and inflammation of the eyelids and eyes decreases or disappears altogether.

Do not look directly at the sun

You cannot look at the high sun for a long time and intently. Better in general do not look at it with open eyes, especially when the luminary is at the zenith. But even a temporary deterioration in vision in such cases will soon pass without any consequences. As for the sight of the rising or setting of the sun, then hardly anyone will doubt the healing effect of such communication with a luminary. Take every opportunity to admire the sun in the evening and morning time. Only due to this, it is possible to significantly improve vision and relieve nervous and mental stress.

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