How to heal the retina with Solarization

How to heal the retina with Solarization Naturally

Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Vision Recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav and I would like to talk about how to heal the retina with Solarization and step by step solarization process. With the help of the sun, old retinal cells regenerate with new retinal cells. New retinal cells can see better and more colorfully.

How to heal the retina with Solarization

First of all, You do not need to look at the sun with open eyes right away. In no case! Especially if you already have photophobia – an unconscious or conscious fear of the sun. First, why do you need to start solarization in this case, – to get rid of the fear of light and gain confidence in the safety of the sun? In this case, you need to get used to the sunlight gradually!

How to heal retina with Solarization

The first stage of solarization

Stand with one foot in the sunspot, and the other in the shade. Take off your glasses, raise your head, close your eyes, and gently turn your head so that the eyes alternately find themselves now in the sun, now in the shade. You can simply sway, transferring body weight from one leg to the other, and you can make large turns, as described earlier, – at the window, and then on the street.

This technique, even with strong photophobia and serious illnesses is safe and will not cause any harm to your eyes if you have them closed. With just a little getting used to the light during these simple exercises, you should proceed to the next stage of interaction with the sun. For some, the first stage may take very little time, and some will need weeks and months of exercise. Not hurry. Everything has its time.

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The second stage of The Healing Power of Sunlight: Solarization for Retina Renewal

Stand facing the sun, raise your head, close your eyes, and take big turns, repeating to yourself: “The sun goes to the right, the sun goes to the left …” The repetition of this phrase helps not to “stick” the eyes to the sun and relieves dizziness. This exercise does not require any special conditions: where the sun caught you, and perform solarization. At the bus stop, on the street, in the park, near your front door, and even on the balcony.

You can swing many times with closed eyes right in front of a window, in public gardens, or in places.

That is how easily you can help your eyes in between times. More precisely, during the usual rest on the bench. By the way, solarization can be done while sitting, simply by turning from side to side with your head and eyes closed. When your eyelids completely stop flinching, you can move on to the third stage.

The third stage of solarization

Stand facing the sun, cover one eye with your palm or bandage, and make slow turns with the body, glancing at the open eyes on the ground or your feet. In this case, you should blink quickly and easily, with both eyes and breathe correctly.

Then with your head up, keep turning and fast blink looking directly at the sun. After making turns several times, repeat the same, opening the other eye and then opening both. If during this exercise you feel that there are ripples or glare in the eyes, step back into the shadow and wait there with closed eyes. During periods when there is no sun, you can do the exercise with a lamp or with a bright reflector. The lamp should be located at such a distance that you felt a slight warmth on your face. Exercise with a lamp is better to perform with closed eyes according to the same solarization scheme as described higher.

how to heal vision with solarization bates method naturally

But remember that artificial light will never show a deep therapeutic effect, it cannot replace the sun. There is no and there can be no dopamine hormone, which is produced in our body only in sunlight. Namely, with lack of this for the retina of our eyes increases the risk of developing myopia. And even the most powerful lamps such as spotlights, do not give your eyes the right amount of dopamine, not to mention the colors of the solar spectrum. Therefore, take advantage of every convenient moment to expose your eyes to sunlight. Sun will give you health strength, and beauty. Well, solarized eyes sparkle and shine!

When do you need sunglasses?

Let’s not forget that in certain types of activities, protective glasses are a must. For example, in the equipment of climbers, skiers, and polar explorers are required to use Sunglasses. Snow sparkling in the sun and reflected from it the light is really strong for the eyes. You should protect yourself from the blinding sun in the desert, from sun glare on the surface of mountain lakes or the ocean coast, and sometimes from reflected rays on the asphalt surface.

Getting rid of sunglasses takes time because eye pupils usually need to adapt to the bright sun gradually

First, you can do it little by little, do not wear sunglasses when you walk or drive a car if it is not necessary.

 If you going to the beach, just try not to wear them at least for some amount of time and it is better to wear a hat or cap. And it will help you avoid white circles around your eyes if you sunbathe. By preventing the appearance of wrinkles, some people deprive themselves and their eyes of the healing of sunlight.

Hopefully, this article will help you. Thanks for watching it to the very end. Subscribe to my channel and will see you again.

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