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How to heal Photophobia naturally for better Eye Health

Hello everybody and Welcome to the Natural Vision Recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav and today I would like to talk about Photophobia. How to heal Photophobia naturally. Bright light is unpleasant only for tired eyes. Foods for eye protection, and better vision.

How to heal Photophobia naturally for better Eye Health

Photophobia meaning

Photophobia or fear of light – is a special condition associated with increased sensitivity of the eyes to light. Unfortunately, the more we use dark glasses, the worse the adaptation mechanism of our eyes works. The weaker our eyes become, and our bodies and our brains lack beneficial solar energy.

Another reason for the love of dark glasses is the fear of wrinkles. The more we fear sunlight and consider it harmful to the eyes. The more we squint and frown when we suddenly find ourselves in the light.

It is clear that our overworked and overstrained from prolonged work and incorrect visual use of the eye make it painful to perceive such external stimuli. But is the sun to blame?

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How to get better eye health with an eye training course

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The main cause of photophobia

Let’s go back to the reasons for photophobia. In my opinion, one of the main reasons for photophobia is fashion. And then the belief imposed on us that light is harmful to the eyes. It seems to me that the phenomenon of the influence of fashion on people was especially pronounced with movies television etc. Where popular actors appeared on the screen or went on stage wearing dark glasses. Maybe this person decided to change his image. Or maybe he just wanted to hide the consequences of a stormy sleepless night. But not because of an uncomfortable reaction to bright spotlights.

Of course, hundreds and thousands of his fans wanted to follow the example of his idol. The demand for dark glasses has skyrocketed, which, as you know, gives rise to a proposal. But not just satisfy demand and pay back the costs with a profit. You need to expand production and, accordingly, the need for a product. How? Very simple.

How to heal Photophobia naturally

The myth that light is bad for the eyes needs to be created and spread among the population. As a result, alarmists from medicine, as well as traders and advertisers for their own benefit convinced people that sunlight has harmful radiation and spread panic between people.

In his book “How to Correct Vision” Aldous Huxley writes: “This not true, but if you believe that sunlight is harmful and wear glasses, then causing your eyes the same harm as if this delusion is true. “

How to heal Photophobia naturally

“Observe people with photophobia who suddenly pushed out into a bright light. What grimaces, what frowning eyebrows! They know the sun is bad for them. Spawned by false persuasion, fear of the light expresses itself physically in the form tense and completely abnormal state of the sensory apparatus. Instead of taking in sunlight with ease and bliss. The eyes are tormented by discomfort and developing thanks to a fear of tissue inflammation.

Natural Remedies for Photophobia: Soothe Light Sensitivity

If you have no fear of the light, but nevertheless you suffer from it exposure means you are simply using your eyes incorrectly. Overexploited and overstressed under conditions of artificial light sources. The eyes are simply not capable of a normal reaction to external irritators. Bright light is unpleasant only for tired eyes, but the more we hide from him, the weaker our visual organs will be, and the stronger the false fears and discomfort.

How to remove Dark glasses to heal photophobia

In fact, wearing sunglasses has in no way reduced the percentage of poorly seeing people and has not yet saved anyone from this or other abnormalities of refraction. On the contrary, many cases are known when people have noticed a deterioration of vision after a hot summer when they practically did not take off their dark glasses on the street.

Those who did not succumb to fashion and did not accustom themselves to dark glasses, boldly meet the sun’s rays and, as a rule, do not experience any discomfort. On the contrary, their eyes become bright and expressive, and their vision is greatly improved! Look, for example, sailors, fishermen, shepherds, hunters, janitors, and other people whose professions are associated with prolonged exposure to air.

Light Sensitivity No More: Natural Ways to Heal Photophobia

Light Sensitivity No More Natural Ways to Heal Photophobia

What shining, keen eyes they have! “Doctors have always been amazed at the healthy pinkness of the well-solarized retina, in contrast to the usual pallor suffering from deficiency sunlight eyes “, – says in his book” How to get good vision without Glasses “Dr Corbett. And who in the animal world is the standard of vigilance for us? Of course, birds. Eagles, falcons, hawks – those who fly high in the sky sitting on mountain peaks and looking with open eyes directly at the sun. Wherein they are literally able to see a mouse from a bird’s eye view. Well, with the symbols of blindness underground and nocturnal animals, primarily moles live.

Food for eyes to improve eye health

In addition to competent and careful communication with the sun, people with severe photophobia are recommended to pay attention to their diet nutrition. Include whole grains (a source of B vitamins), fruits, vegetables, sunflower, and parsley seeds. Contained in Vitamin B2 helps to overcome the uncomfortable reaction to the sun.

But the most important vitamin for vision is in such cases lutein, 75% of which is absorbed by our retinas and macula. It is lutein that reduces the aggressiveness of sunlight and the formation of free radicals in our bodies.

No lutein – the yellow spot does not work fully, that is, our visual center, responsible for the clarity and sharpness of the gaze. Lutein is found in nasturtium, spinach, broccoli, parsley, peas, legumes, pistachios, persimmons, corn, and a dozen other vegetable products.

Natural Remedies for Photophobia: Finding Relief Safely

But best of all for the prevention of retinal degeneration and age-related changes in the eyes apply marigolds in different versions. To improve visual acuity and prevent glaucoma use better marigolds that are dark. These flowers are also called Imeretian saffron. These bright flowers can be used in the form of drops of tea. This tea contains antiseptics and minerals: gold, zinc, selenium, magnesium, and potassium, necessary for maintaining the muscle tissue of the eyes, heart, and the whole body. However, there is no need to overuse this wonderful plant: just two pcs of these flowers for a glass of boiling water will be quite enough. You can also add crushed dry plants as a seasoning in any dish.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope it will help you, and will see you again.

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