Best eye exercise for myopia treatment

Best eye exercise for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism treatment naturally

The simplest and most crucial eye exercise for myopia treatment, hyperopia treatment, and astigmatism treatment. Eye Exercise is to rotate the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise. Eye rolling is the best to stabilize the work of the eye muscles and eliminate astigmatism naturally.

Myopia treatment, hyperopia treatment, astigmatism treatment.

How to create an eye trainer for eye exercise?

To do with a proper technique eye exercise for myopia treatment naturally, you can draw a circle on the wall. With a minimum diameter of 1 meter or 3 feet and as much as the wall allows. In my case, I used a mirror. You can also hang a hula hoop on the wall, which is also a great option.

How to perform eye exercises for myopia treatment?

Looking with relaxed eyes along the contour of the circle is one of the most important and necessary exercises. Since it almost evenly and alternately uses all the muscles and balances their work. Rotating your gaze along the contour of the circle is one of the most important exercises for developing the eye muscles. Because when you move your eyes around the circle, some muscles transfer efforts to other muscles and those muscles do not work at a certain moment. They rest.

Different muscles are connected to work at different stages. And those muscles that have transferred the work to move the eyeball to other muscles are resting at this moment. It turns out that this exercise is very good for the eyes in the sense that the muscles both work and rest at the same time.

Linear exercises up and down to the right to the left do not give such an effect. The more have a powerful effect.

Watching along the contour of the circle stabilizes the work of the eye muscles. After we move our eyes to the sides. This exercise should be done at the end of any gymnastics for the eyes. And can be added to the middle to balance the load on all muscles.

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Why draw a circle on the wall to perform eye exercises?

At first, glance, rotating your gaze along the contour of a circle seems very simple, but it is not easy to develop new neural connections in the brain and develop muscle memory for myopia treatment. And people with poor eyesight, moreover, need to develop the habit of doing this exercise constantly. The habit can be developed in about 50 days of daily exercise. To master the technique of this eye exercise for myopia treatment naturally, you need to learn very precise eye movements.

 The more you do this eye exercise for myopia treatment, the better you will master it, and the better the effect will be on the eyes. One to a maximum of 3 repetitions per training, and after an hour, you can repeat.

For example, in order for a boxer to learn one punch, even the simplest jab, it needs to be repeated 10,000 thousand times. And with every hundred, it will be better and better.

At the beginning of the exercises, I also thought that I could do everything and know everything. But after I started looking around the contour of the circle with a relaxed gaze, it turned out to be a completely different exercise from what I had done before.

Rotating my eyes along the contour of the circle helped me to remove the spasm from the oblique muscles of the eyes.

How I got better eyesight with eye training

Before that, I had myopia, and the oblique muscles of the eyes were spasmodic. After I did a light diagonal stretch. The video of the 3 best exercises for myopia is on the Sviaton YouTube channel. And the exercise that helped me greatly speed up the process of restoring vision Sviaton exercise is also on the channel. I felt how the oblique muscles of the eyes detached from the eyeball and stopped squeezing it, and with the exercise of rotating my gaze along the contour of the circle, I managed to stretch the oblique eye muscles and recover the accommodation function of the eyes. Eye exercises for myopia treatment work well if you do them correctly. And as usual, before going to bed, I turned on meditation to relax my facial muscles. I felt the spasm from my eyes disappear, and my eyes began to move very easily and freely.

Summarize. Rotation of the gaze along the contour of the circle is a necessary exercise that must be mastered by people who want to restore vision in a natural way. Relaxation of the eyes is mandatory both before and after exercise. There is a video on my channel about different relaxation methods.

Best Eye Exercises

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