how to overcome low vision

How to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision

How to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision

How to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision. All eye exercises should be done very smoothly and very slowly. There is no need to “tear the lines.” It`s Because the oculomotor muscles are one of the most delicate muscles in our body and it is very, very easy to strain the eyes.

If you foolishly start moving your eyes, they can get into a spasm. The main point of eye gymnastics is to get your muscles in good shape make them elastic and return their ability to accommodate.

How to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision

The second eye exercise warning is “It’s better to do fewer repetitions in exercises, but more often. Better 5 times by 1 minute a day than once 5 minutes.

Relaxation exercises can be done all day if you half a day sitting in palming – there will be no harm from this. Even if you go without glasses all day and do central fixation exercises, this is also no harm.

Myopia limitations for sports

The fact is that nearsighted people have their eyes extended forward. And because their eyes are extended forward, their retina is very strained and tensed. It is for this reason that myopic people are prohibited from many professions, and many types of work.

Many sports are prohibited from them. Because with some kind of sharp tension, the retina of the eye can peel off or rupture. This leads to partial and sometimes complete loss of vision in the eyes.

A lot of school students want to go to sports martial arts, boxing, and football.

The first question from the coach:

– Do you wear glasses? If they say Yes.

A coach replied to them. Bye.

There is not even a conversation. Why? Yes, because if something hits the head, a slight concussion, the retina can peel off, the child will go blind, and the coach will be sent to prison.

Guys do relaxation and slight stretching exercises, restore vision, and make the eyes round ball so the retina fits snugly to the bottom of the eyeball without stress. With relaxed eyes, nothing is scary.

How to heal eyesight with High myopia

With myopia people who have severe myopia, their eyes are very strongly extended forward, and due to this, their retina is stretched and tensed. That’s why these people need to exercise very, very carefully. Perform no more than three to four repetitions of each exercise at once. When the eyes get used, they will not hurt. You can gradually add and build up your program.

If a person has strong nearsightedness, then you need to work carefully to enhance your eyesight naturally. And especially, it is necessary to find out if there was a detachment of the retina. Then with these people, it is necessary to work with extreme caution because their eyes are predisposed to the fact that the retina can be detached. This means you must work with them slowly and gradually, without any power moving.

Vision Training Course Eyesight Academy to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally

Vision Training Course Eyesight Academy to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally

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Palming to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision

Palming to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally and Overcome Low Vision

Palming is a great exercise for the relaxation of the eyes before and after training the oculomotor muscles or working on a computer or using a smartphone.

You need to fold your palms. Put it on your eyes. You need to sit straight with a correct posture. Fingers crossed, and put on your eyes. Pay attention that your nose sticks out between your little fingers. So that your nose breathes so that your eyes are in the middle of your palms so that they can calmly open and close. Just put your elbows on your knees either on the armrests or on the table in front of you.

How is the most convenient for you? In the palming exercise, your elbows must be on something solid, either on your knees or on the table in front of you. Eyes closed, calmed down, relaxed, we begin our palming, we begin to relax the muscles of our eyes. You need to tell yourself that your eyes are good, your eyes are resting, and every day, your eyes will see better and better. The eyes muscles are in a relaxed state.

Imagination with Palming to Enhance Your Eyesight Naturally

And now, myopic nearsighted people imagine how the oblique muscles of the eyes relax. How their eyes become round like a ball, how they will perfectly see into the distance without any glasses.

And the farsighted and who have flat eyes imagine how straight muscles of the eyes relax, how they will allow to eyes easily stretch forward like cucumber and see perfectly close up without any glasses.

The retina of our eyes relaxes. Light-sensitive cells, cones, and rods relax and enhance your eyesight naturally. The vessels that feed the retina with blood are relaxed. By the way, people who wear glasses have a dramatically impaired blood supply to the eyes.

Ophthalmologists on an ophthalmoscope immediately see people who wear glasses – they have a blue retina. In people with normal eyesight, the retina is pink and saturated with blood, nutrients, and oxygen. By doing this exercise, we improve the blood supply to our eyes. The cells of the optic nerve relax, and the cells of the optic analyzer in the brain relax. Our entire optic tract is relaxed.

Well, now we are resting, and we are happy. Today we are in a great mood. Now it will be with us for a long, long time.

And now we quietly and easily rubbed our eyes, like children, exhaled and opened our eyes, and blinked quickly. Then blink 5 times at least and look up and down to the right, to the left.

Imagination Palming technique by Bates method

To better and faster relax eyes, Bates came up with two exercises under palming. He called the first “mental imagination.” And every time you do palm, notice that there are some residual light images in front of your eyes. For example, a candle, a window, a light bulb, some kind of fog, or clouds. This indicates that the optic tract is overexcited. The light does not fall on our eyes, but it seems to us that we are seeing something.

Bates suggests to mentally imagining that you are, for example, in the theatre. There is a large curtain in front of you, you are waiting for the start of a wonderful production show, and the curtain is getting blacker and darker. You can also mentally take a brush and paint over these glowing residual places.

Mental Memory Exercise by Bates Method

And the second exercise to enhance your eyesight naturally under palming is very important. Bates called it “mental memory.” And now everyone will remember something good and pleasant in your life: a pleasant moment, a pleasant trip. We have found that remembering something good that you are doing for people relaxes the psyche best. This pleasant memory relaxes the psyche, relaxes the muscles, muscles of the face, and the muscles of the eyes, and relaxation will give excellent vision to the eyes. This is the heart of the Bates Method – relaxation. And then, the relaxed oculomotor muscles are trained.

Summary of Enhancing Your Eyesight Naturally

Thanks for reading to the end. In this article, I explained tips and precautions before you start eye exercises. How to do Palming, and How to relieve eye strain in your eyes with the Bates palming method. I hope it will help you.

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