Eye training exercise with relaxed eyes to overcome blurry vision

How to Overcome Low Vision with blinking and breathing exercises

How to overcome low Vision blinking and breath exercises

How to overcome low Vision: eye blinking and breath exercises. Hello everybody and welcome to Natural Vision Recovery Blog. My name is Sviatoslav and today we will talk about eye blink relaxation exercises for our eyes such as Blink and Breathe slowly. Moisturizing your eyes, zone of unclear vision, and How is a picture clearing up?

The Power of Blinking and Breathing Exercises for Low Vision

How to overcome low Vision: eye blinking and breath exercises. Breathe slowly and deeply. Don’t look at anything when inhaling just do a few normal blinks, completely filling the lungs with oxygen. Then close your eyes and slowly exhale all the air from your lungs and do nothing with your eyes – no movements. Just leave them slightly covered and relaxed. And blink slowly as you inhale.

How to overcome Low Vision with blinking and breathing exercises

Empowering Your Sight: Strategies to Overcome Low Vision

For greater effect, I would suggest closing during exhalation eyes and imagining how they are slightly reduced to the bridge of the nose, resembling deflating balloons. This image personally helps me to relax much faster and in the end up yawning. This is the best proof that you relaxed not only the eyes but also the jaws and muscles of the entire face. Therefore, if during any relaxation exercises, you need to yawn – yawn. This will give you a very good and quick relaxation effect. I can’t yawn – release your lower jaw and inhale forcefully through your mouth. Per this will surely be followed by a prolonged yawn.

How to overcome low Vision: Eye moisturizing exercise

Squeeze your eyelids tightly for three seconds. Then do a few ordinary blinks and then open your eyes wide. After several such blinks with your eyes closed, you will feel pleasant moisturizing with tear fluid in your eyes. Do not frown and do not wrinkle the frontal or ocular muscles when doing this exercise, just use your eyelids. This exercise is a little difficult, as you need to do two opposite actions: open your eyes wide and blink at the same time. Do not be embarrassed if you involuntarily strive to open your mouth too. Let it open, but your attention should be aimed exclusively at the eyes.

Unlocking the Potential of Low Vision: Practical Tips and Techniques

I also recommend not forcing the number of repetitions 1 is enough. Better after exercise of bulging ”give yourself and your eyes a little rest. And strive for sensations of moisturizing eyes. This exercise is the best way to combat the syndrome of dry eye, which occurs most often in people working in dry air conditioning, in a room where there are working computers, as well as those who wear contact lenses or drops often drip into the eyes. The cornea in such cases dries up and no longer can independently produce tear fluid in the required volume.

Eye training exercise: Unclear vision object

How to overcome low Vision. Slowly and with relaxed eyes move your gaze around the edge of an obscure object, following its main contours. No need to stare into these contours, just move your eyes along the edge, as if outlining him from all sides. For this exercise, you need to put in front of you a certain simple object into the blurred vision zone. That is, at such a distance from the eyes, that the object is seen somewhat indistinctly, slightly blurry.

Take items that are easy to read. It is best to put on the table or bedside table in front of you some kind of house flower in a pot that has a lot of various shapes and sizes. It is important to outline not just one flower and the whole composition in front of your eyes is a table, starting its legs, then the countertop, the pot, and the plate underneath. Later you need to outline the flower in general, then its large fragments, and only then gradually move on to sketching all the smaller details. Reaching the smallest leaf, which the eyes no longer can outline along the contour, stop.

How to Overcome Low Vision with Eyesight Academy Course

How to Overcome Low Vision with Eyesight Academy Course

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Eye training exercise with relaxed eyes to overcome blurry vision

Don’t strain your eyes, but on the contrary, go back to the beginning of the exercise and re-outline the entire composition in front of you in general. The picture should clear up. How will this happen? There are several reasons why the same object located at the same distance, will become more visible after a couple of minutes when you circle it around contours.

First, we initially set ourselves the task of not looking at an object, but just outlining it. We are only interested in the form, not the content. As a result, only the right hemisphere is included in the work, responsible for the image, and the picture, and not the left, designed to determine the properties and comprehend the meanings. In this case, the brain is less active and the eyes stay more relaxed.

Secondly, we take a certain familiar object – a flower, tree, house, leaf paper and just fit it into space. We don’t care that it is not clearly visible. We even like a kind of blurring of the shapes. Imagine yourself as an impressionist artist who is almost in memory and looks around familiar features. So relaxation occurs on the mental level, which also has a positive effect on the eyes.

Thirdly, in the course of sketching the object, we gradually outline more and more small fragments, and we follow the path of complication tasks. But exactly at the stage when we cannot separate one small detail from another, we stop and say to ourselves: stop – come back now to outline the entire composition as a whole…

How is the picture clearing up?

It has been known for a long time that it is always easier for a person to walk the path, already once passed by him, it is easier to perform an action that he has already performed. Having passed a more complex path through the small details of the object, the eyes, and the brain are already much easier to perceive the whole object. That’s why the picture will clear up for you in just a couple of minutes so strange, it would seem to work with eyes.

It is extremely important here to “let go” of the head and not to look for deep meanings. As you already understand, this exercise can be done outdoors. For instance, if you are nearsighted, look at a tree and slide your gaze over the outline, formed by the shapes, which stand out against the background of the blue sky. Even easier to outline the silhouettes of buildings, gradually moving to outline floors, roofs, windows, doors, balconies… and then returning to the whole house.

If you are a farsighted person, distant objects will probably be clearly visible to you, so keep some kind of key chain or another small piece of jewelry at a fairly close distance so as to make his image obscure. After doing this exercise for a few seconds, carefully peer at the smallest detail that only you can see, and try to define its exact outline. Then try to look at even smaller details, and so on in decreasing order, up to almost invisible.

No Squinting to overcome low vision

Don’t squint or resort to other similar tricks. Aim yourself at looking calm, relaxed, and passive. observing and gradually highlighting smaller and finer details. Exercise “Zone of fuzzy or unclear vision” is closest to the idea of Dr. Bates on the importance of developing effortless vision. That’s why I consider it the most important of the entire complex. This exercise is designed to get rid of the habit of subconscious strain and to put under pressure the eyes, common to all people with poor eyesight.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned Relaxation exercises and how to overcome low Vision: eye blinking, and breath exercises. Moisturizing your eyes exercise, Zone of unclear vision exercise, and How is the picture clearing up? I hope it will help you. Subscribe to my channel and will see you again.

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