How to Achieve Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset

How to Achieve a Clearer Vision Holistically with the Right Mindset

How to Achieve Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset

How to Achieve a Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset. After getting out of bed, morning eye exercises are important to activate your visual system.

Relaxation Exercise Big Turns to Achieve Clearer Vision

You can go to the window, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and do 50-100 big turns. With a fully relaxed body and especially relaxed hands. And shift the center of gravity from one leg to the other. This is a great relaxation exercise; you can do it anytime.

How to Achieve Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset

You can also do it to remove stress and tension from your body. With closed eyes when you feel you need to relax.  This exercise can be done with music or just simply counting. So your eyes meet the world outside the window. Your body enters a state of internal balance, and you are charged tranquillity for the whole day.

Dynamic Relaxation for enhancing vision

It is clear that the turns can be postponed somewhat if you first need something else after sleep. Execution, including a five-minute palming, will take an average of 5 minutes. If you do not need morning palming, you can do dynamic relaxation. By spending the morning awakening in only 4-5 minutes. And this time can always be found! You will get up more active and much more energized having time to do it both in the morning, during the day, and before bed.

And even during busy days, you will have the opportunity to take care of your eyes. You can assume that you have completed most of the eye procedures to prepare them for the workday. If you are already doing some kind of exercise in bed, it will be a great additional complex. Just add it to your exercises. It is nice to start the morning with the above recommendations and then connect with something familiar to yourself.

How to Achieve Clearer Vision with Mindset Eye Exercise – Goal By the Nose

Eye exercise “Goals by the nose.” Close your eyes and imagine your nose continues with a handle, pen, brush, or pencil. In big, bold letters overlapping each other, write some with your elongated nose some text.

What to write? Dr. Corbett recommends writing the names of cities or rivers alphabetically. Someone suggests writing your name or drawing figure eight. Why is it important? If you are familiar with Jose Silva’s Mind Control Method. Then you know that we are constantly in different states, depending on the rhythms and types of wave radiation of the brain.

Achieve a Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset Alpha state

When we are awake and busy, we are in a so-called beta state. In a dream, a person is in a state of delta, meta, or alpha, depending on the rhythms emitted by our energy brain. When we are drowsy or fall asleep but are still awake or awakening, we are in the alpha state. So, people cannot control their subconscious in a state of sleep or wakefulness. However, in the alpha state, you can easily use the power of the brain and your ability to control the mind.

Alpha state to enhance your vision Naturally

How does this happen? The fact is that when we sleep, not the whole brain disconnects from reality control. There remains a certain part of the brain that is awake. And protects us during sleep, sensitive by capturing environmental hazard signals. Those brain parts strictly follow the commands we gave ourselves before bed. For example, a young mother can easily wake up from the squeak of a child. Even when she is very tired and in such a state that it will be difficult to wake up.

Many people will remember how they woke up a minute before the alarm clock if they needed to get up early for some trip. Waking up in such emergencies without an alarm clock, we understand how clearly the brain can fulfill the desires and commands we gave him before bed.

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Mindset formula for the day

Why not use this ability of our subconscious every day? For this, at the moment of awakening, it is extremely important to have time to write in your brain certain commands for the day, especially important for us. The brain will certainly transmit them to our subconscious. You only need to catch the moment of the alpha state and lay in this short period of time (and it lasts on average only 40-70 seconds) the most relevant mindset settings for us.

The mindset formula, in this case, should be clear, concise, concrete, and life-affirming. For example, I am healthy, I am happy, and life is wonderful! ” Or, more specifically: “My eyes are healthy! “,” I can see perfectly! ” etc. “Letter by the Nose” is my favorite item from the morning recommendations. Dr. Bates, when prescribed recommendations with large letters, are not only beneficial to the eyes, it is important for activating the retina of the eyes, which during the “writing with a nose exercise” reaches the level of vibration we need at a speed of 100-120 times per second.

How to Achieve a Clearer Vision Holistically with the Right Mindset

How to Achieve Clearer Vision with the Right Mindset by Bates Mindset key

In principle, this is precisely why Bates included “the nose letter exercise” in a set of morning exercises. He didn’t write anything about important recommendations in the alpha state, but Jose Silva developed his own method later after the powerful activity of Bates. So, in addition to influencing our subconscious, active movements, the nose includes the chin, neck, and cervical spine, which enhances blood flow and supply of nutrients to the brain and eyes. In addition, at this moment, we crawl with the back of our head on the pillow, which produces a message about the back of the head. And there, as you know, there is a zone of our visual analyzer, which is also useful to turn on in the morning. I must say that we generally devote very little to this zone. Attention, but in vain.

To enhance your vision, you should not only do the “writing with your nose” exercise in the morning but also during the day. Especially people whose work is related to great visual stress and tension in the back of the neck, in the base of the skull. Having mastered this method of mind control, you can learn relaxation, end gets rid of insomnia, headaches, and other pains, stop smoking, lose weight, improve memory, etc.

The Mindset Formula That Will Help You See Better

The key phrase that defines your goal can be modified, keeping its meaning, to give a sense of the significance of the task for you. In addition to the formation of positive attitudes at the level of consciousness and subconscious, relieving tension from the neck, back of the head, and head, we train the muscles and nerves of the eyes. “Letter by the nose,” among other things activates your memory and mental performance as you draw the outline of the letters, fixing all your attention on them.

“Writing your mindset goals with the nose” can be used as first aid when any kind of tension, wherever it overtakes you. In the afternoon, so as not to attract too much attention to yourself, it is enough to imagine that your nose is continued by a thin pin or needle, with the tip of which you write tiny microscopic letters. The eyes are closed at the same time. No one will notice this, and you will quickly release the tension and bring your mental condition into a calm state. At the same time, the eyes will go at the level of vibrations when they begin to carry out training eye movements. I will add that “writing with the nose” can be considered one more technique of restoration of central fixation. So don’t be surprised if, after this, your eyes will see more clearly and feel rested!

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