Fusion eye exercises to get better vision

Pencil, Ruler, and Rope Fusion eye exercises to get better vision

Fusion eye exercises to get better vision aimed to increase the efficiency of the external eye muscles. And help improve functions such as tracking, searching and scanning, and visual control axles. Together with the techniques for training accommodation, one of them will be described in this article. In future articles of sviaton.com, exercises for improvements in the fusion reflex are most similar to eye exercises.

Pencil, Ruler, and Rope Fusion eye exercises to get better vision

Fusion Eye exercise with a pencil to get better vision

Fusion eye exercises to get better vision can also be used as a test to determine if a good visual axis control function works. Take a pencil and hold it straight in front of you. At a distance of 45 centimeters or 18 inches from your face. Look at a pencil, and then focus on some distant object. For example, at a point on the room’s far wall. In this case, a person will see two blurry pencils. Both pencils should be visible with the same clarity. If only one pencil is visible or if the distant points double, then the visual axis control function is impaired.

If only one pencil is visible, then you need to close your eyes one by one. And it will become clear which of them is weaker. Then you must close the stronger eye and look at the pencil again.

Accommodative eye function training with a pencil

Focus your gaze on a distant point and remember which side of it is located pencil. Open your eyes. Determine if it completely suppresses the weak eye so that the pencil immediately turns out to be on the other side. Or if there is an opportunity to keep the image, at least for a short time, that was visible to the weaker eye. Do the same exercise if both pencils are visible, but one is seen clearer than the other.

If the distant point also doubles, you need to perform the exercise with both eyes, focusing your gaze first on a pencil, then on a distant point, and then again on a pencil. Repeat the exercise three times with each eye, and then try to perform it with two eyes. Everything that is written may not work the first time. It’s not a problem. The main thing here is exercise regularity.

Accommodative eye exercises next level

Accommodative eye exercises next level

Once you’ve mastered the pencil exercise, you can make it harder. Fusion eye exercises to get better vision: Take two pencils. For this exercise, you need a remote object that fits into the “gate”. Move one pencil at arm’s length, and the second keeps a few centimeters from your face. We must try to see two gates – one inside the other – and that the remote object is placed inside both. In this case, it should be so that each of the “four” pencils was visible with equal clarity, although the nearest “gate” will certainly be more blurry.

If you focus on the distant pencil, then the distance of the object will split in two, and each of the images should be seen with equal clarity. Later move the focus to the near pencil. The distant pencil should now form a gate, surrounded on both sides by paired images of a distant object. And again, these paired images and the gate must be seen equally clearly.

Fusion-focusing Eye Exercise

Finally, Fusion eye exercises to get better vision: you need to focus somewhere in the middle between the distant pencil and the distant object. Try to see not only near and far gates but also paired images of a distant object. To perform a more difficult version of the exercise with two pencils. You must first focus on the near pencil, see the gate formed by the distant pencil, look away from the next pencil, and try to keep the rate unchanged, known distant. Repeat the same with the distant pencil, trying to hold unchanged paired images of a distant object. For the third version of the exercise, you need two pencils of the same thickness but different colors, such as yellow and red. By placing them a few centimeters apart at the same distance from the face. You should try to see the “double gates” (three rods, the middle of which consists of superimposed images of both pencils).

For example, a yellow pencil is in your left hand, and a red one is in your right. What color will be the middle bar? Suppose it continues to be one color, for example, red, corresponding to the color that a person sees with a stronger (right) eye. In that case, it is necessary to change its color to yellow, then again to red, and then try to make the colors superimposed on one another.

Fusion eye exercises to get better vision with a ruler

With nearsightedness or myopia, you need to take a short ruler, 15 centimeters long or 6 inches. Then it will be necessary to take longer rulers, eventually increasing their length to 1 meter. With hyperopia or presbyopia, start with a long ruler and gradually decrease its length.

You can take the ruler in your hands and set it so that one corner stays on the bridge of the nose and the second is on the lower part of the forehead between the eyebrows. Supporting it from below with the fingers of one hand, then direct straight ahead in front of you. Now, if a person looks into the distance. The ruler will seem like a tunnel formed by two walls, which must be equally clearly visible. Now you need to move the focus back to yourself so that the far ends of the walls come closer and connect.

Fusion eye exercises to get better vision with a rope

Fusion eye exercises to get better vision: You need a rope of four to eight meters or 12 to 26 feet. You can take a white cord through any rope will do. Tie one end of the rope to a hook into the wall, doorknob, or whatever fits. Then every 30 centimeters 12 inches, the rope ties the knots. Tie some lightweight to the end (like an old key) so that it does not dangle and the rope is ready. The attachment to which the rope’s end is tied must be at about eye level. The rope must be pulled so that the other end touches the tip of the nose. Try to focus on the middle of the rope. If the vision is normal, then the person will see that the rope has taken the shape of the letter X. With an intersection at the point to which he looks, and “both” ropes are visible with equal clarity.

If you cannot see the letter X, you should lower the rope for a while and try again.

Natural Vision Therapy with fusion eye exercises for eye training

Close a stronger eye, as in exercises with a pencil if necessary. If, even after this, the letter X is not visible, you can leave this exercise for a while. It is more difficult than exercises with a pencil or ruler, but it is one of the most useful exercises. If a person sees the letter X, then further one should try to focus on one of the nodes. When you see the letter X again, you can move the focus of a view to the next node. As a result, you need to learn how to easily move from one node to another and back along the entire length of the rope, holding the image of the letter X in front of your eyes. The last step: focus on the point between the two nodes. Both ropes should look the same. Slowly and carefully move focus to one of the adjacent nodes and then back to the starting point. Then move the focus to another adjacent node and then to the middle of the next segment between the nodes. Repeat the exercise for all nodes and points between them.

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