Hela myopia naturally with eye exercises. Reverse Myopia

The Best Eye Exercise for Myopia treatment Naturally. 100%

In this article, I want to share with you The best myopia treatment eye exercise. I improved my eyesight naturally. If I was able to do it, you could improve your eyesight naturally also.

The Best Eye Exercise for Myopia treatment Naturally
Best Eye Exercise

The main cause of Myopia

The main cause of myopia is oblique eye muscle spasms. The oblique eye muscle is like a belt squeezing the eyeball in the middle and our eyes extend forward like a ball for American football. For example, a modern person looks at a close distance a lot and almost does not look far. Oblique eye muscles all-time strained and got spasmodic. To see far clearly, oblique eye muscles need to relax and stop squeezing the eyeball.

The Best Eye Exercise for Myopia Treatment in 5 Steps

Eye exercise to heal myopia

1 what do we do? We need to relax our eyes. Just close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine how your eye muscles relax.

2 Nice and easy without tension moving our eyes and looking at the upper left corner for about 5 seconds. By diagonals. No need to strain eye muscles softly and without tension. Then close our eyes and wait until our eyes return to the central position and relax for about 5 seconds. You need to feel eye muscle relaxation. It is important.

3 We move our eyes to the lower right corner and look for about 5 seconds without eye strain. At this time, we stretch the oblique eye muscle from the lower right side. Then close your eyes and wait until the eyes return to the center. Feel relaxation of eye muscles when eyes return to the central position.

4 We move our eyes to the upper right corner and hold for about 5 seconds. To stretch oblique eye muscles, we need to relax them as much as we can. Only relaxed eye muscles can stretch better. Close your eyes and wait until your eyes return to the central position for about 5 seconds. The technique is simple how long we look same time we relax.

5 We look at the lower-left corner for about 5 seconds and wait until our eyes return to the central position for about 5 seconds.

Light stretching of eye muscle by diagonals is done. Now we close our eyes for 10 seconds and relax them.


Eye Exercise Circular rotations for myopia and Astigmatism treatment

To stabilize eye muscles, we need to look at the contour of a circle. 1 rotation clockwise and 1 rotation counterclockwise. We are doing it slowly so eye muscles can stretch equally.

After these eye exercises, it is much easier to move your eyes. You get rid of eye muscle spasms, you will be able to move your eyes very easily and relaxedly.

After 1 hour, you can do eye exercises to heal astigmatism as in my previous video.

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