Crossed eyes treatment with eye exercises

How to heal Strabismus with eye workout naturally 100%

How to heal strabismus naturally? I want to share with you 100% working eye exercises for strabismus treatment naturally. Eliminate crossed eyes naturally without surgery with eye exercises proven method.

What is strabismus (crossed eyes)?

Strabismus is a spasm of 1 of the straight eye muscles. One eye muscle is spasmodic, and another is stretched and weak.

First of all, you need to learn eye relaxation and facial muscle relaxation. For example, palming is good for relaxing eyes, or just close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine how your eyes relax. But you need to practice daily to learn eye relaxation for about 2 months at least. It is like going to the gym one training will not give you six packs.

Best eye exercises for strabismus treatment naturally

Strabismus treatment naturally

Strabismus healing eye exercise. For example, if the left rectus eye muscle is spasmodic. We move our eyes to the right, looking to the right, and lightly and softly moving our heads in the opposite direction to the left. Closing our eyes and relaxing them. Basically, when we move our head in the opposite direction, we help to stretch the spasmodic eye muscle.

strabismus treatment eye exercises

If the right rectus eye muscle is spasmodic, we look to the left and turn our head to the right, so we help to stretch more with head movement our right eye muscles.

If the upper rectus muscle is spasmodic, we look down and move our head up, and stretch even more our upper eye muscles.

After each of these movements, we closed our eyes and relaxed our eye muscles.

If the lower eye muscle is spasmodic, we look up and nice and easily move our head down. Closing our eyes and relaxing eye muscles for at least 10 seconds.

Before going to bed, you need to listen to meditation for relaxation and to relax your eye muscles. In a relaxed state, eyes can come out of a spasm.

You can do a circular rotation one repetition in 1 clockwise and 1 repetition counterclockwise. Relaxation before and after eye exercise.

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