How to Straighten Your Eyes. heal strabismus in 3 steps

How to Straighten crossed Eyes Naturally: 3 steps Guide to Strabismus Healing

How to Straighten Your Eyes Naturally? Strabismus is a condition when one or two eye muscles are spasmodic, and 1 eye is slanted to the nose or in different directions.

 For example, one eye or it can be one eye into one side and the other to the other, but the meaning of such a condition is that the eyes do not look exactly in one direction

Say Goodbye to Crossed Eyes: How to Straighten Your Eyes and cure strabismus naturally?

Strabismus treatment

1) Step to learn is relaxation

1) Everything is very simple. To Straighten Your Eyes First, you need to turn the eye that slants in the central position. But before that, you need to learn how to relax your eyes, you need to learn how to do palming, and you need to blink more often. Every second to relieve eye strain.

Guided meditation to relax

It is better to exercise in the fresh air. It is necessary to calm down and relax and not get nervous, and in such a situation, eye muscles will train normally.

A spasmodic tense muscle that slants the eye needs to be relaxed, you can even simply touch it with warm hands.

 For example, get a glass of hot tea, put your hands on a tea glass, and after, do palming. This heat will be in the eye will be transmitted both under the action of heat and under the action of the hand, and the eye muscle tension will be relieved. Light swaying and other methods for relaxing the eyes are good.

2) Eye Exercises to cure crossed eyes

Eye Exercises to straighten your eyes

Eye exercise works great when we lead our eyes in one direction and turn our eyes in the other direction. Look at the video Sviaton exercise on my channel. Everything is in detail there. Another video on How to heal strabismus naturally is on my channel to straighten your eyes.

3) Step Making crossed eye look

Close a strong eye completely, better with the palm of your hand or with one eye blindfolded. And watch TV on the side opposite to the slanted, which stretches the spasmodic eye and trains eye muscles. If both eyes are slanting, just do it alternately.

We put on a pirate bandage on a healthy eye and watch only with a slanted eye, the eye doesn’t want to, but he is forced to look, and if he looks, it doesn’t matter how he looks in this case, the eye will train. The crossed eye will go away.

In step 3, you need to synchronize your eyes. The easiest way is to follow some objects. That is, take a bright-colored ball in your hand and move it in such a way that both eyes watch him. You can do eye exercises.

Accommodative spasm training to heal strabismus

It is even necessary to train accommodation also, when you bring closer move and away, move away.

In this case, the finger of the hand, but you can also look, let’s say, at the window and outside in a window the easiest way.

You can look at some objects in the room and into the distance outside the window. In this case, both eyes must work. It is also important eye exercises for light stretching to relax one muscle, which is tenser, and to train the other.

The second step is to mobilize the eye so that it stops being lazy and sees, and the third step is to create a joint work of two eyes.

When a person has two eyes, he will see, and with two eyes, there will be a better picture and more interesting he no longer wants to look with one eye.

A person is just used to looking like that, and when he sees a better way, he will always look with two eyes, but of course, the simplest exercises for the eyes must be done.

Eliminate stress to Straighten Your Eyes and heal strabismus

It is possible that during periods when a person worries, eye muscles can tense up, but they will gradually pass, they will be less and less, and vision will stabilize, and it will be normal. Here are such simple exercises to restore the eyes from strabismus.

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