How to heal Accommodative Spasm Myopia with Sviaton Eye Exercises

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How to heal Accommodative Spasm Myopia with Sviaton Eye Exercises? I improved my eyesight naturally. One of the vital eye exercises was the Sviaton eye exercise to reverse myopia. If I am able to do it, you can improve your eyesight also. It is not difficult but requires some work.

Eye Exercises to reverse Myopia starts with Relaxation

The first step you need is to learn eye relaxation. The main relaxation technique that I use is to listen to meditation for facial muscle relaxation before sleeping time. Any guided meditation is good when you need to relax your body.  If you relax, any part of your body relaxation is going everywhere. In a relaxed state, eye muscles can come out from the spasm even without eye exercises. Eye exercises to speed up the eyesight improvement process. Relaxation is a necessary step because if you fall asleep relaxed, your eyes will recover much better, and you can wake up with clear eyesight. The main point is to get rid of eye muscle spasms. As soon as the eye muscle spasm is gone, the eyes can refocus to different distances.

Quick relaxation techniques just to close your eyes for 10 seconds and to imagine how your eye muscles relax. To learn relaxation techniques, you need to practice for at least two months.

Sviaton Eye Exercises To Reverse a spasm of accommodation

How to heal Accommodative Spasm Myopia with Sviaton Eye Exercises

Sviaton eye exercise is a very powerful exercise, so you need to be able to relax your eyes before and after eye exercise. Start always any eye exercise with eye relaxation. Learn relaxation techniques for your eyes, such as Palming and meditation.

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Sviaton Eye Exercises for Astigmatism or Hyperopia Treatment

1 We move our eyes up and look up but slowly move our head down. Very carefully and relaxedly, we stretched the upper rectus eye muscle. Close your eyes for at least 5 seconds and feel how your eye muscles got some stretching and relaxing.

2 We slowly move our eyes to the left but slowly and easily move our head to the right to stretch the right rectus eye muscles. Not too much, just a little. You need to do everything that is comfortable for you. No need to do it fast or with power. Everything in a relaxed pace.

3 We slowly move our eyes to the right but move our head to the left and stretch our left rectus eye muscles. Closing eyes for 5 seconds and trying to feel how eye muscle was stretched and relaxing them.

4 We relaxedly look around the contour of the circle. One rotation clockwise and one rotation counterclockwise to harmonize eye muscles’ work.

Sviaton Eye Exercises To Reverse Myopia Technique

Myopia treatment with Sviaton eye exercise

1 Slowly diagonally we move our eyes to the upper left corner but move our head to the lower right corner. Very slowly, nicely, and easily. Closing eyes for 5 seconds and relaxing eyes.

2 Slowly diagonally, we move our eyes to the lower right corner but slowly move our head to the upper left corner. Very relaxed and comfortable for you. No need for any fast movements. Then close your eyes for 5 seconds and relax them.

3 Slowly move your eyes diagonally to the upper right corner, but slowly move your head to the lower left corner. Very lightly. Then close your eyes to relax.

4 Slowly move your eyes by diagonal to the lower-left corner but move your head to the upper right corner. Very lightly and relaxedly.

Then close your eyes and relax your eye muscles for 10 seconds.

5 Step We rotate our eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise, and you need to feel how the spasmodic oblique eye muscle relieves tension and detaches from your eyeballs. It is like you are releasing a belt. Oblique eye muscles stop squeezing your eyeballs, and it is a pleasant feeling for your eyes.

You can lie down, close your eyes, and relax your eyes and facial muscles for 10 minutes.

How I came out of a spasm of accommodation with Sviaton Eye Exercises And Relaxation

My eyes came out of the spasm during relaxation. I was listening to meditation for facial muscles to relax, and I strained my abs and relaxed them. Relaxation went through my body, and eyes like fall inside oblique eye muscles came out of the spasm, and it became some freedom under the eyelids. The next day my eyes started to see clearly far.

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