Healing Blinking to improve vision

How to Use Healing Blinking to Improve Your Vision

Hello everyone, my name is Svyatoslav, and I improved my eyesight naturally. I want to share with you Healing Blinking Eye Exercises to Refresh Tired Eyes and improve your vision and eye health.

The Best Healing is Blinking to improve vision every second

Healing Blinking

Even if you do Lasik surgery, your vision will improve for a while, but over time after the operation, your vision will still worsen because the main problem of eye muscle strain has not been solved. A person still has bad habits of poor vision and also keeps the phone close to his eyes, overstraining his eyes and not giving them rest.

With myopia and with any other diseases, there is muscle tension, and This muscle tension is not relieved by surgery. Muscle tension acts further, and sooner or later for someone faster for someone later it can lead to retinal detachment, and after an operation, there is nothing to restore eye muscles. Now I will tell you what to do and give you two simple, very effective healing exercises.

how to refresh tired eyes

Healing Blinking to improve vision and eye Health

The first exercise, no matter how strange it may seem to you.

1) Soft Blinks

The fact is that a tense eye practically does not blink. That is, it stays for a very long time without blinking; it needs to get used to blinking.

1) firstly, blinking relieves tension in the eye muscles. And helps your eyes focus.

2) Blinking Healing your eyes

2) secondly, the eye is cleaned of various dust, dirt, and bacteria, and the eye fluids themselves act in such a way that they not only clean and brush away bacteria from the eyes, like wipers clean microbes, but also suppress pathogenic microflora when the eye is wetted with liquid it does not dry out and sees better. A small liquid layer significantly improves vision.

 You probably noticed if, for example, plexiglass is in scratches, but if you pour water on it, it will again become transparent, or you probably noticed a stone in the water you found in the sea

A stone is so bright and shiny, but as soon as it dries, it becomes fades because this shiny effect also gives a blinking

You need to learn to blink every second to maintain and improve your vision. Modern people, when looking at the phone, look at the computer. Their eyes stick in one position and do not blink. It strains the eyes and leads to retinal fatigue.

 Blinking works better when the eye is actively looking near and far. I will tell you now blinking relaxing exercises.

Healing Blinking Eye Exercises

1 You will learn to blink. You look at what you are doing. We looked to the right and blinked to the left blinked. looked up and blinked.

2 Exercise. For example, you walk down the street and blink 100 times with each step.

3 Blink for each breath – 1 blink for each inhale and 1 for each exhalation. 50 – 100 times.

One of the most important skills is to look where the tip of your nose is looking. That is; first, you turn your nose and look there, and this makes vision easier. It makes vision more relaxed.

You need to learn not to pump up the eye muscles, but you need to learn how to relax and stretch eye muscles because it is the relaxation of the eyes that leads to clear vision.

Be sure to look along the visual trajectory and blink as soon as you accustom your eyes to blinking. Your eyes will stop straining because you will remove constant tension further. Even if you have a myopic eye, the tension will not grow further and gradually. On the contrary, it will disappear and begin to recover.

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