Astigmatism Treatment eye exercise: A Complete Guide to Improved Vision

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astigmatism treatment eye exercise

Your eyesight can get better, and you can improve your eyesight naturally, too. In this article, I would like to share with you how to heal astigmatism naturally. This exercise is good for hyperopia treatment also.

Say Goodbye to Astigmatism: Simple Steps to a Clearer Vision

The main cause of astigmatism is uneven overexertion of the eye muscle. For example, if we are lying on the side and watching TV, or we look down at the phone for a long time. Our lower straight eye muscles tense and pull the eyeball down more than the other eye muscles. Double vision appears, which is Astigmatism.

To heal astigmatism naturally, we need to stabilize eye muscles with relaxation and light stretching. We closed our eyes for 10 seconds and gave rest. Stretching of relaxed eye muscles is much more efficient.

Astigmatism treatment eye exercise

Astigmatism treatment eye exercise

We look up very softly, moving our eyes up until we feel the slightest tension, and stop. You need to feel how lower eye muscles begin to stretch a little and all clamps and tension are gone from the lower rectus eye muscle. We look up for about 5 seconds. Then we close our eyes and wait until our eyes go back to the central position and relax for about 5 seconds.

We look to the left for about 5 seconds. It must be relaxed eye movement without eye strain. As soon as the slightest tension, you stop. We move our eyes a little. So the left rectus muscles of our eyes contract, and the right eye muscle stretches at this moment. Then we close our eyes and wait until our eyes return to the central position and relax for about 5 seconds.

We look to the right for about 5 seconds. You need to feel how right-eye muscles contract and how left-eye muscles stretch a little and relieve all clamps and small spasms. Closing eyes and wait until your eyes return to the central position and relax for about 5 seconds.

The lower rectus eye muscle is overtrained in 99% of people so we are not looking down.

Relaxing our eyes for about 10 seconds with closed eyes.

We can stabilize our eye muscles by looking at the contour of the circle 1 circle clockwise and 1 counterclockwise.

Astigmatism treatment eye exercise is done. You need to relax your eyes and after 1 hour you can do light stretching eye exercises for myopia for example. After these exercises, it should be much easier to move your eyes. Just compare before and after exercise.

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