Eye exercises light stretching to reverse myopia naturally and improve eyesight

How to Improve Your Eyesight with Light Stretching Eye Exercises

Stretching Eye Exrcises to reverse myopia
Eye Muscle Stretching

Improve Your Eyesight with Light Stretching Eye Exercises. This technique is good for any eye disease. These exercises can be used by people who have a big minus, some who have a big plus, those with glaucoma, who have cataracts, etc. This technique is quite easy. It is soft and very, very effective.

Light stretching technique to improve your eyesight

 To Improve Your Eyesight with light stretching eye exercises. Very simply move your eyes to the right, but as soon as you feel light, muscle tension stops. The right eye muscles tense a little, and the muscle on the left side, in this case, is stretched a little as soon as it happens. Here is a little bit of beginning tension you stopped in this position.

And we hold our eyes while the eyelids are closed. The exercise is done under closed eyelids. We moved and held and started counting, holding in this position 1 2 3 for about a count of 10. You will feel that all tension has passed because other eye muscles help these tense muscles to work.

Let go of this tension. Just relax your eyes, and the eye will be back by itself in a central position. Because the muscles are used to holding it that way.

You move your eyes to the opposite side, and as soon as light tension has also occurred, this is the very beginning. As soon as you feel light tension, you stop in this position. And count up to 10 the same thing happens. Some relaxation occurred, and you let go of your eyes to the central position.

 You will feel significant relief because eye muscles, on one side, relaxed on the other mobilize. At the same time, if they were spasmodic as with myopia and hyperopia or any other diseases, they did not overstrain, relaxed, and received movement very effectively.

Eye Exercise Stretching Eye Muscles

Astigmatism treatment eye exercises

Move your eyes up and just as soon as the first tension occurs, hold in this position until 10 and gently release. And your eyes themselves reach the central position.

Everything is done under closed eyelids, upper eye muscles tensed and the lower ones stretched a little. Feel the relaxation that comes after this conscious but small controlled hold. You count one or two, and each time you can pronounce additionally give yourself the installation to relax even more. And at 10 they are completely relaxed.

Relaxation begins to spread over you. It captures the entire face, the entire neck, and literally all of the body. All our muscles are interconnected. Everything and the muscles of the eyes are interconnected with the muscles of the face with the muscles of the neck, everything is all included in a single process, and thus you relax your whole body

How to Improve Your Eyesight with Light Stretching Eye Exercises

Discover the Magic of Light Eye Exercises for Improved Eyesight

I recommend under closed eyelids, rotating the eyes in a circle very lightly in one direction and to the other side to stabilize the eye muscles.

We open our eyes very softly.

Moving the eyes to the right, then to the center, eye moving to the left to the center, movement upward to the center, and circular rotation of the eyes, this exercise is most suitable for the treatment of astigmatism. It is also an exercise for the treatment of farsightedness.

Revitalize Your Vision with Myopia treatment eye exercise

Discover the Magic of Light Eye Exercises for Improved Eyesight

Myopia treatment eye exercise is a  little different but very similar. Now we just move our eyes diagonally from the left up for about 10 seconds, look, relax our eyes, and wait for the eyes to return to the center. to the right down until you feel slight tension, hold for about 10 seconds, relax, and wait for the eyes to return to the center and

You can relax a little for about 10 seconds, sit and do a slight stretch to the right up for about 10 seconds, and wait for the eyes to return to the center

to the left down for about 10 seconds, feel a slight tension, and wait for the eyes to return to the center.

Learn new visual behavior in general, hold up to 10, then let go of the eyes automatically, about 2345 approximately Eyes come to the central position due to the stabilization of the eye muscles.

This is one workout for the myopia treatment.

In the end, you can stabilize the work of the muscles by circular rotation of the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise.

All movements are soft. After this exercise, it becomes easier to move the eyes.

Eye Exercises for astigmatism healing

For astigmatism, I recommend doing up then to the center, right then to the center, left and to the center, and also circular rotations 1 clockwise and counterclockwise.

The complete complex to Improve Your Eyesight with light stretching eye exercises

will be very good, and you do this set about three times a day, relax your eyes well before training and after training. Since the eye muscles can get out of spasm just during relaxation.

Light stretching eye exercises

Light stretching exercises very quickly and very effectively help in the future to control visual behavior and to control our eyes, something that no one has taught us, and gives a very, very quick and effective result

For at least 3 months, you need to learn this first and train. Then it will give results while you master it. It will take time now. You need to get into the habit of doing it quickly and efficiently.

It will take about 3 months, maybe a little more, and then vision will automatically improve in case of any disease.

Whenever completing an exercise, I recommend doing eye relaxation palming, for example.

 You can find a video on how to do palming on my channel. Palming can also be done very fast in 5-10 seconds. Well, to make it effective in five to ten seconds, you first need to learn how to do and practice palming for several months.

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Tips for Effective Practice

  • Practice these exercises regularly, ideally daily, for the best results.
  • Ensure you’re in a comfortable position and that your breathing is relaxed to maximize the benefits.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, consult with your eye care professional about performing these exercises.


Incorporating light stretching eye exercises into your daily routine can significantly benefit your eye health, offering a simple and effective way to combat the strains of modern life. By dedicating just a few minutes each day to these exercises, you can help keep your eyes healthy, focused, and well-rested.

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