Sunning by bates to renew retina

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision

The Benefits of Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision by Bates. Sunning is a natural method that can improve retinal health and enhance vision. We need Our eyes to receive and process light. However, the modern lifestyle often keeps us indoors, exposing us to artificial light sources.

Retinal renewal for better vision

Retinal health is essential for maintaining clear vision. The retina is a layer of tissue at the back of the eye that contains cells called photoreceptors. These cells respond to light and convert it into electrical signals that travel to the brain, interpreted as visual information. Over time, exposure to blue light from electronic devices, and screens. Artificial lighting can damage these cells, leading to vision problems. Sunning helps to get rid of old retinal cells and regenerate new healthy ones.

Sunning precaution: Don`t look directly at the sun

Not a single person in their right mind would not look directly at the sun, as this could lead to severe eye damage. However, a brief and very careful look at the side of the sun is safe enough.

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision

Most people are day persons, and the retina of the eyes works better in daylight. Without sunlight, the retina gradually adapts to this and becomes pathologically hypersensitive even to the most common illumination.

How to heal photophobia with Sunning

This hypersensitivity to light, or photophobia, is not only a defect in itself. But also a sign of some kind of disturbance in the visual system. Almost all cases of photophobia are acquired because most people spend most of their lives indoors. You can cure photophobia, and the eye gets rid of significant stress, improving its functioning.

How to Do Sunning by Bates

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision. The eye Exercise designed by Bates is called “sunning,” when a person looks at the sun through closed eyelids. The retina gradually gets used to brighter light until the moment comes when the eye can function normally in light. Warmly the sun and the healing properties of its rays increase the positive effect on eye health and on a person’s ability to relax them.

You need to start the exercise for a few seconds. Then close your eyes with your hands and wait until the afterimage disappears. The exercise is repeated two or three times. Everyone, the next time, needs to slightly increase the time spent in the sun and add one more repetition. Over several weeks or months, the total time of stay must be brought in the sun up to 20 minutes. It so happens that a person cannot look at the sun with his eyes closed at all. So it is a necessary choice the exercise the lightest part of the sky that you can look at. Next time move your gaze a little closer to the sun and look at this area with closed eyes if the sky is too bright.

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision with Artificial Light

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision with Artificial Light

You can start with artificial light, gradually bringing the gaze closer to the lamp. Until it becomes clear that it is already possible to go outside. If desired, sunning can be performed two to three times a day. If there is no sun outside, artificial light can also be used. A regular lamp or lantern will work. with a mirror reflector. Do not use fluorescent lamps for sunning and infrared and ultraviolet lamps are absolutely not suitable.

Sunning for Retina Renewal and Improved Vision is done like this. You need to sit down so that the lamp is at eye level and at a comfortable distance. At each subsequent lesson, they move a little closer to her. Until her brightness through closed eyelids does not come close to the sun’s brightness. Another option: put the lamp behind your back, tilting it so it is reflected in the mirror on your knees.

This option is not recommended for outdoor sunning. Since the properties of reflected solar rays differ from those of direct rays. Regardless of where the sunning is performed, outdoors or indoors. You need to slightly move your head so that the light is evenly distributed over the retinas. The easiest way is to achieve this by turning your head from side to side ninety degrees or slightly more. In this case, the turnaround time in each direction should take 7-10 seconds. Can replace the movement with shaking the head, while every few movements change direction to the opposite.

Sunning performance tips: Feel the sun

During the execution of sunning, the person should feel the sensation of a pleasant nap, filled with warm light passing through the eyelids. This sensation spreads through the body but will not fill it completely. If, during the exercise, a person feels discomfort or any other inconvenience, the lesson should be stopped. Some descriptions of the Bates method mention a more advanced exercise, where the eyes are open, and the sun hits the retina directly.

One-eye sunning exercises to get better vision

At the same time, the sun can be substituted with only one eye. The other must be covered with a hand. Turn your head quickly to the sun slipped along the retina (turning the head should take only a couple of seconds). After that, blink as quickly as possible. Then repeat the exercise with the other eye, close your eyes, cover them with your hands, and wait until after the images disappear.

Sunning with open eyes is useful for those who have reached the final stages of training in the Bates method, as it removes the last traces of photophobia. But in a normal situation, it doing it is not noticeably more beneficial than sunning with your eyes closed. Moreover, it can cause eye strain. Therefore, it is better to refuse it, or at least not start with it. In any case, it must be done carefully and not too often. Sunning can generally be performed at any time when there is such an opportunity.

It is advisable to avoid wearing sunglasses. After completing the training on the method Bates, the need to use them may disappear altogether. It won’t necessarily happen, but this is quite possible. And in any case, you should choose glasses with high-quality lenses. Cheap sunglasses are not able to protect the eyes well from ultraviolet radiation.

Eliminate squinting to get better eyesight

The habit of squinting or grimacing, which often accompanies photophobia, can persist even after photophobia disappears. You need to get rid of it deliberately. This is especially true for women because narrowed eyes contribute to the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Sunning should improve daytime vision. But it’s worth considering night vision as well. For this, from time to time, you can shift the inclusion of artificial light by a quarter or even half an hour. You don’t have to try to make out everything in detail in this twilight. It’s useless and will create tension. We need to relax and try to perceive our surroundings. You can even look not at the object but slightly to the side of it. This light will fall not on the macula but on the area of the retina where the number of rods exceeds the number of cones.

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