how to heal eyes with the sun

How to Renew Your Eyes’ Retina with Sunning Naturally

How to renew your eye retina with Sunning? Hello everybody. I would like to talk about sunning and the benefits of sunlight for our eyes.

How to Renew Your Eyes' Retina with Sunning Naturally

Sunlight to renew your eyes

It is from ancient times known that human represents “materialized sunlight”. Or “Manifested trail of light” since our whole life depends on the sun. This is what said, Mantak Chia and Robert Levandoski. I agree with the statement that we would all have a hard time without the healing effect of the sun’s color on the retina of our eyes.

Revitalize Your Vision: A Guide to Sunning for Eye Renewal

Besides the fact that the sun is a natural source of vitamin D for the health of our skin and eyes. Sunlight supplies all our organs and systems with the colors that are in its spectrum. On the beneficial effects of sunlight on the eyes, the interaction of the heavenly body and the organs of vision is more than enough. So, even in the Bible, it was said: “The sun is both food and drink for the eyes “. As well as:” The light is sweet and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun “

how to heal eyes with the sun

Bright Eyes: The Science and Art of Sunning for Renewal

Even the medical encyclopedia defines the eyes as “the organ of vision, perceiving light stimuli “. To make sure of the decisive role of light for the eyes. It is enough to place people with different eyesight into absolute darkness. Agree that regardless of the degree of visual pathology, all participants in the experiment will be equally blind.

How to Heal Your Eyes with Sunning

How to renew your eyes with Sunning

On the healing properties of light and the practice of using solar therapy, The ancient Greeks also left their records. Their city is Heliopolis (“city of Sun “) was famous throughout the world for its healing temples, in which light was used to treat people. There is evidence of the therapeutic use of spectral components of light – the colors of the rainbow and in Ancient Egypt.

Sunning Secrets: Rejuvenating Your Eyes for Clarity and Vitality

Among modern scientists who have studied the effect of light on living organisms, was the American D. Steepler. He proceeded from the fact that all life on Earth exists thanks to sunlight. Then the light is more than a source of heat and food. Becoming a follower of Steepler, an American psychologist, and doctor of the clinic in Colorado State Jacob Lieberman began to use light in his medical practice. For 30 years of work, he managed to cure cancer, eye and cardiovascular, and other diseases of more than 15,000 people.

How to renew your eyes with eye training course Eyesight Academy

How to renew your eyes with eye training course Eyesight Academy

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Sun healing effect on the eyes

The eyes are the window of our body. We used to think that the eyes have only one function – vision. Most people do not know about their other amazing purpose – to be “Windows” through which light enters our body. Dr. Lieberman claims that by passing along the optic nerve, the light beam is bifurcated.

One impulse goes to a section of the brain, where the visual image is directly created. Another falls into the hypothalamus is the most important part of the brain, associated primarily with the nervous and endocrine systems. It is thanks to the hypothalamus that it beats the heart, blood pressure is maintained at a certain level, and Body temperature. He allows us to experience joy, fear, hunger, etc. Inside the hypothalamus is a biconcave lens – the pineal gland. Passing through this lens, the light is decomposed into the colors of the solar spectrum. And is distributed throughout the internal organs and systems of the body.

Sun Therapy for Eyes: Renewing Vision Naturally

It is believed that it is precisely the lack of certain colors of the spectrum within an organism that leads to the development of certain diseases. Since the lack of light causes disease. It means that with the help of saturation, they can be cured by light! So Professor decided and develop the technology, that returned people to the ranks when all the doctors put an end to them. Eye diseases are especially successfully treated with light, and there is much scientific evidence. At the beginning of the 20th century, a German doctor from Bonn G. Meyer-Schwickerat reported at the International Congress of Ophthalmologists in New York that patients with serious eye conditions succeed and achieve recovery by simply looking at the sun during sunset.

Ultraviolet for eyes

Why are we facing a viral trend today with sunglasses? Why are people looking forward to fine sunny days, heat, and summer, After waiting for them, they immediately fasten on the nose dark glasses. This trend appeared not so long ago, literally several decades back – remember the famous movies. It was enough for an actor ” to put on the nose black glasses and pick up a cane. As others were already beginning to accept it for the blind and rushed to his aid.

A Holistic Approach to Eye Renewal

What is the reason for this change in people’s attitude to the sun? Why do people suddenly begin to hide from it? I hear a variety of versions: harmful ultraviolet, the need to hide a bad conscience. Protect yourself from wrinkles or get rid of discomfort caused by bright light, photophobia, and fashion.

In this case, the version about harmfulness sounds especially unconvincing ultraviolet radiation. Although it seems to many to be the most valid reason for the fascination with dark glasses. According to this statement, the body which for millions of years has successfully adapted to any solar influence. Suddenly became unable to resist it without the doubtful charm of sunglasses. Our dim-witted ancestors got along fine without them. Just knowing that in the eyes of all living things. There is a wonderful mechanism – the pupil. Which in the bright sun tapers with the help of the iris muscle and perfectly protects us from excess sunlight.

Visual system restoration with the sun

The iris is also involved in the adaptation of the visual system to light so that the focus of the rays falls clearly on the retina. Thus, the iris regulates the amount of light coming to the retina and prevents blindness of the eyes by narrowing or dilating our pupils.

We can conclude that the sun and the sun’s rays are very useful for our eyes, the restoration of good vision, and for our entire body as a whole, sunlight is simply necessary.

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