eye care tips to boost your vision

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision Naturally

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision Naturally

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision Naturally. Hello everybody, and welcome to Sviaton.com. Here are the best tips on how to help your eyes to improve eyesight naturally during the day. Power of thoughts and words. Working with the exercise book is a very important part of improving vision.

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision during the Day

1 During the day, to improve vision, find 5-10 minutes to stay in the sun. And get a healing effect from sunning wherever possible and give rest to your eyes. If your eyes get tired just close them for 10 seconds to reduce eye strain. Blink as often as you can to improve your eye health.

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision Naturally

2 Stretch the muscles of the eyes with light eye exercises from previous articles. Let me remind you that we can do eye exercises at any time. During telephone conversations, working at a computer, reading good time to train eyes. As well as walking and watching TV. That is, in-between times!

3 In order not to forget about eye training sessions. Place bright reminder cards: on the phone, on the TV, on the desktop, on the mirror in the bathroom, above the table, etc. Also, bookmarks in books and memos are in the front of the car.

Gradually, you will get used to performing certain skills to maintain your eye health and vision. And start doing them automatically. And then the only thing that will require you some time and small effort is keeping notes in the exercise book before bedtime. This is very important on the way to achieving your goal. This is the essence of the method and the main condition of the success of people in the natural restoration of vision.

Improve eyesight with the power of thought

The huge importance of mindset for health began to be recognized today by representatives of official medicine. Even in popular TV shows about health. Broadcasted daily on TV channels declared: the power of thoughts can cure even cancer of some stages.

In one of the shows, a young man asked the doctor the question of the possibility of thought power in the treatment of some diseases. I expected the guy to be ridiculed. But the doctor paused and suddenly said: “I am in, I believe! ” Perhaps a rich medical experience, long-term work in the United States. And a number of other countries helped doctors to make such a bold statement. In any way, the popular presenter didn’t just give hope to millions of viewers. And also clearly explained his position in this way: “I used to be skeptical myself about talking about the placebo effect.

Clear vision mindset for Healthy Eyes

Clear vision mindset for Healthy Eyes

I read the studies and realized that pacifiers are treated in 40% of cases. No medicine gives such a result, not to mention side effects. And if to use strong medicine, which helps immune cells to determine where the enemy is. Then why can the body not do it with the power of thought?

Ask any doctor how many cases when the patient survived in some miraculous way, without having to do this when was not given even the slightest chance from a medical point of view. It is a lot. 

Restoration of vision in a natural way is not just a set of exercises, massage, lotions, baths, etc. In the first place in getting rid of any disease is, I believe, the head, that is, our attitudes, views, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions.

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Eye training course Eyesight Academy to Enhance Vision

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Vision improvement

Eyesight depends on us on whether we take the position of the poor, unhappy, helpless sick, or thinking, strong and confident person who understands that the body can be helped in any, even the most difficult situation. You just need to get rid of false views and beliefs and form correct, healthy, and necessary beliefs and attitudes. And to them already add well-chosen exercises, baths, dynamic relaxation, massage, and other particulars that the eyes and the body will gratefully perceive. That is how I choose methods of restoration of vision in the first place, helping any person quickly and effectively eliminate false stereotypes and dangerous attitudes.

In order to understand the natural vision recovery process, one of the steps is to keep notes in a notebook for vision correction. And the most frequent reason for failures after exercises is an unwillingness to work with the exercise book.

Best Eye Care Tips to Boost Your Vision Naturally

The effectiveness of the eyesight improvement method stands on three pillars:

1 Competent, reasoned, truthful, consistent information on the problem of interest

2 Work to overcome bad vision habits – psychological method and immersion in the problem;

3 Keeping notes and checklists in a book before bed and using different techniques during the day.

It is believed that 90+ percent of people’s success is achieved precisely with the help of the last point. Therefore, working with an exercise book is the most important condition for a one hundred percent guarantee of a positive result. My rich practical experience leaves no doubt: real and long-term results were mainly obtained by those who conducted well during and after exercises.

According to the author of the method Doctor Shichko, keeping a diary before going to bed and performing mindsets will help in the morning. Exactly in the ” subconscious” state, you can really control your mind, influence your own needs, to form habits and behavior.

Exercise Book to Boost Your Vision Naturally

The exercise book is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to a short report: what happened, what techniques and exercises were performed, and whether irritability appeared during the day. These and other points require a person to work out what needed to be done during the day and analyze it. The first part of the diary ends with an item called “assessment of the day” – in it you need a five-point system to assess their basic actions and states.

But the main point of the diary lies in the last three points. Most simple and familiar to many – the program for tomorrow. Who are the business people who did not make a to-do list for tomorrow, with satisfaction, then marked the completed items? It is worth painting this elementary schedule by the hour – and everything goes like clockwork.

How to Achieve Clearer Vision Improvement with Effective Eye Care Notes

How to Achieve Clearer Vision Improvement with Effective Eye Care Notes

If you are too lazy to sketch a plan – and all day drowning in chaos, bustle, and routine. At one time, I took an expensive seminar with an American star of psychology entitled “Effective time management “. As a result, I once again became convinced that all the problems of losers lie in the inability to plan their time properly. Not separating in the hustle and bustle of the day your main, priority goals from secondary ones.

We sometimes spend our whole life on endless solutions to small problems, never reaching the implementation of the main tasks. If you have already decided to take care of your own eyes, find time for this task, recognize it as a priority, and put it on Top.

Plan your eye care activities for better results

You don’t need to quit all other things at all: just write in your diary must-have eye care activities. And don’t just agree to wake up by all the rules, including yourself and your eyes, into work, but write about it in your diary, describing tasks for tomorrow and thinking about what to insert from vision improvement programs. I am sure that the minutes spent on such a plan will save you hours of time the next day and teach you to be more organized and effective in your life!

Thanks for reading to the end. Today, we repeated the How to help your eyes during the Day summary, talked about the power of thoughts and words, and about the importance of the exercise book. Subscribe to my channel, and hopefully will see you again.

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