How to boost eyesight with eye stretching and yawning

How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching, Yawning, and Squinting Eye Exercises

How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching, Yawning and Squinting Eye Exercises

How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching, Yawning, and Squinting Eye Exercises. In this blog post, I would like to explain stretching, yawning, and squinting exercises. “Ears on the crown” exercise, finger in front of the nose exercise, and morning palming. Important for natural eyesight improvement.

How to Boost Your Vision with Morning Eye Care

The recommendations are borrowed from the book. “Get rid of glasses by the Bates method.” It’s amazing that being a professional ophthalmologist, Dr. Bates realized this 100 years ago. What is the meaning of correct awakening for the eyes?

How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching, Yawning and Squinting Eye Exercises

In this topic, the American doctor proved himself as a systems specialist, the perceiving human body as a whole. As Bates himself wrote in his book, “Many people complain that their eyes in the morning are still sleepy. And an hour passes or more before it is possible to make their fully usable”. This condition is caused by the fact that the eyes of many people in a dream. Sometimes strain more than during wakefulness. In association with these, we need to bring the eyes into working conditions. For a very long time, cheering ourselves up with various exercises.

Meanwhile, only 5-10 minutes is enough to bring both the body and the eyes. And the brain will be in an active working state. Just a few minutes that a person usually spends anyway in bed, already awake.

The Benefits of Stretching for Strain Relief and Recovery

How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching? Stretch well while lying in bed, stretching first one half of the body, then the other. To do this, stretch up to one hand, pulling down the same leg at the same time Then repeat everything with the other side of the body. Do this several times and then pull upwards both hands at once and downwards – both legs. Pull the toes out yourself first, then pull back your heels, pointing your toes.

Stretching in Different Directions to Heal Your Muscles

Simultaneously pull your right arm up and your left leg down, and vice versa. After that, roll from side to side several times. Breathe deeply and rhythmically as you do this. What does this stretching give us? The fact is that in a dream we are not capable of controlling the position of our body. Someone sleeps on its side, someone on the stomach or curled up. For this reason, a person’s full blood circulation is disturbed, some muscles and organs, and stagnation is formed in the tissues. Turning on your back and stretching well, you put in place the muscles of the whole body and limbs. And rolling from side to side, especially on hard surfaces, makes a wonderful back massage and enhances blood circulation throughout the body.

Yawning and Squinting Eye Exercises to Boost Your Vision

Yawning and Squinting Eye Exercises to Boost Your Vision

How to Boost Your Vision with Yawning. Open your eyes and mouth wide while making a sound like long lingering AAA. Repeat the exercise 4 times, yawning with relish. You can connect pulling and yawning together on awakening. Saw how much your pets stretch and bend back and paws, wide-open mouth? We need to take an example from them, especially since many people sleep, clenching their jaws and even creaking teeth in a dream.

How to Boost Your Vision with yawning and squinting exercise. To relax the muscles of the jaws and face, it is recommended widely and loudly yawn in the morning. Close your eyes tightly for 3-4 seconds 3 times, and then do 12 light blinks. This is the easiest and most beneficial way to increase blood circulation in the eyes. Squinting and blinking also help to clear the eyes of everything accumulated overnight, and also make it possible to quickly turn on the muscles of the eyes and eyelids to work. Remember how much and how often we have to blink during the day so that our eyes are less tired of visual work.

Eye exercise “Ears on the forehead”

Raise your eyebrows several times to achieve the sensation movements in the upper part of the ears, at the level of the forehead. This is a well-known exercise for the eyebrows, especially useful after a night of inactivity. It will help to remove a feeling of heaviness in the eyebrows, which appears with constant eye strain. Such eyebrow movements have a beneficial effect on vision and appearance: your face will change when the tension leaves you.

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Eye exercise with a finger in front of the nose to Boost Your Vision

Place your finger in front of the nose eye exercise while still in bed, and make finger twists 20-30 times. Place your index finger in front of the bridge of your nose and do 3-4 turning now with closed and then with open eyes. As a result, you will finally wake up and get rid of the congestion in the neck and head. Pursuing the illusion of movement finger, you will relieve tension not only from the eyes but also literally from every part of the body.

3 options for doing finger in front of the nose exercise

1. Keep your finger in front of your nose at eye level and gently turn your head from side to side while looking past your finger until the illusion appears that the finger is moving.

2. The illusion of finger movement can be achieved even faster if put the base of your finger to the tip of the nose and make three turns heads with closed eyes and three with open. The finger at the same time stays in place, we just lightly brush it with the tip of the nose when moving.

3. Hold your palm with fingers spread out in front of your eyes and turn your head, then close, then open your eyes, while looking through your fingers, as though through holes in a fence. Exercises are performed 30-60 times in the morning and in the evening, as well as when the eyes get tired. In all cases, we do not “stick with our eyes” to the finger, just a glance at the objects “passing” by us. It is best to do these exercises while lying in bed. Driving the back of your head on the pillow, we are guaranteed to relieve tension from the neck and we massage the back of the head – the zone of our visual analyzers.

Summary of How to Boost Your Vision with Stretching, Yawning, and Squinting Eye Exercises

You can do any exercise you like, you can use a pen, candle, or another object instead of fingers, holding it in front of the nose at eye level. The main thing is to get the feeling that the finger moves, and at the same time remain in a comfortable, relaxed condition.

What is it for? The fact is that with such monotonous movements subject before the eyes, their relaxation occurs at the level of the nervous retinal tissue. To see clearly, the cells of our retina make frequent saccadic movements as if scanning objects around. These small movements are so fast that the desired speed is consciously achieved mobility is impossible. Problems with the speed of micro-movements at the cell level retinas arise precisely in people with poor vision, whose eyes are in a constant stress state. So, when you achieve the illusion of a finger movement or hands in the opposite direction from turning the head, the speed of the movement of the retinal nerves will be 70-120 times per second we need.

The Benefits of Relaxation for Your Vision and Eye Health

The same happens with the imaginary swinging of the hand before your eyes. Use this technique as often as possible, because it perfectly shoots tension not only from the eyes, face, and neck but literally from every cell of our body – as Bates states in his book. This technique is an excellent prevention of cervical osteochondrosis and an excellent remedy for headaches. Make sure that the chin moved strictly in one line and stretched as much as possible to the shoulder.

To relieve headaches, you need to not do 30-40 movements and perform turns from 5 to 15 minutes. Do not forget only about the correct posture, and free breathing, and remember: if you are slightly nauseous or dizzy, it means that you begin to stick your eyes to your finger. The best way to relieve this discomfort is alternately closing and opening the eyes every 3-4 turns. The finger immediately moves in the opposite direction from the turn of the head direction, and nausea will soon pass.

Palming to Boost Your Vision by Relaxing

Lying on your back, place a pillow under your elbows and swipe palming. Five minutes of palming will help you take off the night tension and give yourself another, already more detailed installation on your day, and also feel more refreshed, and ready to work in throughout the day. Some people wonder, Why give rest to the eyes in the morning if they had all night had a rest? I think Bates advises doing this relaxing exercise when we wake up feeling sore and gritty in the eyes. This happens if we work a lot at the computer the day before, read, write, or watch television. Morning palming just a little will support the eyes in front of new loads on them. Uncomfortable sensations are in the eyes, and when we do not get enough sleep or have terrible dreams. Closing your eyes with your palms, you can calm down and give yourself a little more rest. The main thing is not to fall asleep in palming again as this happens sometimes to some people.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned How important to start a new day, about stretching, yawning, squinting finger twists exercise, and morning palming. I hope it will help you. Subscribe to my channel for more great benefits and will see you again.

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