Bates Method to Overcome Myopia and Farsightedness

Bates Method to Overcome Myopia and Farsightedness

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Bates Method to Overcome Myopia and Farsightedness. Hello everybody and welcome to My name is Sviatoslav and today we will talk about nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) by Bates and natural vision improvement with exercises and relaxation techniques.

Bates Method to Overcome Myopia and Farsightedness
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    Myopia by Bates: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions by Bates

    Bates found a reason for the nearsightedness of some people. These are, as a rule, physical, mental, and visual stress, and overexertion. When inferior oblique and superior oblique muscles tense and squeeze the eye, the eye is pulled forward, but these muscles do not relax back. Such people, with outstretched eyes, he called them short-sighted or nearsighted.

    How to prevent Kid’s Myopia Example Explained

    Well, a typical example of the onset of myopia in children. A child spent five lessons at school. He was sitting, looking at a book, in a notebook, his oblique muscles were tense and his eyes were extended forward. He returned home from school and again for lessons. Again the muscles are tense, the eyes are extended forward again. At the same time, Daddy also walked from behind and pushed: “Come on, come on, teach, now we will check.” And a child, from this prolonged eye strain, stress, and fear, the oblique muscles of the eyes are pinched and do not relax back.

    The parents suddenly notice that the child sees well up close, but in the distance, he does not see. He starts squinting and not recognizing something. Parents take this unfortunate child to an eye doctor, who shows him a test chart from five meters, and he only sees the upper letters. Now it is clear that the child has myopia. And the first minus glasses in his life on his nose.

    But as soon as minus glasses are hung on a short-sighted person’s nose, be sure: these oblique muscles will never relax by themselves. Glasses will not let them relax. Because if they begin to relax under the glasses, they will see worse with the glasses. Moreover, with some new visual loads, and stresses, these muscles can be clamped harder and harder, and the eye stretches forward more and more, stronger, and bad story with glasses begins minus one, one and a half, minus two, minus three.

    How to Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness by Bates

    Bates Method to Overcome Myopia. Dr. Bates offers a simple scheme for the natural restoration of vision with myopia. Namely: it is possible to abandon glasses as much as possible, or temporarily at least replace them with weaker ones and with the help of simple special exercises. Eyeball tension by the inferior oblique and superior oblique muscles needs to be relaxed. With the help of simple exercises superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, and lateral rectus, these weakened muscles need to be trained. And the vision of a short-sighted person will be restored.

    Get rid of spectacles to avoid ruining your sight

    The first harm that glasses do is that they prevent the inferior oblique and superior oblique muscles of the eyes from working. Glasses work instead of them. A short-sighted person, to see into the distance, needs to relax the oblique muscles, and they put on glasses minus two. He sees everything in them perfectly, you don’t even need to try to relax these muscles.

    But the second harm that glasses do – not less, but, unfortunately, much more, is that glasses immobilize a person’s eyes. A person who does not wear glasses constantly moves his eyes – up, down, right, left. His longitudinal muscles are constantly working, and the eye turns back and forth. These muscles are perfectly developed, in excellent tone, and in working condition.

    As soon as a person puts on glasses on his eyes, he begins to twist not with his eyes, but with his neck. His eyes are motionless in their sockets. Since the eyes in the sockets are motionless, the straight rectus muscles of the eyes do not work. And in humans, those muscle groups that do not work, atrophy very quickly, begin to degrade, and may even atrophy altogether.

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    Bates Method to Overcome Farsightedness

    In a lot of people, with age, due to lack of training, the work of the oblique muscles of the eyes weakens. By the way, having lived in the world for 33 years, I have not heard anywhere that with spectacles vision and eye health got better.

    So for many people, due to the lack of training, the work of the oblique muscles of the eyes begins to weaken. And with time the straight muscles begin to strain quite strongly and spasms. As a result, the eye still has the shape of a ball, the focus of the lens is on the retina, and classic farsighted people can see perfectly in the distance.

    Bates Method Success Stories: Myopia and Farsightedness Reversed

    But you have to see something up close also. To see up close, you need to squeeze the eye and pull it forward. But spasmed superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, lateral rectus muscles, do not let the oblique muscles squeeze eyes and stretch out eyeballs forward. Oblique muscles do not have enough power.

    But if you put plus glasses on a farsighted person, then oblique muscles will very soon stop working altogether. Because a farsighted person in plus glasses does not need the oblique muscles of the eyes to work. And glasses work Instead.

    Bates Method to Heal Farsightedness without Glasses or Surgery

    Bates offers a straightforward scheme for the natural restoration of vision to overcome farsightedness. Namely: it is possible to abandon glasses as soon as possible, or temporarily at least replace them with weaker ones. With the help of simple special exercises, these tense straight rectus muscles must be relaxed. With the help of other similar simple exercises, the weakened oblique muscles must be trained. And the human eye will again begin to work well. Shrink, stretch forward, see close, go back, become a round ball, and see well into the distance.

    With farsightedness the eyeball becomes flat. And the focus goes behind the retina of the eye. People with flat eyes, already do not see into the distance without glasses without positive glasses. For example, they wear glasses plus one and a half for distance, because plus one and a half returns the focus to the retina, and they read at plus three because, in order to read, you need to drive the focus inside the eye. Doctors call this visual disorder hyperopia, we call it complicated farsightedness, a flat eye.

    Bates Method to Overcome Crossed Eyes

    The third visual disorder that is corrected by the Bates method is called Strabismus or crossed eyes. The cause of strabismus is very simple. Usually as a result of fright or injury. At the moment of fright, some rectus muscle of the eye is strained. Well, for example, the internal lateral rectus muscle of the right eye is strained. And the outer, on the contrary, stretch. As a result, the left eye looks straight, and the right one squints inward.

    With light stretching eye exercises we can stretch spasmodic eye muscles and straighten eyes naturally.

    What does medicine offer for crossed eyes?

    The simple way is spectacles or surgery. Cut this stretched muscle, stretch the tense one, sew them, and turn the eye into place. Bates was against any surgery on the muscles of the eye. He offered a simple and understandable scheme for the natural elimination of strabismus. Namely: this internal tense rectus muscle must be relaxed (with the help of simple exercises), and with the help of other simple exercises, this weakened external muscle must be trained. And the muscles themselves put the eye in place.

    Thanks for reading to the end. Today we discussed. Bates Method to Overcome Myopia and Farsightedness and crossed eyes. and natural restoration of vision. I hope it was interesting for you and it will help. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: @Sviaton and will see you again.

    How did I get rid of a spasm of eye muscles?

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