how to blink correctly

How to blink correctly to enhance Eye Health

How to blink correctly? To blink correctly, we need to put two fingers on our temples and blink only using our eyelids muscles. And without the strain of eyebrows and other facial muscles. It is essential to learn the correct relaxing way of blinking. Blinking is the most harmless, simplest, and one of the most important exercises.

Blinking is a natural reflex that helps keep our eyes moist, clean, and comfortable. It also helps prevent eye fatigue and improve our focus.

How to blink correctly to enhance Eye Health

Blinking improves eye-focusing

Blinking helps our eyes to refocus from a close distance to a far distance and to relax our eyes. However, many of us blink incorrectly or not enough, especially when we use digital devices. This can lead to dry eyes, irritation, redness, and blurred vision.

Blink gently. Light and gentle blinking involves closing your eyelids completely and lightly touching your upper and lower lashes together. This helps spread a thin layer of tears over your eyes, lubricating and nourishing them. A gentle blink also prevents excessive pressure on your eyes, which can cause eye strain.

The muscle responsible for blinking, as well as the rest of the muscles of the eye, is the fastest muscle in our body. Blinking lasts about 100-150 milliseconds. That is, we can blink an average of 5 times per sec. By the way, not everyone knows that the blinking process is the most important for the full functioning of our eyes. Thanks to the blinking, our eyes are protected, cleaned, lubricated, moisturized, and cleansed. Blinking can cure dry eyes. But most importantly, blinking is the simplest and most effective rest.

Conscious Blinking Habits

Blink consciously. Sometimes we may forget to blink or blink too fast or too hard. This can affect our eye health and vision quality. To improve your blinking habits, you can practice conscious blinking. This means being aware of your blinking and making an effort to blink gently and frequently every second.

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