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How to heal dry eyes naturally without Eye Drops

Hello everybody welcome to Sviaton`s blog. In this post, you can get answers to the next question: How doctors can diagnose dry eyes? How do doctors recommend dry eye treatment? How to heal dry eyes naturally. Why it is dangerous to cure dry eyes with drops? Why are natural eye protectors better? The eyes are very sensitive organs. What are the top 5 causes of dry eyes? How to cure dry eyes in the best way naturally?

heal dry eyes

Dry eyes, which at first glance seems something not significant, can be the basis for many eye diseases such as myopia nearsightedness or hyperopia farsightedness, cataracts, or even retinal detachment because it can just be the initiator of these diseases.

Dry eyes test: How doctors can diagnose dry eyes?

1 To diagnose this syndrome, two main methods are used. The first method is special strips of paper that are applied to the eye and see how much tear fluid is released at the same time and how wet this piece of paper gets. That is, it is believed that from the volume of tear fluid, it is possible to determine whether there is dry eye syndrome or not … This is indirect

2 the second method for determining dry eye syndrome is to a specially colored medical liquid drops into the eye itself. And detect how long this liquid dries on the eye if it dries up in less than 4 seconds, then it is considered that there is also dry eye syndrome.

These methods do not give a 100 % result. But nevertheless, there are other more complex methods and it is usually enough to determine whether there is dry eye syndrome or not.

Dry eyes medical treatment

Basically, doctors recommend healing dry eyes with some drops. For different situations, different drops are needed. For example, some from a fungus, others from keratitis, and others from inflammation so that inflammation does not develop.

How to heal dry eyes naturally without Eye Drops

Why it is dangerous to cure dry eyes with drops?

When a tear substitute is instilled into the eyes, the body’s natural production of tear fluid is disturbed. This is called replacement therapy with artificial tears, which is much worse than the natural one excreted naturally.

As soon as a synthetic tear begins to drip, its own tear does not stand out. And it is very difficult for the eyes because a natural tear consists of several necessary components.

Natural eye fluids are the best treatment for dry eyes

1) Mucus layer

The first component is this mucus that is directly in contact with the cornea and repairs the eye and constantly monitors that it works normally and removes all sorts of toxins from the cornea. That is, it performs adaptive functions and participates in the process of the body’s natural defense reaction

2) Lacrimal layer

2 the second layer of the lacrimal layer is located above the first as if jelly, covered with moisture. So that the fatty layer does not dry out and so that the light is well refracted. And if the eyeball shape is somewhere uneven, this fatty layer levels out the surface. Then the light gets there where it needs to be the macula in the center of the retina, and a person can see well.

If the fat layer is disturbed, then the light will not hit the retina so clearly and a completely different composition will turn out. It will be some kind of blurry and fuzzy picture. Because some synthetic liquids cannot achieve such a magnificent quality as natural.

 It`s like a part of the body. For example, a hand is changed into an iron one and it will not be as good as real.

Sensitive eyes: Eyes are the most sensitive organ in a body

Eyes are very sensitive. On the surface of our eye, there is a huge number of sensitive cells. The density of which is 100 times greater than on our palm, for example, so that the eye can feel external changes around us. And all this is in a complex with a fatty layer and a central tear fluid.

This is not a tear that comes out when a person cries. It is a completely different liquid of which a very small amount is produced per day, very little.

Natural healing eye protection

Our body produces a healing liquid and it contains natural antibiotics. Which is a very useful liquid that protects our eyes from thousands of various problems and fights against fungi and viruses that get in. That’s why there are so many sensitive endings in the eye. So that if something suddenly changes, then our eyes can react and produce an antibacterial fluid that can protect our eyes and heal dry eyes very efficiently. Unfortunately, some people wash off these beneficial secretions with teardrops and natural lubricating and antibacterial fluids stop secreting.

In a normal state, our eyes also secrete liquids that protect against ultraviolet radiation in the sun. Special substances that protect our retina from fading.

When using artificial drops, this also does not stand out. It turns out that the eye is not cleared, and there is no good focus. And the retina can burn out badly.

What can cause dry eyes Top 5 dry eyes causes

What can cause dry eyes: Top 5 dry eyes causes

1) Dry eyes caused by Alcohol

1 cause for example, after hard work in the evening, a person drank alcohol, everyone knows that alcohol washes and dissolves the fat layers in a body, such a glass cleaner because alcohol dissolves the fat and these fatty layers.

The layer will not be normal, it will immediately evaporate quickly. The eyes will dry out and feel discomfort, which is why in the morning the eyes are red precisely after drinking alcohol. That is the reason why the discomfort feels like the sand in the eyes in the morning.

 For example, the next morning a man decided to go to the doctor, they did a test with blotting paper, and the paper did not get wet because the alcohol washed everything away and did not give a normal secretion, he was given a dry eye syndrome.

 A doctor gives droplets to drip into his eyes to heal dry eyes, and then what happened? Droplets blocked the release of natural moisturizing liquids protecting the eyes and it turned out to be replacement therapy. The health of the eyes begins to deteriorate, there is not enough protection from ultraviolet light and the eye muscles can begin to spasm in the sun and it may turn out to be myopia or farsightedness since the eye simply gets into overstrain and spasm because it does not have protective properties.

To heal dry eye a person just needs some time for the body to recover … In other words, there is no dry eye syndrome, but there is only a short-term condition of dry eye.

2) Low-quality cosmetics can cause dry eyes

2 cause dry eye conditions can appear from low-quality cosmetics or various soaps or perfumes, in general, from any chemistry.

3) Low eye movement can cause dry eyes

3rd reason of dryness in the eyes can occur from low movement of the eye, because if the low mobility of the eye, the secretion does not normally work.

4) Botox can cause dry eyes

4  It is also very harmful to inject Botox, which paralyzes all the muscles and, along with them, the glands that supplied these moisturizing and restoring tears that are so necessary for the eyes, and as a result, the same dry eye syndrome can occur.

5) Eyelash extensions can cause dry eyes

5 Now there is a very popular trend in eyelash extension, there is a lot of chemistry there and this can also lead to dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes treatment naturally How to heal dry eye syndrome in 4 ways

Dry eyes treatment naturally: How to heal dry eye syndrome in 4 ways

1 The first and most important exercise is to blink more often, relax, and at least once every 3 seconds, how to blink correctly there is a video on my channel

2 You can do facial massage and exercises for the muscles of the face, or for example, cosmetic exercises that improve blood flow and muscle tissue start to work better.

3 Contrast washing in the morning is also very good and does not take much time. Wash your face with warm water directly from the tap, wash thoroughly, and then with cold water.

4 The simplest thermal mask also helps, warm towels were held in hot water, squeezed out, and put on your eyes, you can have some water with chamomile.

You can just use a warm thermal mask now masks are also connected to the USB of a computer.

Then after warming up, it is advisable to massage a little the weight area around the eyes.

My advice is not to use any drops, because any replacement drops can lead to the fact that natural liquids will stop excretion and you of course understand that artificial eyes are not natural eyes. How I improved my vision.

Dry eyes Summary

Today you learned How doctors can diagnose dry eyes? How do doctors recommend dry eye treatment? Why it is dangerous to cure dry eyes with drops? Why natural eye protectors are better? The eyes are very sensitive organs. What are the top 5 causes of dry eyes and How to cure dry eyes in the best way? Take care of yourself and write your questions in the comments.

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