Eliminate dangerous eyesight habits for better eyesight

Top 5 bad vision habits to eliminate for better eyesight. Why does eyesight not improve when a person does oculomotor exercises, massage for the eyes, does eye relaxation exercises, but vision does not improve? What could be the reason? Very simply, there are bad habits of poor eyesight, which is pushing results back. And there are useful, good habits, that improve vision. There are habits that a person does not notice. In this post, we will talk about the top 5 most dangerous bad habits of poor eyesight. How to stop vision deterioration and start to improve it with top 3 the best methods to get a new vision.

New vision

Where do these bad eyesight habits or poor vision habits come from?

Everything is very simple, these habits any child could get at the level of mirror neurons. He just copied from his mother, grandmother’s father.

1) One of the bad eyesight habits is squinting, causing myopia

For example, the mother suffered from myopia, she squinted constantly, and the baby also begins to look very near and squint, and he does not even think about it, it happens reflexively, this is how a mirror neuron works.

How can a child learn beneficial habits of good vision?

A child, on the other hand, cannot distinguish helpful skills from harmful ones, he copies all of them, and now he also squints from childhood, this squinting gradually leads to the fact that habit is developed.

 And to see something, he squints and strains his eyes, Even though he doesn`t have to do it because he still has good vision. This poor eyesight habit gradually leads to overstrain of the eye muscles and spasms of accommodation.

Myopia is the word that translates as squinting. Nearsightedness was noticed back in ancient Greece. When a person squints does not see well into the distance. And it turned out that he sees well up close and called it myopia or in other words nearsightedness.

2) bad eyesight habit is looking from the side, from above, or at an angle, causing astigmatism

For example, if a person was watching TV from a side, or lying on his side and reading a book. Some of his eye muscles were overstrained, while others, on the contrary, relaxed and stretched and got astigmatism. He begins to find such a position of the head when he looks and the light hits the correct point. Even if not very well vision but still on the macula, which is in the center of the retina where vision is most clear.

With astigmatism in a person’s eyes, everything is double and it is hard to see, and so he somehow tilted his head down, for example, and looks from under the forehead and the eye has shifted and now this ray of light seems to fall almost to the correct place and he sees well and the person unconsciously acquired this habit of moving his head and looking sideways either from above or from the side or in some other way is the same habit that a person does not notice in any way and does not associate such habits with poor eyesight

3) Bad eyesight habits are eating a lot of sweets

 For example, eating too much sugar leads to the fact that blood vessels, especially in the eyes. They are very sensitive and thin, they begin to stick together, and as a result, there is not enough oxygen to the blood and the retina of the eyes begins to quickly get tired and work poorly, vision, accordingly, begins to deteriorate, and another bad habit of poor eyesight appears.

4) wearing glasses is another bad eyesight habit

The habit of wearing glasses is very bad, and few people know about it. As soon as a person puts on glasses, his eye muscles stop working

1) convergence, that is, the ability of the eyes to simultaneously bring two rays of perception to one object, for example, to look at the tip of the nose

2) When wearing glasses, accommodation is disturbed, that is, switching gaze from a close distance to a distant one where the oblique muscles of the eyes should relax and the straight ones should strain.

The eye’s ability to focus is also impaired. If, in a normal state, a person looked in one direction, the focus was adjusted, looked a little differently at a different distance, the focus adjusted again, looked at a different distance, some muscles relaxed others tightened and the eye refocused, with glasses this ability begins to atrophy.

Glasses are needed only when a person needs to see something, and this is only 20% of the time, for example, at work. A person has a habit of simply wearing them all the time and not taking them off, as a result, a mechanism called convergence is paralyzed, a mechanism called accommodation (refocusing) and these are the main mechanisms of the eyes.

As a result, the eye completely stops working and a person needs glasses more and more strong. The eye mechanism does not work, and the eye muscles do not work as a result of eye dystrophy. Vision becomes worse, and, unfortunately, few people know about it because no one talks about it.

5) Dangerous eyesight habit of poor vision: Digital eye strain without breaks

Digital eye strain means for a long time to strain your eyes at close range and not give them rest.

For example, a person works at a computer and, without being distracted for a long time looks at a small screen. Not only is there constant radiation unnatural for the eyes. But eyes are constantly brought together and at close range

 What does it mean? This means the internal muscles of the eyes that bring the eyes together to the nose are overstrained. And the external muscles that pull the eyes to the weight area, become stretched. Plus the lower rectus muscles of the eyes are overstrained, and the upper straight muscles are stretched. Since in most cases the screen is not in front of the human eyes, but lower and the person has to lower his eyes down and thereby overstraining the lower rectus muscles of the eyes.

And so a person sits for several hours without rest, suddenly looks around, and around everything floats and doubles. Because after 2 hours of statistical load on the eyes and eye muscles, they cannot instantly relax relieve tension, and refocus.

A man goes to a doctor, he is prescribed glasses and his vision begins to deteriorate.

Eliminate dangerous eyesight habits for better eyesight

How to get better eyesight 3 tips

1) Eye fatigue relieved ASAP

1 You need to learn to listen to yourself and feel the slightest fatigue and strain in your eyes and immediately give your eyes a rest. How to do this is very simple, close your eyes for 10 seconds, walk around the room, and look out the window, this will help the eyes refocus into the distance and give the muscles a rest.

2) Eliminate bad eyesight habits today.

2 Recognize in yourself these bad habits of poor eyesight and immediately begin to get rid of them.

3) Develop clear vision habits

3 Start developing good habits of good vision, if you don`t have good habits of clear vision, then your vision will not improve either, but when the number of good habits becomes more than the number of bad ones, it is even better that there are no bad habits at all, but there are many good ones, then your vision will automatically improve.

For example, in natural life in a forest as a result of active life, these useful good habits and active watching are acquired from a person. To look around at different distances.

The secret of vision problems

I will tell you a secret that doctors do not tell you, they tell you that vision is something genetic, something you are born with, but NO! Vision is formed during a lifetime.

When you are born you learn to move your eyes and look around during your life you learn to recognize different images.

You develop specific skills and vision is the same skill as drawing or writing, only if we learn to write or read consciously, then nature teaches us to form eyesight unconsciously, but in essence, it is the same skill.

You can learn to write exactly and beautifully calligraphic, although some doctors apparently still learn how to do it.

It’s the same with the eyes, if you correctly approach the process of getting rid of bad habits of poor vision, develop good habits of good vision, start recognizing changes, exercise regularly, and pay attention to your health, then you will succeed.

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Today you find out what is top 5 most dangerous poor eyesight habits 1 squinting, 2 looking from weird angles, 3 eating a lot of sweets, 4 wearing glasses when you do not need them, 5 looking for a long time at the screen without rest. I explained to you how to stop the deterioration of vision with the 3 best methods. I hope it will help you.

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