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Eye care tips to get better vision naturally

Eye care tips to get better vision. Why do you need to improve your eyesight naturally? The best Eye care tips to get better vision are here. Poor vision prevents us from receiving complete information about the world around us.

Eye care tips to get better vision naturally

Why do we need to take care of our eyes?

As you know, a person receives about 70% of information through the eyes. Think about it how important this organ is if all the other senses together account for only 30%!

With visual problems, many people cannot work at a computer for a long time. After half an hour or 40 minutes of work, we need to give our eyes rest and close them for at least 10 seconds, and blink as often as possible. Otherwise, a decrease may appear in performance, headaches, and general deterioration in well-being. People with poor eyesight are worse oriented in space and cannot enjoy nature fully. Even in ordinary everyday situations, problems arise.

The situation is developing in such a way that our children can get vision problems at an early age! At the same time, schoolchildren will not be able to study normally at school, and their performance can get worse every year unless, of course, you identify the problem and find a method to solve it.

Medical Vision correction methods

All the methods of modern medicine that ophthalmologists offer today are corrective. They help to live with poor eyesight, but unfortunately, they do not remove a spasm from oblique eye muscles. Eye health condition is getting worse with a spasm. We need to eliminate spasms to see better and improve eye health.

Glasses and contact lenses lower vision

Glasses help to see better, but very often, after 1-2 years, a person comes to the doctor for a prescription for new, stronger glasses. That is, over time, the situation is getting worse, and the glasses should be seen as a crutch rather than a treatment.

With contact lenses, the situation is even worse because they need to be worn all day without removing them. As a result, the oculomotor muscles are even less directed to natural training, further contributing to the weakening of vision. In the lenses, you cannot do any exercises during the day or massage. When wearing contact lenses, the eyes become dry, and air does not get well to them, which has a bad effect on vision.

The danger of Laser surgery side effects

Laser surgery is a highly controversial solution to the problem. First, it is about an operation on such a fragile organ as the eye, which in itself is quite dangerous.

Secondly, such treatment has many contraindications and possible complications, which the doctors themselves warn about. In addition, laser therapy makes your eyes, in fact, the same glasses, only non-removable because it corrects. For example, the curvature of the cornea. If your glasses can take off, exercise, and improve your vision naturally, then after the operation, it will be extremely difficult to do this since the shape of the cornea has already been changed. However, there is no guarantee that these deteriorations will not continue.

Natural vision restoration methods

Eye care tips to get better vision. Good for us, there are many different vision restoration techniques today in a natural way. The founder of all these methods is rightfully considered American ophthalmologist William Bates, who was the first to create an exercise system for eyes, thanks to which many people around the world were able to improve their vision without operations.

On the basis of this technique, later developments and the most diverse methods of vision correction. However, these developments have their drawbacks and do help not to everybody. The reason is simple: all people are different, and some of the exercises are suitable for one but not suitable for others. There are many known cases when the effect is only on the eyes and eye muscles, for example, in classical gymnastics, according to Bates.

Eye care tips to get better vision

In our body, everything is interconnected, and it is necessary to combine the effect, for example, not only on the eye muscles but with a complex impact on the entire body. As a result, some people are perfectly suited to work with the eye muscles, which will make a shift in the right direction, but someone needs to work harder to relax the muscles, remove blocks, tension, massage, etc.

There is also an amazing effect called auto-training, in other words, self-regulation or self-programming, which removes the already deep visual impairments at the level of energy, and subconsciousness at the level of internal installations, and this is a deeper study.

And of course, such a beneficial effect as the activation of the general health of the body, which gives, for example, cold water, running, walks in fresh air, swimming, or a variety of other exercises or for example, Asian gong practices, which allows you to activate inner energy in your body and affect not only the organs of vision but also the whole the body in order to stimulate natural resources to restore vision and in general all body functions. We will talk about it in more detail in future videos.

Learn how the mechanism of vision works to improve eyesight

Very often, people do not understand how they can restore their vision. Cause of that – ignorance and misunderstanding of the elementary mechanism of vision. Have you thought about what we actually see? Unfortunately, most people truly believe what we see with our eyes. “What else?” – you ask.

As doctors say, the eyes are the brain brought out. The eye is a complex optical device whose main function is to convert a light signal into nerve impulses that already enter the visual lobes along with the nerve pathways brain. This is where the picture is formed. So we see with our brains, not only with our eyes.

The Best Vision Improvement online Program Eyesight Academy

The Best Vision Improvement online Program Eyesight Academy

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How to restore vision with a comprehensive approach

The key to success is natural vision restoration without surgery, or magic pills is a complex approach!

The solution covers at least three components: eyes, brain, and the whole body generally. If you treat only the eyes, there will be no correct. The tension in the brain can return everything back. Work with the whole body is needed so that the body has additional strength and resources for recovery.

The complex approach must include: relieving eye strain, restoration of the tone of the whole organism, restoration of blood supply;

Top 3 main components of vision improvement complex approach

1) special physical exercises work with the oculomotor muscles;

2) Mindset installation. This is necessary because mental

barriers and attitudes most of all interfere with the restoration of vision;

3) massage and relaxation of facial muscles around the eyes and the whole body. To remove excessive stress and tension of muscles.

Energy is the fuel for achieving your goals. Different exercises are included in previous videos directed at the restoration of vision giving extra energy, and removing clamps and fatigue.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today we learned why we need to find time for the natural recovery of our eyes and how important eyesight in our life is to perceive 70% of information through the eyes. We also repeat that the complex approach to vision recovery is the key to success.

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