tips to avoid digital eye strain

How to heal digital eye strain naturally: Best tips and tricks

Best tips and tricks to heal digital eye strain. How to improve your eyesight correctly when working at a computer, watching TV, or using a phone. How to prevent computer vision syndrome techniques.

How to heal digital eye strain naturally Best tips and tricks

First of all, for users who are forced to spend hours in front of a monitor. Eyes get tired and tears appear, neck and shoulders numb, posture deteriorates, and immunity decreases. And this is not the end of a list of unfavorable consequences which can appear for a very long time. All of this is not without reason.  But if a person’s work is associated with the mandatory use of a computer, then its harmful effects can be resisted. With the exercises published in books and many of my blog articles and my previous videos on YouTube: @Sviaton

How to work at the computer correctly for eyesight

The rules for the safe use of a computer are a little different from the rules for reading and watching TV. There is, however, a significant difference in recommendations. For the location of TV and monitor screens, unlike a television screen, which should be located at eye level.

The computer monitor should be located slightly above this level, directly at eye level to relieve stress from the lower rectus muscles of the eyes. When working with a computer, we involuntarily look at the keyboard, and then at a monitor. Thereby training muscles that are usually little used in the life of a modern person. However, the monitor must be positioned at such a height so that you don’t have to strain your neck. In this case, only the muscles of the eyes are trained, and the cervical vertebrae should be relaxed.

How to heal digital eye strain naturally: Best tips and tricks

Working place tips to avoid digital eye strain

Of course, it is very important to arrange your chair with maximum comfort. A chair with a special orthopedic roller under your back or placing the back of the chair under the natural deflection of the lower back. Important lighting, the color of the walls, and the shade of the curtains. Which is so often written about in recommendations.

And the ability to throw your eyes from the screen into the distance every minute. But even more important every 1 minute to switch your attention from a close study of information to relieve eye strain by looking around. Distracting from the need to perceive symbols in the form of letters and numbers, contemplating simply pleasant color combinations in various configurations for eyes to rest and toned up.

Dynamic picture to improve eyesight naturally

Best tips and tricks to heal digital eye strain. The fact is that the constant change in the shape of the drawings includes the work of the eye muscles. A harmonious change in the color palette activates the macula on the retina, which is responsible for the spectrum perception colors that our brains and the whole body need. Exactly by saturating the macula with color, clarity, and sharpness improve

Heal Your Eyes The Ultimate Guide to Beating Digital Eye Strains Vision

Heal Your Eyes: The Ultimate Guide to Beating Digital Eye Strains Vision

Variants of these videos can be easily found on the Internet. In extreme cases, just look at the walls, curtains, flowers on the window, or on some distant object in space. Without getting up from your workplace, I advise you to do exercises of one of the complexes from my previous articles. With its help, you can turn into a simulator desk, phone, and armchair and combine the necessary things with useful exercises.

As a result of the application of such recommendations, dealing with a computer, already in the process of training. Note that eyes began to get tired less by the end of the day, they stopped hurting and watering eyes. At the same time, the use of relaxation techniques and various exercises for the eyes, neck, shoulders, and arms. With improved quality of the workplace, you can get more done and make fewer mistakes.

Best tips and tricks to heal digital eye strain when watching TV

Let me remind you that the TV screen, like any electronic device, has harmful radiation. So it is advisable to sit from it at a distance as far as possible. In this case, the room where there is a TV must be ventilated regularly! It’s good if it will be indoor plants or special devices that suppress the harm of electronic radiation.

Pay particular attention to the position in which you are sitting or lying down when you watch TV. It is precisely the uncomfortable posture when watching TV that often becomes the cause of headaches, eye fatigue, amblyopia, and squint. The arrangement of furniture relative to the TV screen sometimes leads to the need to keep your eyes at an angle. It causes tension in the neck and overloading of the lower eye muscles. Lowering your eyes down is not immediately felt but can lead to very serious consequences. Adults need to be sure to control the child’s posture and time with the TV, as well as the degree of distance from it. It follows, of course, to make sure that the child does not do homework when the TV is on.

How to watch TV correctly to avoid eye strain

Best tips and tricks to heal digital eye strain when watching TV. Ventilate the room before going to bed.  If you follow these simple rules and do while watching a movie training exercises for the eyes, massage, and use techniques of relaxation. Very soon the image on the screen will become more clear, colors – bright, and titles – readable. Then the nearsighted person can move a little farther from the screen so that the screen is again in the zone of fuzzy vision.

It’s okay if the image becomes slightly unclear: relax and give rest to your eyes. Remember and apply all the visual skills you know. Combine eye training and learning the right visual habits with the receipt of useful or pleasant information. And let the TV screen be a testing tool for you. Criteria for how there is a process of improving your vision. And let the abundance of advertising become a great reason to rest your eyes more often.

How to prevent Digital eye strain with a phone

Incorrect phone use can be bad for the eyes. A smartphone is destructive to anyone’s health. First of all, vision suffers, of course. The risk of the appearance or the progression of existing myopia increases. Computer vision syndrome may occur, resembling conjunctivitis: the eyes turn red and feel as if they were full of sand.

Particularly emotional users experience high blood pressure, especially when reading news feeds. Performance – both intellectual and physical – is sharply reduced. Because long-term concentration on the screen of the smartphone greatly overloads the visual analyzers. And through them renders a depressing effect on the nervous system as a whole. Taking away from the person the resources needed for mental exercise and communication to solve some important tasks. Somatic disorders are manifested in general like a weakening of immunity and increased diseases caused by a low active lifestyle.

The central nervous system also suffers – people have neurotic reactions: decreased concentration, deterioration of memory and sleep, fatigue, and sometimes headache.

In addition, in order to comply with computer, smartphone, and tablet eyesight rules need to be established from the very beginning in the form of a framework of interaction with the gadgets. Turn on airplane mode before you go to bed and you will spend much less time at the screen and will get healthier sleep. The mood will improve and eyes will hurt noticeably less.

Vision Training Course Eyesight Academy

Vision Training Course Eyesight Academy

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From Blurred Vision to Clarity: Healing Digital Eye Strain with Tricks

In conclusion, I want to repeat the main rules of natural restoration of vision. First of all, I want to remind you that the main feature of work with eyes – a complex approach! I stand on that and I cannot do otherwise!

I always and everywhere emphasize: that the eyes, like any other organ, can only be helped in the framework of a systemic integrated approach.

Now, after reading my articles and watching all my videos on YouTube. You will probably agree that to improve vision you need eye exercises, baths, relaxation, massage, and more. All of this will work in a complex.

Hardly any of you will now doubt that eyes, like any other organ, are only a small part of the whole body system. Undoubtedly, the eyes are not just an organ of vision, but also a part of the perceiving systems of the brain. Eyes are associated with the psyche, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and other systems of our body. Vision depends on the condition of the eye muscles in the first place.

If you want a more in-depth Vision Training course Eyesight Academy. Enroll today to motivate yourself enough to train vision naturally.

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