Solarization to heal the macula to enhance better vision naturally

Hello everybody. Today I want to share with you the benefits of Solarization to get better vision naturally and heal macular degeneration.

Solarizing the eyes – turning closed eyes to sunlight or other light – is one of the best exercises for restoring vision and relaxing the oculomotor muscles.

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How to do Solarization to get better vision naturally. (Technique explained)

Solarization can be done with any light source.

We stand in front of the sun. Eyes are closed. Face directed to the sun. Beginning the Big Turns, facing the light source with closed eyes and face raised to the sun. By the way, it is strictly forbidden to look at the sun with open eyes. You can burn your macula, which is the central part – the central fossa and do not burn it with sunlight. It is strictly forbidden to look at the sun with open eyes.

Eyes closed, eyes, face directed to the sun, feet shoulder-width apart, and begin to make “Big turns” and the sun is on the left, the sun is on the right, the sun is on the left, the sun is on the right. And somewhere after 20-25 turns, 10-12 powerful sunbeams will appear in your eyes. The sun shines through the eyelid, and some bright orange or yellow dots will appear in the eyes.

Our eyes love the sun so much, they are so happy at this moment. This is how the most powerful activation of the retina of the eye is going on, and the most powerful relaxation of the oculomotor muscles is going on. In all books, solarization of the eyes in the sun is ranked first in terms of the effectiveness of vision restoration. Solarization to get better vision naturally is a very helpful natural remedy for your eyes.

How to cure Macula degeneration with Solarization to get better vision naturally

How to cure Macula degeneration with Solarization to get better vision naturally

Macular degeneration – that’s who has a diagnosis of macular degeneration is a deterioration in the blood supply to the central part of the eye. A person sees better sideways than directly. We need to find A sharp shadow. For example, from the tree, corner of the house, etc. One eye is in the shade, and the other is in the sun. Eyes closed, face directed towards the sun. We begin “Bear wiggles,” and The sun comes, the sun goes away, and so on.

You stand so that one eye is in the shade. The other is in the sun; the shadow passes in the middle. Feet shoulder-width apart, eyes closed, eyes, face directed to the sun, and start “Bear swaying. And somewhere after 20-25 wiggles in your eyes, 3-4-5 most powerful sunbeams will appear in the center of the eye. And in our eyes are some dots inside of the eyes right in the middle, orange or yellowish – and the eyes, I say again, are so happy with this solarization and the sun. Truly solarizing your eyes in the sun is one of the most powerful vision restoration exercises.

Solarization must be done with CLOSED EYES. Sun is very beneficial for eye health.

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Harnessing Solarization to Naturally Heal the Macula for Enhanced Vision

The macula is a small, central area of the retina responsible for sharp, central vision. Macular degeneration occurs when the macula deteriorates, leading to blurred or distorted vision and, in severe cases, blindness. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common form, affecting millions worldwide. Traditional treatments include medications, laser therapy, and injections, but these approaches often come with risks and limitations.

The Role of Solarization in Vision Enhancement

Solarization, or controlled exposure to sunlight, has garnered attention for its potential therapeutic effects on various health conditions, including vision impairment. Sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D and has been linked to improved mood, enhanced immune function, and even reduced risk of certain diseases. Recent studies have also explored its benefits in treating ocular conditions, particularly macular degeneration.

How Solarization Works

Sunlight consists of different wavelengths, including visible light and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. While excessive UV exposure can be harmful to the eyes, moderate exposure to specific wavelengths within the visible spectrum, such as blue light, may have beneficial effects on ocular health. Solarization involves carefully managing exposure to sunlight, and harnessing its therapeutic wavelengths while minimizing potential risks.

Research Evidence Supporting Solarization

Several studies have investigated the effects of solarization on macular degeneration and overall visual health. Research published in the Journal of Ophthalmology highlighted the potential of blue light therapy, a component of solarization, in slowing the progression of AMD and improving visual acuity in affected individuals. Another study in the Journal of Optometry reported positive outcomes in patients with early-stage AMD following controlled sunlight exposure.

Implementing Solarization Safely

While sunlight offers potential benefits for vision enhancement, it’s essential to practice solarization safely to avoid adverse effects. Experts recommend:

Timing: Schedule sunlight exposure during early morning or late afternoon when UV radiation is less intense.

Conclusion for macular degeneration and vision enhancement,

By harnessing the therapeutic potential of sunlight, individuals may not only slow the progression of AMD but also experience improvements in visual acuity and overall ocular health. However, it’s crucial to approach solarization cautiously, prioritizing safety and seeking guidance from healthcare professionals. As research in this field continues to evolve, solarization holds the promise of offering a beacon of hope for those seeking alternative approaches to vision care and macular healing.

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