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How to Train Your Eyes with Ideomotor Eye Exercises

How to Train Your Eyes with Ideomotor Eye Exercises. Ideo-motor eye exercises are good for people with serious cases of strong myopia, hyperopia, or any eye diseases. For example, if the eyes strained too much.

How to Train Your Eyes with Ideomotor Eye Exercises

How to do Ideo-motor eye exercises?

 You close your eyes, and in your imagination only, do not move your eyes, but under closed eyelids, but very clearly imagine as if you are making a circle with your eyes. Still, your task is to make a perfect circle. You can make a perfect circle in your imagination. It’s not difficult, and you will understand it.

It is okay if your eyes move under closed eyelids. It is just the next step after you master ideo-motor eye exercises.

For ideomotor eye exercises for people with myopia

or people with myopia, I recommend making a small circle in the distance, as if you are looking far away, and making this circle

You can imagine that there is some kind of house opposite and around some window of this house draw an even perfect circle in one direction and vice versa in the other direction.

How to train eyes to heal farsightedness

People with hyperopia with farsightedness, on the contrary, make a circle close to their face, can make a big circle.

In reality, the eye muscles may not be able to make a big circle due to eye muscle spasms, but in the imagination, you can make this circle very close and very huge.

Imagine what the beauty is, and if you do it several times in the imagination, then this movement will be remembered in the cerebral cortex and the control centers of the brain, and having done such exercises in your imagination, you will be able to do it in reality in the future.

In fact, your vision will get better with such exercises. Here are free eye training mini-courses for you.

Unlocking the Potential: How to Train Your Eyes with Ideomotor Exercises

Some mentors train boxers with such exercises. That is a well-known trick ideally, in the imagination, a person imagines how he moves correctly without muscle limitations.

Just close your eyes for a minute and do this exercise, first, you do circles, then you do more complex trajectories, for example, figure eights, the most important thing is to do them perfectly, and your vision starts to work better because what you did in your imagination was reflected in the cortex of the brain part that is responsible for eye movement, and from there the signal is respectively transmitted to eye muscles, and the muscles will begin to move perfectly correctly under the influence of your imagination

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Use this workout any time you can. Until you develop the habit of looking correctly.

Eye Gymnastics: Building Better Vision with Ideomotor Exercises

Just do it little by little you can start doing at least a circle today. Do not rush to make a figure eight or more complex figures.

Start making a perfect circle first. You make one perfect circle in your imagination. Then later you will be able to make a small circle in the distance, a bigger one and whatever, because you will develop your brain and you will develop that part of it that affects your eyes and your eyes will start to look, the main thing is not to rush and start little by little. Eliminate bad vision habits to get better results.

1 circle in each direction, then after an hour, you can repeat, do not overload your eyes.

 For example, at a traffic light, even if you did it while driving, somewhere in line in a store, you did it in an elevator, you did it very quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Conclusion for Ideo-motor Techniques

 I hope the information that I share with you about ideomotor exercises will be relevant for you, effective, and useful it will improve your eyesight. Write questions in the comments I will try to answer them hit likes.

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