Stop bad vision habits to get better eyesight

STOP bad vision habits to get better eyesight naturally

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Eyesight bad habits

Hello everybody. Why poor vision is formed based on bad habits of poor vision. How are bad habits of poor vision transmitted? Let’s take a look at a few bad habits of poor vision. Stress as a cause of visual impairment. Static eye strain is bad for eyesight. Why do doctors say that poor vision is hereditary?

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    Bad eyesight is hereditary? Low vision can be transmitted?

    Bad habits of poor vision are passed to us through mirror neurons. This is called an imitative reflex.

    The imitative reflex of mirror neurons

    What does the imitative reflex mean – take as an example a child copies and imitates an adult mom or dad. The little man imitates the big man.

     Mirror neurons can simply repeat some action after another person without even thinking. If it were not for this, we would not have developed this very useful and necessary mechanism, but as a result, it also transfers bad habits to us, and if the mother squints, the baby unconsciously acquires through these mirror neurons, through the imitative reflex, exactly the same habits.

     It happens that the child’s eyesight is still good, it has not even deteriorated, and he is already squinting his eyes. I’m not talking about the habit of watching TV while lying down. Watching on the phone for a long time, and so on, this is not even discussed. Of course, these are also all the habits that are transmitted. As a result of these habits, a person acquires what he sees around him in the environment in which he lives.

    Based on many bad habits, poor eyesight forms the wrong visual behavior and, accordingly, poor vision. There are many videos about bad habits of poor eyesight on my channel. Check them out.

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    Stress causes low vision

    Also, stress can very easily affect the deterioration of vision. Our eyes and eye muscles are very sensitive to the slightest tension and stress. For example, if the parents constantly argue, the child is in tension, and the eye muscles, which are very small and sensitive, are overstrained, and if they do not consciously give them rest and relaxation, they can enter a spasm. If the eye muscle spasm happens, the function of accommodation disappears, that is, refocusing to a far or near distance, which is called myopia or farsightedness.

    Static eye strain is a bad habit that ruins your sight

    A very bad habit of poor eyesight is looking at the phone or computer screen for a long time and, at the same time, not looking away at long distances and not giving the eyes a rest. This also greatly overstrains the eye muscles. and if a person does not develop the habit of giving the eyes rest and relaxation, the eye muscles can enter into a spasm of accommodation.

    Why do doctors say that poor vision is hereditary?

    When a person goes to the doctor and says that he has poor eyesight, the doctor has about 10-15 minutes per patient, and he cannot say for sure why the patient has a deterioration in his vision, whether he did not give his eyes a rest and sat whole day and watched at the screen, either because of stressed parents in childhood and stress affected the deterioration of vision, or the child has developed the habit of squinting. The doctor cannot determine the exact cause based on which the vision has deteriorated. Only the patient himself can understand the reason for the deterioration of vision by analyzing his bad habits of poor vision.

    I explained to you. How are bad habits of poor vision transmitted with imitative reflexes? Stress as a cause of visual impairment. Static eye strain is bad for eyesight. Why do doctors say that poor vision is hereditary?

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