7 Eye Facts That Will Change How You See

8 Eye Facts: How to See Sharper

7 Eye Facts That Will Change How You See. Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Vision healing blog. My name is Sviatoslav and today I would like to share the top 8 eye facts and natural eyesight recovery tips.

8 Eye Facts How to See Sharper

Eye Fact 1. How many colors and shades our eyes can see?

It is known that the human eye can distinguish only three areas of the spectrum of sunlight – red, blue, and green. Moreover, we know the seven primary colors of the rainbow. The grey color, it would seem, is not for them applies. However, our eyes can distinguish 500 shades of grey. In total, an ordinary person is able to distinguish several thousand shades of various colors, and the artist’s eyes are several million.

Eye facts 7

Just try to count all the shades of green in your summer garden. At the same time, residents of the Far North can distinguish hundreds of shades of white–color snow.

All this is possible thanks to a tiny portion of our retina – macula and fovea cells.

Eye Fact 2. Eye size change?

From birth, our eyes remain the same size. We grow, our limbs, our nose and ears, and our eyes always remain the same – 2.5 centimeters in diameter and 8 grams in weight. This is one of the eye facts, that just a few people know.

Moreover, only 1/6 of the eye is visible. And only on this visible part relatively safe medical exposure. Even doctors at their international congresses admit that the negative impacts identified so far are widespread in a common operation – laser lens replacement. Partly for this reason, many countries began to move away from correction vision with an excimer laser. And for extreme people, professionals in some countries have developed a questionnaire, which includes a question on laser vision correction.

Eye Fact 3. How many objects do we see per second?

The eyes transmit a huge amount of information to the brain every hour. The eye bandwidth is comparable to that of a large city’s ISP. In this case, the images that are sent to our brain arrive inverted. The perception of them in their normal form requires additional mental effort.

Considering that open eyes focus on about 50 objects of the outside world per second, and for life, we see about 24 million different images, It is not difficult to understand why the eyes load the brain with work much more than all other organs of our body.

Eye Fact 4. How many unique properties does the iris have?

We know that there are no two people on our planet with the same fingerprints. Each person has 40 unique characteristics. A much smaller iris area has 256 unique properties. That’s why eye scans are more widely used by security systems to identify people.

Eye Fact 5. Can you tell by the eyes madness?

It turns out that schizophrenia can be determined with an accuracy of 98.3% by using a routine eye movement test. Is it any wonder that there is such a science as iridology, thanks to which an experienced specialist can identify all diseases, injuries, and pathologies that were, are, and are still only maturing in our organism and psyche? Knowing all of this, how we can think about the problems arising in the eyes, able to cure such a narrow specialist as an ophthalmologist? Complex approach for restoration of vision – true, reliable, and giving long-term effect.

7 Eye Facts That Will Change How You See

Eye Fact 6. Is love reflected in your eyes?

Few people know that the pupils of the eyes dilate by 45% when we look at the one we love. Maybe that’s why the faces of lovers are so beautiful. And it is no coincidence that the standard of beauty among all people is considered women with babies in their arms.

Eye Fact 7. The eyes are the organ of light

Each eye contains 130 million cells, all of which are sensitive to light. Hence the expression “eyes are an organ of light”.

However, cells that respond to color and light take up only a small area in the central part of the retina. The very same square of the retina corresponds to the size of the back of the eyeball. Let me remind you that the cells of the retina tissue are similar in structure to neurons of the brain. It is not a coincidence that people say that the eyes are the brain, brought out. From this fact alone, it is clear that the retina is so difficult. How can its treatment be possible, restoration, or replacement with any materials, devices, or donor organs?

The retinal nerve tissue is so thin and complex in its structure and functioning, that it is impossible to replace it with anything. It can only be protected and only natural and specially developed for its methods to stimulate. But this is not all the mystery of the retina, which is a kind of screen for incoming images. Through nerve tissue, the retina of the eye can not only receive light but also emit it.

Eye Fact 8 How often do we blink?

There is an expression: “did not have time to blink an eye.” And not everyone imagines how much of an exaggeration this is. The muscle responsible for blinking, as well as the rest of the muscles of the eye, is the fastest muscle in our body. Blinking lasts about 100-150 milliseconds, that is, we can blink an average of 5 times per second. By the way, not everyone knows that the blinking process is the most important for the full functioning of our eyes. Thanks to the blinking they are protected, cleaned, lubricated, moisturized, and cleansed.

But most importantly, blinking is the simplest and most effective rest. For our eternal visual workers. That is why the state of unblinking frozen gaze is so dangerous when we are immersed in our experiences when we watch TV and sit behind the monitor.

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How to avoid Dry eyes

The phenomenon of dry eye occurs, oddly enough, with frequent instilling of special medications into the eyes. Production of natural lubrication in such cases is disrupted and the cornea dries up. The blinking function can be lost after any surgical intervention. Then burning, redness, and pain in the eyes can become your constant companions. blinking – is the most important process for the full functioning of our eyes, the most harmless, the simplest, and one of the most important exercises.

The easiest way to learn to blink is to look one way and blink, look the other way, and blink. You also need to set your brain so that after each blink you see better, blink with relaxation and you see clearly. How to blink softly and correctly? Bring your fingers to the weights on your head and blink, and if some muscles or veins move under your fingers at the same time, then you are blinking incorrectly. Relax your eyelids as much as you can and blink so that no muscles in your eyelids move.

Thanks for reading to the very end. I hope it will help you and hopefully see you again.

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