Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision

Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision Naturally

Why do you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision? Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Eyesight recovery blog. My name is Sviatoslav. And today I would like to talk about: Why eyeglasses are dangerous for eyesight? Does eye muscle atrophy? What about central fixation? How to heal your vision naturally?

Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision Naturally

Why eyeglasses are dangerous? Dr. Bates theory

Why do you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision? The harm and danger of glasses are much more diverse, rather than a simple weakening of vision and an increase in diopters. This was stated more than 100 years ago by the famous ophthalmologist and scientist William Bates. Whose book “Improving Vision without Glasses by the Bates Method” is constantly reprinted all over the world.

Dr Bates became the first optometrist to admit that glasses, prescribed by doctors around the world do not and cannot help human vision. They are not able to improve eye health but are guaranteed to worsen the condition of the entire visual system. Because it disrupts its natural functioning.

Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision

Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision

A natural consequence of wearing spectacles is atrophied natural visual functions of the eyes. And the inability of their fully independent work after several weeks in a prison cell made of glass and plastic or metal. Any farsighted person will easily remember that before wearing glasses. Eyes are sometimes good and sometimes have difficulty reading small print. And after even a week, and even more so a month the use of glasses, small, and then larger fonts became completely unreadable.

However, not more and more strong diopters most often bother a person. But gradually he discovers that he has become worse to see in the distance than before. I could not imagine how this is possible. In this case, we are talking about a farsighted person who has seen everything clearly and had no vision problems. In this case, the person has simply been prescribed glasses for distance. He begins to use them in stores, at exhibitions, in theatres, and then on walks. As a rule, this does not bother him too much. For real the bespectacled man begins to worry when turbidity appears. Leaving a contrast of colors and clarity of lines, and the image itself is blurred.

Cataract symptoms and how to avoid it

A person with similar symptoms is usually diagnosed with a “Cataract”, and prescribed drops. And when they do not help, give a referral for surgery. The person is even more worried about the appearance of pain or aches in the eyes, feelings of blurred boundaries, and other symptoms of glaucoma. Here already the verdict of incurability and the danger of blindness hangs over him. And drives the eyes into even greater stress and tension. And it all started with banal glasses.

Why doctors do not warn us in advance of what is dangerous for the eyes when wearing glasses? Moreover, if they happen to find out that you are not wearing them in their 50s, and even more so at 60 years old. They will definitely write them out for you, whether you have eye complaints or not. And right away will offer a prescription for pretty strong glasses. According to your age and, so to speak, with a margin.

Eye training course Eyesight Academy to eliminate spectacles

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Natural vision improvement to avoid spectacles

Many times there have been cases when people have points of +3.5 or more diopters. Having started to study natural vision recovery, they already on days 2-3 easily switched to glasses by +1.5 diopters. And the large print was generally easy to read without glasses. But it would be more honest to admit that their glasses originally had more diopters than the eyes of these people needed.

Doctors even have a schedule of at what age how many positive diopters should be in a person. And the real state of vision has for some reason they are of secondary importance. I saw on a TV show with a professor-ophthalmologist, who said right at the beginning of the broadcast that people over 65 need to remove cataracts without even looking at them… The broadcast was controversial and aimed at the confrontation of alternative medicine. The task of the authors of the project was, most likely, to expose all alternative methods of treatment. They did not even want to hear that the surgeon, should be the last person to contact in case of problems in a situation with eyes: it is easy to harm, but to recover from an unsuccessful operation is almost impossible.

There are many stories of how people took off their glasses. After wearing them for many years, their eyesight began to improve dramatically after a complex approach to the training for improved vision. People should have a choice: go to doctors for glasses and lenses, go for eye surgery, be treated with medication and drops, or do the natural restoration of vision.

Take off your glasses gradually

Take off your glasses gradually

Why do you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision? There are different opinions about how quickly a modern person can get rid of lenses and glasses. Dr. Bates’s own recommendations were extremely revolutionary: glasses must be removed immediately and thrown away. Otherwise, they will always betray their eyes and return them to the previous inactive state. It was he, who called the glasses optical crutches for the eyes. His closest student and follower Margaret Corbett adhered to a softer and more liberal position.

As an author of two groundbreaking books How to Improve Your Eyesight and Help Your Eyes See Better, ”she founded the Los Angeles Vision Training School, which trained instructors to teach Bates. Its activity has already been in conditions of increased loads on the visual system and the development of more serious eye problems. Therefore, she recommended getting rid of glasses gradually – for a start using glasses with weaker diopters and then moving away from glasses absolutely, without damage to the eyes.

Bates’s method of antipathy to eliminate eyeglasses

Modern followers of Dr. Bates of the American Institute of Vision in their book “Get rid of Glasses and Lenses” suggest a technique of antipathy to glasses. The authors of the book are famous ophthalmologists and scientists Stephen Beresford, David Muris, Merrill Allen, and Francis Young – write that this method will especially appeal to those who hate his glasses and are emotionally hurt by wearing them.

The authors propose not to throw away their glasses, but to smash them with a hammer or shoes with sharp heels. “With each blow, take out all your negative emotions on your glasses. Let the flowing adrenaline drive you to sweat. Let out all the negativity that accumulated inside you… Having freed yourself from negative feelings, you experience an immediate improvement in vision. “By proposing such a radical exercise, American doctors nevertheless warn that this should be done only when you will feel that the glasses have become strong for your eyes, and you will be calm you can do without them.

Do you need to drive a lot? Use glasses until feel confident without them. Drive without glasses first during daylight hours and on familiar routes, then try driving a car without glasses and at dusk. Everything is very individual, but the mood should initially be a complete rejection of glasses.

Eyeglasses replacement with lower diopters to recover vision

Why you need to Remove Spectacles to recover vision

Not with contact lenses which are so popular now! In addition to turning off the visual function itself, even ultralight lenses are an enormous strain on the eyes.

For normal clear vision of the object, the eyes make more than 100 saccadic movements per second at the level of the retinal nerve tissue. Multiply these micro-vibrations by minutes and hours. Add to this that even ultra-thin lenses prevent oxygen from reaching the eyes, speaking of the risk of introducing various infections from the wrong storage and use of these devices.

Recent studies have shown that consistent lens wear can even provoke the occurrence of cataracts. By the way, have you ever wondered why representatives of well-known contact lens manufacturers in France and Japan in the majority wear glasses? When one of them was asked about this paradox in an interview, the businessman replied calmly: “We do not advertise lenses as a means for constant wearing. Lenses are a great replacement for glasses during class sports, on country trips, at social events, for first dates, and finally. “

Let us also recall the fact that doctors in widely advertised clinics for laser vision correction are also often carried out with glasses or have imperfect vision.

So in conclusion of this video, I strongly recommend natural vision recovery methods. Thanks for reading to the end. Subscribe to my channel and hopefully will see you again.

How do I restore my vision? How it was?

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