How to get better Distance vision

How to get better Distance vision in a natural way

How to get better Distance vision? Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Vision recovery blog. In this blog post, we will talk about the Basics of natural eyesight recovery to get a clear distance vision.

How to get better Distance vision in a natural way holistically

How to get better Distance vision Naturally

The fact is that, by nature, human eyes are better adapted to look into the distance. And not look at close objects. When we bring the object closer to ourselves, the eyes inevitably come to the nose. Such information visual axes are due to the rotation of the eyeballs towards each other. When considering close subjects is called convergence.

During prolonged reading or other visual work close there is an overstrain of the muscles responsible for mixing. There is a spasm, and the eyes lose the ability to freely accommodate. This leads to the fact that the eyes see worse into the distance, develop myopia, and other refractive errors occur. Putting text in front of us with one open eye, we willy-nilly fix his image on the visual center. Which is more natural and physiological for the eyes.

How to get better distance vision naturally 8 tips

How to get better distance vision naturally 8 tips

For me, it was getting the basic foundation to which I approached creatively, highlighting what suits me personally. Here are what conclusions I learned from various lessons:

1. Belief is very important: it gives us self-confidence toward success. When especially something new for improvement of your vision it is very important to trust the process and you can make it.

2. The main law of distance vision improvement is movement without tension. In a relaxed state, the eyes see much better because there is no pressure on them.

3. When for example, driving it is a great exercise for all groups of eyes and muscles to look from the dashboard, and mirrors into the distance. To traffic lights, other cars, pits on the asphalt, and road markings.

4. Great exercise is to take a cold and hot shower, warming up well under the shower. And then pour on yourself first a mug, then a ladle of cold water, and then a bucket. Cold shower – stress for the body, and without stress, there is no progress. Like in a gym – No Pain, No Gain.

5. Wearing a pirate blindfold is very good for the eyes and coordination of the work of the cerebral hemispheres.

6. I consider it very important to work not only with the eyes. But also with competent actions to relieve stress in the lumbar, cervical, and shoulder spine.

7 A very important point is twilight vision. Nighttime or the dark autumn-winter period is needed to rest the central region of the retina. Take your time to turn on bright lights, and learn to see and read at dusk also.

Stretching to relieve stagnation and clamps

8. In terms of a complex approach to health, there are one of the important causes of all diseases is the stagnation of blood in the vessels. And there is a way to get rid of this disease – to improve and maintain good blood circulation in all organs and tissues. Congestion may occur due to improper posture while walking and sitting, or with slagging of the body and the inability to maintain its internal cleanliness.

However, the main cause of internal circulatory disorders is laziness. Accordingly, we need to help our brain and it is necessary to increase blood circulation in numerous vessels of the head in advance. Before the first problems with memory and eyes appear.

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Bates relaxation technique

Dr. William Horatio Bates once said, from a flashback contemporary, the following: “When the brain is in a calm state, nothing tires the eyes. If the brain is tense, nothing is capable of relaxing your eyes. Therefore, anything that calms the brain is beneficial. affects the eyes too. “

Thus, effective relaxation must begin with the removal of mental stress, which will get rid of stress, clamps, and stagnation at the physical level.

Free your mind from fears, doubts, and worries. Trust in yourself and your eyes. In the bottomless and underutilized resources of our body and brain, especially our right hemisphere, because It is responsible for our vision and conceals inexhaustible reserves.

Your belief in yourself alone can work incredibly and move mountains. You can Start by eliminating stagnation in the body because as long as blood flow is blocked or disturbed in it, there will be no full flow of energy to the brain and eyes. Bates and Margaret Corbett have argued that blood stasis is formed precisely as a result of stress, both physical and mental. Mental stress Bates is considered an even more serious reason for the deterioration of human vision.

So the conclusion of this article we can make is that for our natural vision recovery process, we need a complex approach and removal of stress. Thanks for watching this video to the very end. Please subscribe to my channel and hopefully will see you again.

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