How to get rid of spectacles

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders. Hello everybody and welcome to the Natural Eyesight improvement blog. My Name Is Sviatoslav and I would like to share with you how to get rid of spectacles, the importance of notes and reminders, rules and rituals.

An eye training exercise to get rid of spectacles

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders

Don’t grab your spectacles right away. This is especially useful for farsighted people. Don’t need it right away grabbing spectacles. if you have to read or see something. Now use the text as a trainer for your eyes. For this, place a printed text or an open book in front of you close enough when the image of the text is seen as unclear. Then do not read, but simply trace along the contours first all the text on a page, calmly walking along the border of white and black. Then, from the white fields along the border of the entire text, you can go to Outlines of paragraphs or individual headings.

Perhaps you will be able to look around individual lines, and maybe words. If your eyes will be able to highlight and circle individual letters, and prepositions, congratulate yourself: you started with the fact that all the text merged on the page, and now you have reached before distinguishing between individual letters.

Maybe you no longer need specs anymore after eye training

Maybe you are already capable of text reading without glasses? Many farsighted people do this, although they did not imagine life and reading without glasses before. If you haven’t managed to read the text yet, do not be discouraged, know with time it will come to you. I will add that when you see unclear some kind of poster in the transport or on the street, do not try to immediately strain your eyes to read it.

Take a look at its top margins, then at the bottom blanks. Look at the spaces between words or letters on the right and left. Swing your gaze, moving it left-right or up-down on the text. Did not help? Then just look at a white sheet or another neutral background next to the text. The eyes will instantly relax as the white background does not require any tension from them. Save this state and look at the text again, pretending that it is perfect for you and not really interesting. Finally, close your eyes and imagine seeing the words the text is much brighter and clearer than in reality. Open your eyes. The text will become more readable!

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders

How to get rid of spectacles with notes and reminders. I have been describing and explaining the techniques for quite a long time. Exercises and the effect they will have on you. In fact, the execution itself eye exercises shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes a day. At the same time, you can specifically allocate for their time or to accustom yourself to train your eye muscles in between times.

Make eye-toning exercises a habit. The best way to incorporate all of the above skills into your daily life – hang notes around your house, apartment, or office – hints indicating where and what you can do for your eyes between business. I am sure that we are wasting a lot of time instead of using it for the benefit of the eyes.

Eye Exercise Zone of unclear vision to eliminate specs

For example, one of the most important exercises (“Zone of unclear vision”) is easily performed when watching TV, which is probably available in every home. To perform this skill, you need to sit at this distance from the screen so that the image is slightly blurry. To remember this exercise all the time, you need to put or stick a bright sign “Zone of fuzzy vision!”

As an example, When watching TV I’m not wasting my time anymore, And I’m not just sitting – I draw the contours with my eyes and constantly change views on other distant objects.  At the same time, I massage my face. Or post similar tips on your computer or laptop. And there is hardly a person today who does not have a phone. Therefore, any exercises for the eyes can be done during telephone conversations that sometimes take a lot of time even for a non-talkative person. This means that you can look away from the closest to distant object, as well as twist your eyes in and out clockwise, go up and go down the spiral staircase, etc.

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How to get rid of spectacles with Eye muscle training

When we do something at home it can be easily combined with the training of various eye muscles. You can hang a note on the mirror that you often pass by with Some Vision recovery quote. After about 3-4 weeks, which is exactly how much time is needed for the formation of new habits, you will feel that you have become more and more doer of eyes exercises between things: in transport, at a bus stop, in theatre, in front of the TV, with the phone in hand, even during communication.

Some people say they even feel uncomfortable without taking care of their eyes in-between times. This will be evidence that new habits have taken root in your subconscious mind, and you have become a more productive use of your time, without sacrificing anything and without even changing your usual image of life. Eye exercises will become as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth, and body care. Do not forget about eyewash, mirror exercises, and, of course, reinforcement for every action you take with a positive attitude! However, everything is in order. You can implement a lot of rules and rituals that are needed to maintain excellent health and vision from my videos which you like and which is better for you.

Eye exercises routine to get rid of spectacles permanently

Eye exercises routine to get rid of spectacles permanently

Agree that the life of any person is much easier when he develops for himself a set of rules and rituals, which over time begins to execute automatically, without applying special effort. For myself, I also developed a whole series of rituals, to which I strive to train. Especially important for the person, in my opinion, at the beginning of the day. How best to spend the morning, I wrote down the order of the morning procedures. Then you can put a checklist of the events. Then we can start with everything that we remember, everything from morning to the usual plan. It is important how you start the day.

Thanks for watching this video to the end today we learned how to avoid the use of glasses, the importance of reminders, rules, and rituals. I hope it will help you and will see you again.

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