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How to get rid of Spectacles: Eliminate Bad Visionary Habits

Hello everybody, and welcome. How to Eliminate Bad Visionary Habits and get rid of Spectacles. Why people have bad habits and wear glasses and Professor Shichko’s bad habits ladder.

 Eliminate Bad Visionary Habits

Eliminate Bad Visionary Habits: Get rid of Spectacles

Wearing glasses is a kind of bad habit that worsens a person’s eye health and vision. For example, everyone knows that it is good to drive a car. Better than walking. But if a person only drives a car and stops walking, what will start with him? Physical inactivity will begin, and legs will begin to weaken. Glasses do roughly the same thing. Yes, you can see better in them, but they harm the eyes. Therefore, it is a bad habit and we need to get rid of Spectacles.

This topic, “Why people have bad habits and wear glasses,”. I will reveal to you a completely unexpected side for you. But I want to note that there is not a single unnecessary word in this article. By the end, you will realize that this was perhaps one of the most essential points for you.

Socio-psychological programmed behavior: Why are people wearing spectacles?

So why do people have bad habits and wear glasses? Today we will consider the Shichko method, which is famous all over the world. According to this, any person can quickly and easily get rid of any harmful acquired conditioned reflex, which is popularly called a bad habit. Shichko discovered the socio-psychological programmed behavior of all people. What is it?

Every person has hundreds of different behavioral stereotypes written in his mind and, worst of all, in his subconscious. And every time gets into a particular situation, a person without thinking turns on the necessary program, and this program controls his actions.

A child was born. At birth, the child has no conditioned reflex, not a single socio-psychological program, only unconditioned reflexes. Namely: scream, breathe, move. These are the reflexes. But from the first minutes of life, the child greedily absorbs the world around him with all his senses, and this world forms his attitude to this world. These are very social and psychological behaviors. And if no one had ever told or shown anything about alcohol or tobacco to our children. They would have lived to be one hundred and fifty years old, so everyone would be healthy.

Shichko’s visionary habits: How Bad habits formed?

“What needs to be done to destroy this false behavior and subconscious programs ” We will consider the Shichko method:

The first step is “Popularisation.”

“It is laid in us from the outside.” Well, by whom is it laid? Environment, school, streets, and media. I especially want to emphasize that if a person does not have a program for evil in his head, he, in principle, is not capable of doing this at all.

The second step is called “Introduction to Spectacles.”

“Very painful.” In general, it is not easy for a person to join something bad, to join for the first time. Remember how you put glasses on your nose for the first time, you already laid the program, and your doctor said: “Wear glasses,” you have already ordered them, you have already bought them. For example, if you put them on the child’s nose, he rips them off and throws them away because it’s unnatural to put them on your eyes.

The third step, “Habit”

Everyone knows what a habit is. For example, mindless eating. When a person eats something and watches a movie without even noticing that he overeats and he eats much more than he needs. I have noticed that many people are sitting on the problem of overeating.

 Or, for example, on holiday, well, he will eat so much that he already presses his eyes, and it is bad, and it hurts. But the program “On a holiday, you need to overeat” sits in your head, and the person overeats.

The fourth step is “Need for spectacles.”

“The bad takes prisoner.” Addiction is formed – a person is already feeling bad, he already needs it, and he cannot live without it. So in 1 week, he got used to glasses, and in a week, I was already on the fourth step. He needs glasses plus one and a half. Already in the daytime, he cannot see anything without glasses,

The fifth step is “Installation.”

Lives to eat works to drink.” In fact, this is the last step of Shichko’s ladder, when a person’s whole meaning of life comes down to the implementation of this bad program of his own. And it seems that a person has set a goal for himself in life:

The whole problem of everything bad in society is contained in these bad programs among people. It is necessary to help the person to destroy this program. And write the correct program instead, and then he will be free from this ladder.

How to get rid of Spectacles by eliminating Bad Visionary Habits

So deliberate person can in subconsciousness look for various false programs, destroy them, and instead write a new good program for the rapid restoration of eyesight and health, the quick restoration of our vision. This is a very important step.

Thanks for watching this video to the end today we discussed Why people have bad habits and wear glasses and the 5 steps of forming bad habits according to the Shichko method. I hope it will help you. Subscribe to my channel and will see you again.

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