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Accommodative eye exercise to cure nearsightedness naturally

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Accommodative eye exercise to heal nearsightedness

Accommodative eye exercise to cure nearsightedness naturally. I want to share with you an amazing tip on how to cure myopia. With myopia – the accommodative eye function is broken. Eyes cannot focus due to spasmodic oblique eye muscle.

Eye Exercise to cure nearsightedness

Just look into the far distance for a few minutes, for example, from the other side of a river.

How to perform accommodative eye exercises to cure nearsightedness naturally. The main thing is to look far without glasses or lenses and, without straining your eyes, without squinting. It’s okay if distant buildings look blurry. Our brain will send signals to focus far. It is necessary to blink in a relaxed state. Blinking helps our eyes to switch focusing distance. How to blink correctly you can find the video on my channel.

The task of the body is to refocus the eyes at a long distance and unclench the spasmodic oblique muscles of the eyes. Our brain automatically sends a signal to the eye muscles to do this, but in a spasmodic state, the oblique muscles of the eyes cannot do this. You can also do a slight stretch of the oblique muscles of the eyes with a diagonal exercise and then relax the eyes and stabilize eye muscles with circular rotations. It will be much more effective outdoors than indoors, where everything is a close distance.

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