Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home

Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home Naturally

How to Use Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home

Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home. Train your brain, and your eyesight will improve. Naturally, everyone wants to be happy, healthy, sighted, successful, etc. If you write all these words, then it will be a step forward to becoming your natural essence.

Greater success can be achieved by focusing on the main problem you have during the day. For example, if today I am stressed, tomorrow I will start with the words: “I am in a good mood and happy. I react to everything normally and am balanced. The more images comparisons, and metaphors, the better. And do not be afraid of repetitions! Not the first, but the third phrase may go into those parts of our brain that are responsible for the fastest fulfillment of our main, urgent task.

Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home Naturally

But what you need to avoid is all kinds of denials and doubts. You should write in the mood formulations without the word “not” and better words I hope, I try, I will. The fact is that any doubts and oppositions always slow down the movement toward the goal and leave a path to retreat.

Creative Thinking for Better Vision

I took another course with the title “Techniques of Creative Thinking.” The main thought I made can be expressed in one sentence. “The main thing that stands on the path of creative thinking and interferes with the development of a person – this is his adherence to the position “Yes, but … For example: “Yes, it would be nice to take off glasses and improve eyesight. But I have such a difficult situation with my eyes, I am already so many years old, I am so busy … ” I often hear such phrases from failed people.

So, the eyes, like no other organ, need our confidence: “Tomorrow I will get up absolutely healthy and with good eyesight. I can perfectly see all objects near and far.  Let such tasks seem impossible to you at first. A positive attitude strengthens the immune system. It is taken from the Institute of Experimental Medicine. The great power of words and Mindsets works.

How to Use Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home

The lazy eye gets lazy because of the lazy hemisphere of the brain. We have a weaker hand and a weaker eye, which is a lazy and weaker brain hemisphere. We need to train those parts. Everything starts in our brains. If we utilize a weaker hand it will build new neural connections in our brain. It will better control lazy eyes.

1) Writing goals with a left hand. If you at least imagine in your imagination and on paper to reflect the goal, as if it has already been achieved, you can attract your beautiful future into the present.

2) Even greater success with Brain Hemisphere Synchronization can be achieved if done correctly. Prescription of the last paragraph of the exercise book: “Write the Mindset text from memory with the left hand. “

3) Everyone knows very well that the brain is very closely connected with the hands. What is written down with your own (especially your left) hand is mandatory and will be deposited in consciousness and subconsciousness. And there is no way to destroy it.

4) The fact is that our hemispheres are connected with our hands in a cross. If we write with the right hand, then the information falls into the left hemisphere, responsible analytical thinking, for common sense. And everything that is perceived at the logical level.

Left hand for Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye

If we take the pen in our left hand, then all the recorded information goes to the right hemisphere, which is responsible for artistic, imaginative thinking, creativity, intuition, and imagination. Here – these views are stored in our memory, and we need to scoop up resources to restore visual functions.

5) It is in the right hemisphere those layers of unused brain reserves that most of us use only 6-7 %. Diligently writing down mindset formulas with our left hand, we focus on the process as much as possible and achieve a win-win, hitting the target!

By repeating our written directives night after night, we reach obligatory fixing them on the conscious and subconscious levels. And this leads to the indispensable realization of the desired changes for us and our whole life!

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Exercise Book for Brain Hemisphere Synchronization to Treat Lazy Eye at Home

The Exercise book and especially the settings with the left hand must be written strictly before sleep. And after that better to avoid being distracted by anything – neither on TV or phone. It is important that the recorded information is the last one that enters your brain for the day.

Writing with a weaker hand to train the lazy eye

Writing with a weaker hand to train the lazy eye. If such written information is received every evening (diary), each morning (nose writing). And every day (mirror exercise), our brain simply cannot but accept it as a guide to action!

What you need to write with your left hand, everyone will determine for himself. I have already explained the rules for writing, now you just need to choose the right text for your subconscious. For example, “I will see clear” or “I will recover my eyes muscle”.

Let me remind you that the inclusion of the left hand in the work leads to a powerful awakening of human creative activity. Sometimes people come out with downright masterpieces – and not only poetic ones. Someone begins to draw well. Someone writes scripts, and someone like me started a YouTube channel. And someone just studies better and passes exams more easily.

Benefits of harmonizing Brain Hemispheres

This is not surprising, since the equal use of both hemispheres makes a person more developed, harmonious, and successful in all areas. It is worth a person to be convinced of their limitless possibilities. On the example of achieving one goal, how he sets himself new ones. After all, the mechanism has already been tested and mastered, and the tool for achieving the goal is truly amazing.

Benefits of harmonizing Brain Hemispheres

Keep writing exercise books, and pump up left-hand skills. And after realizing that with the help of the right hemisphere, you can reach the most incredible heights! An excellent book has been written on methods of working with the left hand. Which is called “The Power of the Other Hand.” Its author is Lucia Capaccione. In detail tells how with the left hand, which for some reason, people made subdominant. You can activate the capabilities of the right hemispheres of the brain. I want to emphasize once again only one thing: really long-term and real results achieved mainly by those who work with the exercise book.

Any exercises and eye care techniques can be mastered.

Thanks for reading to the end. Today I explained how to train the right and left hemispheres of our brain for good eyesight, a Creative Thinking approach, and Writing goals with a left hand as an amazing tool to remember. Subscribe to my channel, and will see you again.

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